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Top 10 Best Gifts for Your Boyfriend for Christmas, Anniversary, or Just Because


Are you thinking about birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend that can please him? Regardless what the occasion might be, finding the best gift for the man closest to your heart is important as it can serve as an instrument to express how much he means to you.

Despite the fact that majority of men are simple-minded and easy to please, finding the right gift, amidst hundreds of choices available, won’t be easy. But nonetheless, it remains possible and can be accomplished if you are willing to invest a considerable amount of time and effort. To somehow lessen your burdens, browse through this list of the Top 10 Best Gifts For Your Boyfriend.

This is not a perfect list since every man differs from the others. This guide exists to give you an idea of possible gifts that he might like. Never forget that the gift you’ll end up with will reflect how much you know him and the strength of your feelings toward him so don’t hesitate to work hard and search for more references to achieve your goal.


A Neck Massage Pillow for your hard-working boyfriend.

Who would say no to a wonderful neck massage? Help your man relax after a tiring day with a neck massage pillow. But you don't have to spend thousands for the most popular and expensive model. There are a lot of affordable electric massage pillows in the market today so all you need to do is find one that is priced within your budget, has all the features you need, and has received good reviews from recent customers. Buy two electric neck massage pillows if you have the budget so you and your man can spend more time together in a stress-busting pillow and share an afternoon of relaxation after a busy day at work.

A Fashionable Toiletry Bag for your traveling man.

Does your boyfriend travel often for work or leisure? He will surely give you kisses after receiving a fashionable toiletry bag as a gift. There are a lot to choose from so be sure to buy one that you think he will personally like. Pick a bag that is packed with cool features like secret pockets, water-proofing, portability. It's also important that you pick a durable toiletry bag. It's pointless if he will end up not using your gift after a few trips because it has been damaged. It will also put him in an undesirable situation since he would surely don't want you to get upset once you notice him not using your gift. Finally, be sure the toiletry bag you'll give has the right size. You'll be able to know what size he needs by making sure it fits to the travel bag he often uses.


A wallet to help your man organize.

A new trendy and functional wallet can surely make your boyfriend smile during his special day.

A new trendy and functional wallet can surely make your boyfriend smile during his special day.

Men often store their wallet on their back pocket making it prone to damage. In fact, an average man needs a new wallet every year. If you noticed that his wallet is already worn out, grab the chance and give him a new one. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive wallet around. Keep in mind that the most important feature to consider while choosing a wallet is not price nor design but functionality. Does it have enough pockets for his cards and IDs? Is the wallet well divided for easy organization? Be sure to answer these questions before finalizing your purchase so you’ll end up with a satisfied and happy man after you hand over his new wallet.

A Handkerchief Set to wipe away his worries and sadness.

A set  of handkerchief for your man's daily hustle.

A set of handkerchief for your man's daily hustle.

This might be a peculiar present for boyfriend, but its something that you could try. Many believe that giving a handkerchief to someone as a gift is a bad omen as it would mean being the cause of the receiver’s tears someday. Whether this is true or not is questionable but we can’t deny the fact that a hanky is among the most useful gifts you can give to someone.

Men often misplace their handkerchiefs as they tend to be preoccupied with a busy schedule and a demanding work environment. By giving your partner a new set of handkerchiefs, he will definitely appreciate how much you care for him and it can also serve as a constant reminder that you are always close to him wherever he might be or whatever he might be doing.

A trendy T-shirt to keep him stylish even during casual days.

Help your boyfriend stay comfortable and fashionable with a lit T-shirt.

Help your boyfriend stay comfortable and fashionable with a lit T-shirt.

Men these days are also sensitive when it comes to fashion. If you noticed your partner has been wearing the same shirt every week, it might be the right time to expand his choices. There are hundreds of stylish t-shirts available in both the local and online market nowadays. To pick the right one, determine the fit and designs your boyfriend is most comfortable with. The t-shirt’s material must also be taken into consideration to assure that your partner will have every reason to wear your gift and consider it as one of his favorites.

A wristwatch to help remind him of time.

Time is precious and so is your boyfriend to your life.

Time is precious and so is your boyfriend to your life.

Time is something each one of us can’t waste. We live in a society that considers time as gold or a precious gem that must only be invested on worthwhile and productive endeavors. If he is trapped in a busy world with hectic schedules and demanding tasks, he will surely find a new wristwatch very handy. While shopping for a new wristwatch, don’t simply consider the price. It’s crucial that you determine the color and design that he prefers if we talk about accessories. To make the gift personal and extra special, include a message in the package expressing how grateful you are that among the many things he can waste most of his time on, he chose to spend it with you.

A sports equipment for your active boyfriend.

All work no play makes a dull boy.  Give your boyfriend some time to enjoy his favorite sport.

All work no play makes a dull boy. Give your boyfriend some time to enjoy his favorite sport.

Men are often hooked to sports or in any physical activity that can help them relieve stress. Does your bf jog every day? Is he an active basketball player? Has baseball captured his attention since childhood? A gift that he can use while playing his favorite sport will remind him about your unceasing love and concern.

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Who knows, your simple gift might be the slight push he needs to excel on his chosen sport and reach amazing heights. As his partner, you must grant your full support to anything he enjoys doing as long as it won’t cause him any harm. And there’s no better way to make him feel that way than through a special gift that you wholeheartedly prepared.

A pair of shoes for your boyfriend who is always on the go.

Be sure to pick a pair of shoes that matches with your man's style.

Be sure to pick a pair of shoes that matches with your man's style.

I personally think that this is among the best birthday gift ideas. And since you only want the best for your boyfriend, before heading out to buy a new pair of shoes for him, there are three important things that you should know.

Obviously, you should determine the size of his feet. Next is his brand preference. And lastly, the color and style he wants from a new pair of shoes. These are easy to determine if you have been with him for several years but the scenario can become a huge challenge for new couples. If this is the case, ask his close friend or family to help you out. With people who know him better assisting you, finding a pair of shoes that can please him can be done in no time.

The latest game console for your gamer boyfriend.

Play XBOX 360 with your boyfriend.

Play XBOX 360 with your boyfriend.

Is your man a certified gamer? Has he been saving for the latest game console but is still struggling to have enough cash to buy one? This is a clear hint that the latest game console is the perfect gift for him. However, you should be reminded that game consoles particularly the latest models are quite expensive. If your budget does not allow you to purchase a new one, a game disc made for the console he currently have might do the trick.

As much as possible, choose a game that supports multiple players so you can enjoy it together. This is probably one of the best bonding moments you can share with a man who is hooked to game consoles.

I believe that there is no such thing as perfect gift for bf, however for gamers and I mean those who spend a lot of time with their video games, this option is more than perfect.

An intimate time for your sweet boyfriend.

A simple kiss in the forehead when he wakes up can go along way in making him feel loved.

A simple kiss in the forehead when he wakes up can go along way in making him feel loved.

You might be surprised that it is included in this list of boyfriend birthday gifts. The best things in life are free. Many of us seem to forget this valuable lesson as we allow recent technologies and other forms of luxury to corrupt our heart. There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars to please him with a material gift since an intimate night with you is most likely all he wishes for.

Be extra sweet during that day and give him tight hugs every now and then. Let your kisses express how you appreciate him and your warm embrace channel the strong love you feel towards him. You can also cook dinner for her which can serve as the icing of the cake.

A video presentation of all the wonderful times you shared together.

Create a video for him and watch it together during his special day.

Create a video for him and watch it together during his special day.

I would consider this as among the creative gifts for boyfriend. Creating a romantic video from clips and photos is not as hard as it seems. New video-editing programs that are not only cheap but easy-to-use are available in the market today.

All you need to do is grab one and invest a few hours to come up with a video that will surely surprise your bf. It doesn’t have to be movie-quality. In fact, mishaps along the video might lead to giggles as both of you enjoy watching it later on. You can also let a professional handle the job but it would get rid of the personal touch and personal effort so this option is only considerable if you lack time to prepare.

A photo collage of the two of you he can hang on the wall.

Create a photo collage for your special moments to surprise your boyfriend.

Create a photo collage for your special moments to surprise your boyfriend.

This is one of the birthday gift ideas my girl had done for me so i consider this as number one. For your boyfriend this might also work. The effort of collecting photos, cropping, and arranging them to look nice should be more than enough to make him the happiest man in the world.

In this gift idea, you are limited only by your imagination. If you are clueless about what to do, browse the internet for photo collage templates. Pick one that features elements that are meaningful to your relationship. If you first met on a coffee shop, look for a collage template that has a theme related to coffee. Frame the collage so it can last for years and he can place it somewhere he can easily stare every day.

With all the information provided above, you don't anymore have to ask yourself "what to get my boyfriend for his birthday". One thing to keep in mind is you don't have to be pressured whether he would like it or not. It may sound cliche, but certainly its the thought that counts and anything that comes from you would be appreciated.

A great tutorial that can help you create a photo collage with ease!

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