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Throwing a Gender Reveal Party

Who gets to know?

One of the problems I have is, who is going to be the one to know what the gender of my baby is? A lot of people like to have the doctor write it on a sheet of paper to go to a baker where the cake is made with a pink layer for a girl or blue for boy. But what if you want to save some money and not use a baker?

In this case, who is the person that is going to be planning your baby shower? It's hard to tell whats going to be fair. I think a good rule of thumb is that the mom-to-be have her best friend be the one to know. What a special moment!

What do you guys think? If you had a gender reveal, who was the person to know the gender of your little one?

It's a.....!


The Reveal

There are sooo many ways to reveal the gender of your little one, but this one is my favorite for the initial reveal.

I mean, I still want a color coordinated cake and whatnot, but I really really love the balloons in the box. It's such a great way to capture the reaction of the parents to be, as well!

Cute snack ideas!

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Old tales

I love the idea of having gender prediction at my gender reveal party. Who knows if there is any truth behind these old wives tales?! It's still an awesome way to have fun at your party and cheap decoration.

Party time


Have People Guess

Make sure you have everyone guess what you are having before the big reveal! Also, make little pins so they can wear their guesses.

Gender revel or baby shower?

I always wonder, is it appropriate to have a baby shower and a revel shower? Would people feel obligated to bring gifts to both? If you don't want gender selective items, your reveal can also be the baby shower.

I know that I want to be able to register for gender selective items such as bedding and room decor for my baby so I want to have both baby shower and gender selective, plus, bringing a new life into the world is worth having two parties, right?! So what I will most likely do is make my gender reveal party into a dinner party where everyone can bring 'baby-themed' food. Like mini-corn dogs or little smokies.

Although, if you are attending a gender reveal that is not doubling as a baby shower, this would be a good time to help the parents to be start stocking up on diapers (I recommend getting bigger sizes like 3 or 4. Babies stay in those sizes much longer than newborn.) Or go ahead and get them some wipes, generic things that they will use for a sweet baby boy or girl.


Patricia Leary on February 19, 2015:

Where did you purchase the strawberry covered candies?

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