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Homemake presents or gifts for someone special

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1.Roll the paper using small stick

1.Roll the paper using small stick

2.A bunch of paper stick ready(its will look like as rattan)

2.A bunch of paper stick ready(its will look like as rattan)

3.Prepare the bottom of basket (in star shape arrangement)

3.Prepare the bottom of basket (in star shape arrangement)

4.Bottom of the basket

4.Bottom of the basket

5.Weave the wall of basket

5.Weave the wall of basket

6.Type of Weave (One up one down)

6.Type of Weave (One up one down)

7.Basket is ready

7.Basket is ready

8.After painted with varnish

8.After painted with varnish

9.Other craft - Stationery holder

9.Other craft - Stationery holder

10.Other craft- Vase plate

10.Other craft- Vase plate

11.Other craft - Basket with cover

11.Other craft - Basket with cover

Handmade Basket from papers

Dear Hubbers,

Today, I will share with you, my new hobby to make basket from recycle paper. Actually, I learned to make a small basket from recycle paper from my beloved sister for our big brother wedding. We prepare them as souvenir for guests.

For the first time, I felt it is very difficult. My fingers especially thumb very pain during prepare the stick. After a while, I start to enjoy it. It is fun and after I finish one basket(refer photo 7&8), I felt the passion and satisfy.

We are reading newspaper everyday, after read some of us keep it or some of us will throw it to recycle bin.

Below are the step by step on how we can reuse the newspaper to make souvenir or gifts to friends and loved one.

Materials Needed:-

1.Newspaper, magazines or papers

2.Scissors or knife

3.Paper Glue

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4.Small rattan or stick

5.Wooden or rattan varnish

How to prepare the stick:-

1.Cut newspaper into size which you want. It can as small as photo no.1. For me I choose A4 size. So I cut the newspaper into A4 size paper.

2.Roll the paper so that it become as a stick (refer photo no.1&2) using small stick as a guide to get small stick.Use glue at the end of the paper to stick the paper together. Take out the small stick from the paper stick.

Note: The paper stick has 2 egde, one must bigger than other one so that we can joint it together.

3.Two type of sticks short (for base/bottom part) long stock (for weave).Long sticks we can produce by joint 2 short sticks together using glue.

How to start weave (Bottom part)

1.Use always odd number of stick such as 7,9,11,13. I used 13 short stick for my basket.

2.Allocate 13 short sticks in star shape (refer picture 3). Use paper glue to stick them together.

3.Start to weave from bottom to top(wall of the basket & lastly the holder). There is many type of weave, but I choosed easier one which one part on top and below (refer picture 6).

4. For bottom part, use 4-5 sticks weave together (its depends to how big the basket you want). For wall, use 8-11sticks (depends on how tall you want too)

5.Lastly, make the holder by plait the stick together.

6.After finished (as picture 7), we can paint it using varnish. The basket will look like as made from rattan instead of newspaper.

We also can make other things such as pencil holder,vase plate,basket with cover,vase and many more.

Finally, don't waste your newspaper, its can become something interesting by some creativity and time. Perhaps, can be a present for Valentine's Day.Happy trying!!


chloe on July 18, 2010:

the paper is hard after rolling it so how do you wave it and stick it

Yuki9081 on January 15, 2010:

In your star did you use 8 sticks or 16 sticks? Because if you used 8 sticks, its like you put it up one by one (like in the bottom of the stationary holder in pic. 9).Or if you used 16 sticks, you combined it like glue it or tie it or something. How do you make the vase plate?

Cinda (author) from Malaysia on November 10, 2009:

to aathy & faye,yes a bit difficult to do the have to use special glue for paper its white color same as mild not the transparent color. then you need to let it dry before start the waive..start the bottom waive on the floor & use your palm to hold the star & other hand to waive.

wish you all the best!

aathy on October 10, 2009:

i tried it but....i found it difficult make the bottom....please clarify how to glue the bottom sticks ....

faye on July 30, 2008:

Your idea is wonderful! However, I had great difficulty in using sticks to weave the bottom of the basket. The sticks are not flexible and can destroy the star we form. Is there a secret?

krist on July 15, 2008:

i learned this from school! but i forgot the procedures on how to do it. thanks, this helped a lot:)

Cinda (author) from Malaysia on March 07, 2008:

thanks Sirdent! The size for W = 15cm and L = 25cm. It's about there, the longer the paper will produce loanger stick!

SirDent on March 04, 2008:

It looks great and also looks like it would be fun to make baskets. Good detail also. I do have one suggestion. The size of the paper needs to be signified instead of saying size of the paper in photo. You really can't tell the size by looking at a photo.

Thumbs up!

Michelle Simtoco from Cebu, Philippines on February 27, 2008:

WOW, this is pretty cool. :-)

Cinda (author) from Malaysia on February 19, 2008:

Thanks, Rajan for read n comment. Please try it at home! guarantee interesting activity with family!! :)

Kathiroo Rajan from UAE on February 18, 2008:


Iam very happy to see your hub pages. It is quite interesting and fantastic.



Cinda (author) from Malaysia on February 12, 2008:

Thanks for read!!! Your comment is most welcome!!!


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