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The Sweetest Childhood Memories in My Native Village

Benazir Marjan has completed her second Masters in English Language and Linguistics from University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh.


The Sweetest Childhood Memories in My Native Village

My native village is in Mymensingh. Every year, we used to visit our village at winter. Our final exams were over and we started to pack our bags for around one month of staying there. We, three (two brothers and me) were waiting for this winter vacation throughout the whole year. Finally, our waiting got over at the month of November when our final exams were finished. Leaving all thinking regarding out results we started to pack our bags just after completing the exams.

Usually, my dad, mom and we three siblings had been started our journey together by bus. Our dad cut the tickets two or three days before our journey. It took almost five hours to reach there.

We started very early in the morning so that we could reach soon. The views and scenes from the window of the bus were staggering to see. It seemed we were leaving everything so fast behind. “If I could catch them all” I used to think inside. Time really files like those scenes. Today, we don’t get any time to visit our native village like our childhood.

The green tress, grasses, fields all looked stupefying from the windows. There were cows, eating grasses on the field. The fishermen were catching fishes from the ponds and canals. I never slept sitting on the bus, as I used to be amused by those sights from the bus. We used to eat little snacks on the bus as it was a long journey.

After got down from the bus, we took rickshaw to reach our destination. It was another amazing part to enjoy the winds and spots from the rickshaw. Rickshaws didn’t run like buses, so I got more time to be entertained from there. The gentle breeze was blowing; just touched my heart and gave huge contentment in my mind. The rickshaw was moving very slowly.

Finally, we got down from the rickshaw to our village. It took almost one hour to reach there by rickshaw from the bus terminal. My grandfather, grandmother, uncles and aunts were eagerly awaited to greet us. A rejoicing environment arose there due to our visit. The entire happiness knew no bound at all.

My maternal grandmother used to made mouthwatering winter cakes made of date juice which was very delicious to eat. It was a famous food item of winter at our village home.

The fresh air of village really refreshed our mind and soul. It seemed I got my energy back to start a new year. There were fresh vegetables and foods. Those were really very tasty and healthy to eat.

We were playing with our cousins and neighbors at the open field. The whole day we liked to play there. Our grandmother was after us to call everyday for lunch from our playing till our staying over there. We kept always excited to play with them. There were no school time, studies and exams. We were just like free birds to fly.

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The best thing that happened, we learned swimming staying around one month over there. Our uncles took us to pond and train swimming. I believe it was a great achievement that we had earned, spending winter vacation in our native village. We felt proud to share our swimming experience to our friends and relatives.

We enjoyed watching fishing sometimes. We also try to do so but due to lack of experience we failed.

After the sunset, uncles started to burn leaves and made a fire. We sat around the fire to take the warmth of the fire as it was too cold at village. Whenever we roamed out at early morning there were dense fogs all around. It seemed hard to see from far away. Trees and grasses were under heavy mist. But, we enjoyed roaming around wearing woolen sweaters.

We spend quality time with our grandfather, grandmother, uncles and aunts. Their love and dedication towards us still knocks in our mind. How unforgettable and delighted times those were! Still, if I think about those moments in my leisure it seemed I just went back to that time feeling the same essence in my mind.

Slowly, last week appeared and we started to get ready to back to city. A thin fear started to knock in our mind about the final exam results. We came back with the same journey leaving all things behind us. We used to be sad for some days for our village relatives as we missed them a lot. But soon we got very busy with our routine bound life having a vigorous energy that we got from spending our vacation.

Recalling those childhood memories still stimulate my mind, whenever I get sad for some reason. How wonderful and bubbly golden times really those were!

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Benazir Marjan (author) from Dhaka on August 24, 2020:

Thanks Lorna Lamon for your encouragement.

Lorna Lamon on August 22, 2020:

It's wonderful to look back on moments of childhood and relive them. You have portrayed these moments well in this story Benazir which I enjoyed reading.

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