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The Jolly Blessing of Christmas

Christmas is a blessing every year. Having family under one roof who appreciates you love the joy, lights, and Christmas spirit.


The man with the red suit.

Every year, once a year, the "victor of people" comes to visit the children around the world. Those on the good list with good behavior will be graciously rewarded with beautiful gifts under the Christmas trees. Which is decorated with shinny lights of blue, green, yellow, and red. Flashing their happiness to bring joy and warmth in people's houses. The spirit of Jingle bells is being sung for days and the unforgetful smiles that are being imprinted on the little angels' faces awaiting the BIG day!


Joy of the Joys.

Children, our joy and the joy when they feel when a present is opened. Smile and dreamy eyes at night when bedtimes stories for Santa are being told how he climbs down the chimney eats the freshly made cookies from grandma and drinks a glass of milk while he is putting the Christmas presents under the green decorated tree. The priceless memories that you as a parent will keep till the end of time. What a delightful feeling is it to have those little hands on your face, saying, "Thank you, mommy". That is my greatest Christmas gift every year. A warm, loving hug from my children.

Just as Jesus was born to celebrate this Christain day with us so is new begins as well. We which upon a star and hope the future will send it quickly. May all Blessing come true and the bright future for our young little entrepreneurs.

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Around the world he goes.

How "victor of people" got his name also known as Saint Nicholas came a very long way. Born in Patara in A.D 270 and served as Bishop of Myra. What a long way he had to go to put the warm buzzing feelings in our tummies.

When Nicholas was born, his parents were serving the needs of the sick. With great sadness, they passed on with the same disease as those they cared for. Their hearts were good and wealth did not bother them. They loved to give to those who really deserved it. Help the need who was good to the community and give back even if they did not have. Nicholas has learned a lot from his parents when they were still around and his heart was the same warmth as theirs. Given and saving was his passion. He designated his wealth to be used for certain things at certain times.

As to where he, himself would have left gold cions by window sills to families who is about to lose their home. Save the homeless from the wintery cold. Santa was doing this every year, once a year.

Saint Nicolas's compassion for the poor, marginalized, and, in particular, children and especially to those in greatest need. He did all for this anonymously. Inspired by so many he became the legend that never faded over the centuries and is celebrated part of Christmas day.


Be loved with Joy.

Yes, a Christmas present is always something everybody wants. The more the merrier, right? Imagine Christmas day can be the why Nicholas lived it? Giving without expecting. Just to have family, friends, or even the old people next door over for a Jingle all the way. Define food and deserts and good laughter always bring a happy jolly good time. Christmas is about caring and giving to those who do not have. To celebrate Jesus and his love for us. To bring hope to the hopeless.

Share and spread smiles to strangers passing by. Who knows, they might have needed it. It is free you know, to smile. Your warmness can save one's day or life. Give them hope for Christmas. Do not be the one who leaves someone in the cold or dark. Spread the love of joy and sprinkle that happiness all day long for Saint Nicholas's sake.

Children have big dreams every year of what they want. Yes, it's good and yet a lot of savings to do for a year. But part of that present must come, genuine love, support, and respect for the family. We must teach them to appreciate family and how precious we are to each other. Nicholas did is and he lived by that rule. Giving is caring.

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