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The Big Bang Theory Birthday Party Ideas and Themed Supplies

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How to Plan a Big Bang Theory Party Theme

The Big Bang Theory has been one of the world’s highest rated comedies for nine years, with its ninth season premiering in the US just recently to massive viewing figures. The show revolves around the adventures of lovable nerds Leonard Hofstader, Sheldon Cooper, Raj Koothrappali and Howard Wolowitz, as well as their equally hilarious other-halves, microbiologist Bernadette Rostenkowski, neuroscientist Amy Farrah Fowler, and the ambitious waitress Penny.

With a multitude of pop culture jokes and references, a strong affinity with ‘nerd’ culture and a hilarious selection of characters, The Big Bang Theory has been an undeniable hit – teens and adults alike love this show. Even younger kids love the quirky characters of Sheldon and Amy!

To celebrate the new series of the show, or just for the fun of it, why not host your very own Big Bang Theory party? If you’re not sure whether you could pull it off, never fear… we’ve got as many party ideas as Sheldon has brainwaves!

The Big Bang Theory Birthday Party Invitations and Ideas

The pressure is always on to get the invitations right for a party – after all, they’re the first thing that your guests will see! They also need to contain all the information about the party – the time, the date, the location, and anything else guests might need to know.

One good idea for your party invitations would be to send everybody a university ID card, with a lanyard and a photograph of them (if you can find one!). The guys in The Big Bang Theory all work at Caltech University, so this fits perfectly with your theme. Alternatively, a Comic Con lanyard would go down just as well!

You could also summon your fellow scientists to a special ‘experiment’, listing the date, time and venue and encouraging them to brush up on certain reading materials before they attend. This type of invitation doesn’t require too much time or effort – you can simply print them out from your home computer.

The Big Bang Theory Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas

There’s no real colour scheme for the show, but primary colours feature strongly and are always a good bet if you want to enjoy a vibrant and colourful party! Stick with colours like red, yellow and blue – there are plenty of accessories and party supplies available in these colours, and you can also correspond most of them with a superhero or famous comic book character.

Other must-have decorations for your Big Bang Theory party include an equation board – hire a whiteboard or a blackboard and make sure you cover it with complicated equations! The ones in the show are 100% accurate and checked by scientists, but don’t worry if yours make no sense whatsoever – your guests will have no idea (unless you invited Sheldon).

You can also stock up on plastic laboratory bottles and beakers in different shapes and sizes. Fill these up with colourful liquids and dot them around the venue to make it feel a little like a laboratory!

Big Bang Theory Bazinga Cake

The Big Bang Theory Birthday Cake Decorations and Ideas

If you’re throwing a birthday party, the cake is obviously one of the most important parts! It has to be big enough for all of your guests to take a slice, tasty enough that everyone will enjoy it, and attractive enough to make everyone want to photograph it before its sliced!

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This hilarious ‘Bazinga’ cake is a play on Sheldon’s most beloved catchphrase – and it’s fairly easy to make. All you need to do is make a simple square-shaped cake, pipe a box onto the top using icing or fondant, and then fill it with M&Ms or Skittles that look like balls in the ball pool. Print off some cut-outs of Sheldon and Leonard and stand them up in the candy – et voila! A fun Big Bang Theory cake that wasn’t too tricky and doesn’t cost the earth.

This fun cake is a play on another one of the in-jokes from the show – Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock. The cake is rectangular, so it’s not a tricky shape – in fact, the most challenging part of this cake is probably the frosting!

This multi-tier creation is also a great option. The cake itself is fairly basic, and the toppers are made from sugar paper so they’re entirely edible. This is a super easy option for those who don’t feel too confident in their cake-decorating skills!

The Big Bang Theory Birthday Party Food and Drink Ideas

What kind of food and drink should you be serving at your Big Bang Theory party? Check out our top suggestions:

  • Cheesecake – Penny famously worked at the Cheesecake Factory for eight years before she got her big job in pharmaceutical sales, so it’s only right that you buy in a delicious cheesecake for everyone!
  • Lactose-Free Lemon Cake – Leonard is renowned for being lactose-intolerant, so you should pay homage to this with some lactose-free treats! A lemon cake, gluten-free chocolate brownies or some almond cupcakes would be a great choice.
  • Tetris Biscuits – check out these Tetris cookie cutters! A batch of Tetris biscuits would make a great addition to your food table – you could even have an impromptu game on your plate!
  • Spaghetti with Sausages – one of Sheldon’s favorite meals is spaghetti with cut-up sausages mixed in. This dish is a real favorite, and a filling addition to your food selection, just in case you don’t want all your guests gorging on cake and biscuits alone!
  • Ice Trays – this Big Bang Theory ice tray will give all of your drinks a little extra ‘Bazinga’! Pour in the drink of your choice (or just plain water) and you’ll have ice cubes shaped like soft kitty, a robot’s head, an atom and the Bazinga catchphrase.
  • Nerds – what party about nerds would be complete without this tasty candy?

The Big Bang Theory Birthday Party Favors and Ideas

No good party is complete these days without a nice party favor! Favors are a great way to show gratitude to your guests for attending, and you can also have a lot of fun sourcing and making them!

Why not send guests home with one of these VIP passes? You can order multiple packs to make sure everyone gets one of their favourite character!

Sheldon loves the Flash, so why not send everyone home with a delicious Flash cupcake to keep them well-fed on the journey home?

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The Big Bang Theory Birthday Party Games and Activities

Stuck for a way to entertain your guests at your Big Bang Theory party? We’ve come up with plenty of ideas to ensure everyone has a great time:

  • Giant Jenga – Follow the instructions here to make your very own Giant Jenga game, as seen in the show! It’s fairly simple if you have all the tools, and it’ll be a fun party piece for years to come, not just at this event!
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock – The classic game invented by the gang in the show – why not hold a mini tournament to see who will be crowned champion of this game?
  • Fancy Dress Parade – The characters in the show love to dress up as their heroes – so why not encourage your guests to dress up like the cast of the show? For the men it’s fairly easy – geeky slogan t-shirts and baggy jeans seem to be the look du jour (unless you’re Howard, in which case, the tighter the jeans, the better!). Penny’s Cheesecake Factory uniform is easy to imitate, and all you need to get Amy’s look is a pair of high denier tights, a knee-length skirt, a dowdy cardigan and a hair slide.
  • Mystic Warlords of Ka’a – the fictional card game that the guys like to play in the show has been made into a real game! Unfortunately, it’s only a Facebook version, to be played online – but if you’re feeling crafty you could create your own ‘warlord’ cards and use them to play traditional card games with your guests.
  • Comic Book Charades – in homage to the gang’s love of comic books, write down as many comic book characters as you can on little slips of paper, fold them up and put them into a bowl. Then let Comic Book Charades commence!
  • Klingon Boggle – just kidding..!
  • Big Bang Theory Monopoly – believe it or not, there’s actually a Big Bang version of Monopoly that’s available to buy here. If you have a smaller number of guests you can make this a main event of your party! Players must make their way around Pasadena, picking up key locations like the Physics Department Cafeteria, Sheldon’s Spot, the Comic Book Store and Mrs Wolowitz’s house. There are seven tokens, including Leonard’s signature glasses, and instead of building houses and hotels, you build colliders and super-colliders. Fun!

We hope you’re now feeling inspired to go and put on your own Big Bang Theory party – if you think we’ve missed anything, let us know in the comments below. Bazinga!

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