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The Best of Christmas Gourmet Chocolates

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Love Cocoa Makes Chocolate Less Sweet and More Sustainable

British luxury chocolate was rather staid and discoloured until the panache and premium quality of companies like Hotel Chocolat brought it to the mainstream with their commitment to accessibility. Now another player has come along and the name comes with some considerable weight and weight of pressure. James Cadbury’s Love Cocoa has been at the vanguard of a new wave.

There is an artisan feel to the packaging and taste of these decadent chocolates with more than an eye on just a delicious taste. With a strong sustainability stance, there’s no plastic in the packaging and a tree is planted for every chocolate bar sold to help with the climate crisis and ensuring fairer distribution of wealth for farmers.

The chocolates are certainly much more exquisite than Dairy Milk. This is reflected in the special Christmas Chocolate Truffle Selection Box, a celebration of festive favourites that run from champagne to salted caramel and gingerbread. There are also some cracking Colombian single origin chocolate bars that are infused with the right doses of festive gingerbread, fruit and spices.


Divine Chocolate's Delicious Chocolate Paired with Fair Trade

Divine Chocolate is another company that has its heart in the right place for Christmas and beyond. Originating in 1998, Divine has always had a strong line about fair trade to ensure that the cocoa sourcing in Ghana works both ways. Essentially it is owned by a farmer-owned cooperative and the end result for the consumer is truly delicious chocolate.

Divine’s bean to bar chocolate sets are probably one of their strongest selling points. It doesn’t need to be attached to a festive flag, although the Smooth Milk Chocolate with Orange and Gingerbread is a delicious entry into the spirit of the produce. Those who are dreaming of a white (chocolate) Christmas might also enjoy their luxuriously creamy products. For winter nights that are drawing in, the Salted Caramel Fairtrade Hot Chocolate and the Winter Warming Spiced Hot Chocolate are two standout drinks.

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Rococo Chocolates Deliver Decadence in Design and Taste

Rococo Chocolates has been singing its sweet tunes from Chelsea’s King’s Road and boutique shops across London for almost four decades now. The company certainly stands head and shoulders above many brands, entwining everything that is externally and internally delicious from the packaging to the presentation to the product itself.

The Christmas collection is selling fast but there are some old favourites that cannot be missed. There are three outstanding festive bars including the Mulled Wine Spiced Dark Chocolate Artisan Bar, the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh Dark Chocolate Bar, which has an irresistible pinewood nuance imbibed with a citrus sweet finish.

There are some great stocking fillers including the Constellation of Stars milk chocolate packet and the Jingle of Bells which are made with Colombian dark and possess a fruity, dark cherry flavour on the palate.

The Chocolate Trading Company is a host site for some of the world’s most luxurious chocolates. The quality of gourmet chocolate supplied is not readily available on a high street. Amedei, the highly regarded Tuscan maker is a multiple winner of the Academy of Chocolate's "Golden Bean" award and Venchi, a “Purveyor to the Royal Household,” is also established itself as one of the iconic Italian chocolate brands,

There are also specialists in the Single Estate field such as Michel Cluizel. There are also chocolate bars available from Valhrona, one of the most exclusive French Chocolatier houses that celebrates 100 years old in 2022.

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