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The 5 Best Gifts for Gamers

Michael Kismet is a freelance writer and a committed gamer. Odds are he'll keel over one day with a video game controller in his hands.

Gifts and Games

video game gifts for men

video game gifts for men

Video Game Gifts for Guys

Finding the best gift for a particular gamer can be a tricky endeavor at times. Most video game players are different and usually have a varied taste in platforms, game genre, and a never-ending revolving door of changing interests. Short of knowing exactly what the person wants, there are gifts for gamers that will undoubtedly suit every occasion and be useful to every gamer out there.

To reiterate, if you're not exactly sure what the gamer wants, such as not being familiar with what game genre the person generally sticks to and not certain of which platforms they own, get a video gaming gift that will fit every gamer's needs. Something that can be considered by any gift recipient to be unique, yet still a useful gamers gift. I believe that only good gamers should receive great gifts. So, what makes a good gamer? Personally, for me, it's an individual that plays honestly and competitively but is not a poor sport when they are bested by an opposing player.

A trademark of a pro gamer is their ability to be modest and humble in victory, as well as in defeat. If you''re familiar with someone that has always been a consistent example of good sportsmanship in video games, get them one of the best gamer gifts out there, the following are five great gifts for the gamer in your life.

Gifts for Gamers 2017

best gifts for pc gamers

best gifts for pc gamers

X Rocker Pro Series Video Gaming Chair

Being a gamer myself, the best gift I could ever receive from someone, in my opinion, is the X Rocker Pro video gaming chair. By far one of the top gaming accessories anyone can be gifted with. Has an integrated wireless transmitter and compatible with any RCA stereo source sound system. Also, build in sub-woofer and two excellent speakers for complete surround sound experience.

Not only improves the audio aspects of enjoying video games, also intended for alleviating spinal issues related to sitting for long periods of time. Made with an advanced ergonomic design, including the ability to recline, swivel and tilt for an ultra comfortable, yet a mobile way to play all your favorite video games. This chair is highly reviewed and is so versatile in its comfort, it easily will become the favorite chair of anyone who sits in it. Becomes Ideal for hopping on, talking or texting, reading, watching television, or even curling up with a laptop.

Best Gaming Gifts

Full Rim Advanced Video Gaming Glasses

Every gamer knows how much stunning visuals of any video game is the meat and potatoes of a great playing experience. Additionally, playing and enjoying for hours on end can take its toll on the clarity of your vision, possibly even doing harm to your eyes. The Gunnar advanced video gaming glasses come with i-AMP technology, anti glare coating, amber tint lens that sharpens vision, and reduces eye strain.

This clarity enhancing gaming gift will go far for the serious hard-core gamer that engages for lengthy, extended periods of time. Made with quality high tensile steel that is incredibly durable, yet flexible and comfortable to wear anytime. It's also the only doctor recommended glasses for serious gamers. Tested and proven to prevent eye irritation and over drying of eyes. Also, it filters out UV rays and blue light spectrum to further protect the gamers eyesight while improving the gaming experience.

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Gamers Gift

best presents for a gamer

best presents for a gamer

Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset

I personally never understood video game players that didn't care one way or another if the volume was too low, or even muted entirely. I'm sure there are games out there that the audio wouldn't make so much difference. But the majority of video games, the sounds and music should be used to compliment the game itself. Some games even require superior audio to have an edge in multiplayer games.

This top reviewed gamer headset require no batteries and are plug and powered by your computer or Xbox(not compatible with PlayStation console). This gaming accessory is a no-brainer for online multiplayer games where communication is essential for full effectiveness and playability. Makes a cool gift for any gamer that needs to take his involvement in the game more seriously. Playing competitively requires every single advantage one can have in their corner. Ideal item for the die-hard competitive gamer.

1001: Video Games You Must Play Before You Die

Doesn't the name say it all? No true gamer would fail to realize the greatness of such an almanac of 1001 games you must play before you die. An ideal geeky gamers gift for someone that loves to read about video games as much as they like playing them. A comprehensive and critical dissection of some of the most popular and influential video games ever created. Also, it can be utilized as a checklist of infamous games to play.

A very nostalgic gift for an older gamer that is young at heart. Includes many classic games from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Also a nifty idea as a present for a young gamer that should see how gaming has evolved through the years. This book isn't predominantly skewed towards video game aficionados but includes many recent games as well. Also, it has art, photos, and a ton of interesting facts that will keep you entertained.

Gifts for Your Gamer Boyfriend

birthday ideas for gamers

birthday ideas for gamers

Pc Gaming Gifts

DPI High Precision Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse

A specifically designed, high-level gaming DPI precision laser mouse that was built with fast responding, competitive game play in mind. All the nine buttons can be programmed to a gamers unique preferences. Includes savable presets for two separate profiles, comes in handy, just in case you loan it to someone. If that weren't customizable enough, also up to 16 million LED color personalization, or none at all, all up to the user.

It's ergonomically designed for ease of use, comfort-ability, and giving the user an edge against his opponents. An ideal gaming accessory for the avid PC or laptop gamer. So, if the aforementioned gift recipient is mainly into online gaming and MMO, there's no better substitute for a high performance, laser mouse. In the world of online gaming, such as World of Warcraft or Diablo, a strong mouse goes a long way towards ensuring one's victory.

Gifts for PS3 Owners

When it comes to gaming consoles, I've always favored the PlayStation 3 over competitors. If you're looking for a PS3 game as a gift, the two most popular genre among video games are action-adventure and role-playing games. Both articles are reviews of the ten best games of each game genre. The best thing about gift shopping for a gamer is that if you're a gamer yourself, it's hard not to pick up a little something for ourselves.

Gifts for Gamers who Have Everything

Video game lovers want something that is above all else, functional and that will logically lead to improved speed and game play. If you have a bigger budget intended for a much more lavish present, then many would agree that a new and latest flat screen television would be the ultimate gamers gift, to really enhance and heighten the experience.

Following that, an actual gaming platform itself would be ideal, either an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4. But any of the five gaming necessities listed in this article would make a wonderful and thoughtful gift for any avid gamer. If there are suggestions or opinions, please don't hesitate to put in your two cents, thanks for reading!

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