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Thanksgiving Challenge 2020 Tuesday: I'm Goin' Eat Me Some Pie!

Challenges are Fun! Participate in Rodric's challenge as they come and enjoy the muse of Writing each challenge brings. Express yourself!

Seems like lately, we skip Thanksgiving and slide right into Christmas. Just like a prayer though, we should give thanks before we get the things that we've been asking. It wasn't like that back then, back on that day in 2007. It was my first Thanksgiving in Arizona, away from my mother and home state of Georgia. I had just started earlier that year in April my new job and things were looking promising.

I wanted the Lord to know that I was grateful for the blessings we received. I would also be receiving a special want of mine that Thanksgiving, one that I planned to enjoy with rigor. Not known at the time, I would enjoy the consequence of not waiting until Christmas to get something I wanted. I may be adding more to the incident than is logical, but it is my story. I get to decide how the pieces connect, right?



All year, I had been on a health-nut crusade. I purchased a new exercise program with the intention of becoming a fitness model, P90X, had been doing it for a few rotations making excellent progress some months before that day. The benefits were drastic. To the on-looker, I looked like a regular guy weighing nor more than 170 or 180 pounds. For some reason when I gained weight, I gained it evenly making it seem like I was smaller than my weight I actually was. I was a pretty dense guy. I could lie and say it was all muscle, but it was mixed with a bunch of dense fat!

So, you know those people who looked light, as in not heavy but are not? That was me. It still is me! I had grown to more than 230 pounds. My waistline went from 32 to a 38-40 inches! I couldn't handle it. I started with the calisthenics program before I knew what calisthenics was!

I changed my diet so drastically that the weight fell off almost immediately. I went from looking like I weighed 170 to 180 while actually weighing 230 to looking like I weighed 150 while actually weighing 209 and falling. I only ate vegetables and salads with lemon or vinegar dressing and lean meats. I did yoga almost daily.


On at least two separate occasions my manager approached me at work because he thought I had a drug problem! I informed him of my health goals to assuage any suspicion which eventually won the support of my entire work team.

The problem was, Thanksgiving was coming around. I had steadily made progress to my muscle definition stage. Also, I have diabetes. Changing diets drastically is not good for diabetics because everything has to change with the diet to avoid shock to the body.

Seems like lately, we skip Thanksgiving and slide right into Christmas. Just like a prayer though, we should give thanks before we get the things that we've been asking.

That Day

I was talking to my friend and coworker KP as we did our daily routine walking around the outside of the building in which we worked. Having a desk job did not help with losing weight, but my dedication paid off for me.

KP noticed the drastic change in my weight and size. He also knew about my health concerns before this project of mine.

"Yeah, man. I am trying to lose some weight too," KP offered. "That's why I wanted to start with at least walking around the building every day at work"

KP was also trying to quit smoking, which caused him to plump up a bit. He was taller than me and a bit heavier. When he saw my progress it impressed him, made him proud of me.

"It feels nice being a little smaller," I admitted. I can get into my high school clothes again! I am just going to take a break from my diet since it is only one meal."

"I don't know, Rod. With you having diabetes you may want to rethink that. You may get sick or something," KP offered with a suspicious air. We are friends. He knew me enough to leer of me making changes without putting on a production with my doctors about the medications. I has successfully gotten off some meds at this stage in my editing.

"It is only one day," I fanned him off. "It's not like I am going to give up on my dream to be Will Smith." Ever since I had seen Will Smith in I Am Legend, I wanted to look like him. He was my goal. I wanted to do those pull-ups and look as lean and defined muscularly as he did!

"Alright," he chuckled. "But if you end up in the hospital I will say 'I told you so.'"

"Anyway," I said defiantly. "I'm goin' eat me some pie."

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"That pie is gonna end you up in the hospital."

We talked about other things for a while before going to work the phones again. The plans were made. My wife and family were going to Grandpa's to eat dinner and I was ready to eat some sweet potato pie Thursday, the next day.


"I'm goin' eat me some pie."

Thanksgiving Dinner

The moment arrived! Dinner! After the family prayer and traditional thanksgiving routine of expressing our thanks, I loaded two plates of food and gobbled as much as I could. My stomach shrank during my months of dieting, but I stuff my face-hole with as much as I could to make up for not eating sugar and carbs for so long.

It was soooooo delicious!

I took pleasure in having those tastes course over my tongue and into my gullet that I promised never to exclude those things again in my life. No carbs? No sugar? Heck no!

The sugar from the drinks alone, orgasmic in taste, stunted my ability to think about Will Smith's abs that I wanted. I wanted more food!

Then came the pie. The sweet potato pie exploded in my mouth with flavor. It made me think of Mom and Georgia. It took me back to my childhood and the good taste of Southern-cooked food. The words of KP came to my head about losing myself to the food. He was right. I did not just eat a singular meal. I ate some that Thanksgiving day several times. I ate it on the following Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! I think I gained 10 pounds all together on those 4 days.

I started feeling strange when I returned to work that Monday. It was three days until my birthday. Like KP said, I did not adjust my diabetes meds to compensate for sheer enormity of the carbs and sugar I consumed. I started to pass out. My numbers were off the chart! My body was no longer used to that type of food abuse.

He took the rest of the day off from work to take me to the hospital. After I was became stable, he sat with me the entire time waiting.

"I'm goin' eat me some pies," he said. "I bet you won't 'eat me some pie' now." He laughed me to scorn. I could not believe he would hit below my new belly after i almost went into a diabetic coma!

"I told you I was going to say 'I told you so.'" he jeeringly teased.

"I do not regret the pie I gobbled down," I returned. "I do regret breaking my diet, though. I don't think I can go back to eating my diet food. Food is just too good!"

"I'm not taking you to the hospital again."

"KP, thanks for that."

"Don't mention it."



God punished me for not focusing on giving thanks and instead on getting pie. Well... That is an oversimplification of things. I decided to go against my own principles without property planning and God allowed the natural consequences of my actions to apply.

My purpose for giving thanks that year was to taste the pie. Going into Thanksgiving this year will be about being grateful to have another holiday to spend with most of my family. Two of us have gone to glory since then. I plan to gobble up the time I have with the remainder. And yes, I will eat me some pie. I just won't overdo it this year.

© 2020 Rodric Anthony Johnson


Rodric Anthony Johnson (author) from Surprise, Arizona on November 11, 2020:

Go here to participate in the 2020 Thanksgiving challenge. It is ongoing until Thanksgiving.

Rodric Anthony Johnson (author) from Surprise, Arizona on November 11, 2020:

Thanks for the comments, Bill, Eric, and Pamela. I think the ability to respond may be limited from now on if at all. I appreciate you two reading and taking the time to leave advice and lessons learned.

Oh, and Bill, that progress was shortlived. I am back in it this year, however. I believe I can do it again more than ten years later.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on November 11, 2020:

Rodric, this is a good article. I guess you need to lay off the sweets due to your diabetes but maybe you could eat small amount of sweet potato pie on Thanksgiving.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on November 11, 2020:

Very good read. You touch on a lot here. I will be moderate this year, thanks for the reminder.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on November 11, 2020:

Well done on that weight loss. That's great! As for the pie, I just made two of them. I promise not to overdo it. :)

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