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Ten Great Sentimental Gift Ideas

The Art of Sentimental Gift Giving

It can be all too stressful to find the perfect gift for any given occasion. Whether it's Christmas or a birthday, even father's and mother's day, trying to determine what another person needs or wants is all too difficult. So don't!

Giving someone a personalised gift is an easy way of getting gift giving right. That particular person you're shopping for might not need a new mug or have any particular desire for a deck of cards BUT will they still be excited to receive these things if they were made sentimental by having pictures or names of loved ones or favourite pass times? Absolutely.

This article will list some general ideas of sentimental and novel items you can gift on any occasion to take the stress out of shopping for your family and friends.

Mugs, Keep Cups and Drink Bottles

Everyone needs to keep hydrated. Mugs, flasks, drink bottles, whatever the preference may be are all handy, easy gifts that you can get personalised with names, quotes or even pictures.


Calendars and Planners

Calendars are such wonderful gifts, they've become a tradition within my family since I first gifted one to my sister. A calendar made up of your loved ones most precious photo's is a winner every time!

Planner's are the next best thing! And are an awesome present for any busy Mum! Filled with pictures of their beautiful pictures, it'll be fun to be organised.

Big W Photo Lab

Big W Photo Lab

Clothes and Accessories

Novelty clothing and accessories can be a wonderful gift! I'm a huge fan of the tv show "Friends" and so I have used this as an example. You could get a loved one's name on the shirt or go for a cute couples set or something similar like 'big sister, little sister'. Basically whatever you want.

If sweat shirts and hoodies aren't your thing, consider scarfs and carry bags, even socks as alternatives.



Traditional card and board games are a underated gift idea. I guess a plain old deck of cards or monopoly board is pretty boring. However what if that deck of cards had a favourite family photo on the back or that monopoly board was personalised with your family name and pictures?! Now there's a fresh gift idea that'll blow your families minds.


Photo's and Album's

For close family members consider a photo album. Compile their pictures off their social media or out of your own and give someone the gift of memories!

I frequently gift my in-laws updated photo books featuring their grand-daughter. It's a winner every time.

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Jewellery is without fail, a fantastic choice of gift every time. Particularly for women. Necklaces, bracelets, even key rings are all big winners and there's so many options to make them personal as well as pretty!

I used this idea to sort out Mother's Day this year just gone. Both my mother and sister each got a beautiful rose gold bar necklace. My mother's necklace featured the names and dates of birth for my sister and I as well as her two grandchildren. Because my sister only has one child and the bar has four sides, I had her son's name, date of birth, time of birth and weight at birth put on hers.

If your gift recipient has more offspring than you could squeeze into a bar, than consider a bracelet with each child's name on a different charm or ring that has each child's name on a seperate level.

Chopping Boards, Cheese Boards and Tea Towels

Big W Photo Lab

Big W Photo Lab

It sounds like a stretch but chopping boards are a lavish gift. They're quite expensive for a good quality timber or stone one and to have it personalised is a lovely touch. A lot of stores offer personalised boards featuring family names and phrases such as 'cooking up a storm since 19**'.. cute right!

If your recipient likes to put on a spread, why not get them a cheese board. Customise one with a loving message or get a themed one that suites them. For example, if you're into it, you can get 'quiji board' cheese platters made to order complete with a planchette style knife. Cool huh!

Tea towels are an ideal gift for someone who seems to already have everything. Chances are they don't have a tea towel with thiers or your picture on it!

Keepsake Boxes

Typically a keepsake box is an ideal gift for special life events. If you've just had a baby, these are a great gift for godparents. My sister got me one shortly after having my nephew. It has a beautiful picture from his newborn shoot and says "will you be my godmother?". Inside the box was a few more pictures of him and some chocolate. This is a beautiful gesture that could be applied to many occasions.


Key Holders

If none of the above ideas has suited your fancy, how about a custom family key holder? It's a beautiful gesture and something every household can benefit from.

There are a variety of designs available on Etsy. An individual hook for every member of the family!


Personalised Books

There is quite the selection of books available online to personalise to suite your needs. If you're shopping for children, there's the option to create your kiddo in cartoon and add them to a story of your choosing, depending what they're into. You can even have a "Where's Wally" style puzzle book that features a cartoon version of the child.


If you're shopping for an adult however there is Love Book. Love book provides a fantastic and easy to use format to write your very own story with pictures. I bought one for my burly fiancé for Valentine's Day and even he tore up. Such a sweet gift idea! And you can apply it to family and friends, not just romantic partners.



I hope you have found the perfect thing amongst these ideas for sentimental gift giving. If you have any feedback or suggestions please feel free to leave your comment below.

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