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Teens Titans Go Birthday Party Ideas and Themed Supplies

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How to Plan A Teen Titans Go Birthday Party

Kids love superheroes – and they love them even more when they’re relatable! Teen Titans Go is an American animated TV series that offers kids a glimpse of what life is like when superheroes aren’t saving the day.

With recognizable characters like Robin (the power-mad leader of the Teen Titans), and a vibrant cast of newer characters from the DC universe, like Raven, Starfire, Cyborg and Beast Boy, the five Teen Titans fight crime and do good – but most of all, they’re just normal teens, and kids are going crazy for them!

If you’re looking to plan a Teen Titans Go birthday party for your little one, we’ve put together a whole host of tips and suggestions to inspire you. Here’s you can tap into the Teen Titan trend for your next birthday party:

Personalized Teen Titans Go party invitations

Personalized Teen Titans Go party invitations

Teen Titans Go Birthday Party Invitations and Ideas

The party-planning process starts with the invitations – the invitations will be the first thing a guest hears about the party, so it has to make a great impression!

Luckily, there are plenty of ideas and resources online to ensure you get your Teen Titan invitations just perfect. Here are a few of our best suggestions:

  • All good superheroes need a mask to conceal their identity – so why not create your invitations in the shape of Robin’s famous eye mask? You can write the details on the back, and kids can bring the masks to the party itself and disguise themselves as their favorite superhero!
  • This site has a multitude of invitation designs for you to buy if you’re a little short on time – you can personalize them online and have them delivered to your door in rapid time.
  • Why not use these themed printables as a unique invitation? You could ask your kids to help color them in with you, or you could leave them blank and let your guests have some fun creating their own artwork! This artwork comes directly from DC Comics, so they’re official licensed merchandise and will set the tone perfectly for any party.

Teen Titans Go Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas

Teen Titans as a whole doesn’t really have a particular color scheme that you can stick with – but each character has their own palette, so ask your child which character is their favorite and you can dream up a color scheme from their answer.

Robin wears green, red, yellow and black, Beast Boy is predominantly green, Cyborg is grey and blue, Raven is mostly purple, and Starfire’s cloud of pink hair dictates her personal color palette perfectly. You can easily source party decorations and other supplies in these colors – it doesn’t matter too much if they’re not branded with the Teen Titan imagery.

Be sure to stock up on birthday party supplies with the Teen Titans branding – birthday banners will set the mood, paper plates and table covers will help keep your own dinnerware safe, and don’t forget the Teen Titan balloons!

Teen Titans Go Birthday Cake Decorations and Ideas

As with the decorations, it’s a good idea to ask which character is your child’s favorite – or you might be faced with the task of creating a cake which features them all! If you’re a master baker, or you have a friend or relative who’s a whizz with cake decorations, it’s certainly possible to create a cake with all five characters – and if you do, the results are pretty astounding. Check out this example!

There are plenty of simpler ways to incorporate all five characters without needing to create any 3d sculptures. This Teen Titans cake is a great example – it’s fun, vibrant and colorful, but it isn’t too demanding to create (that way you can focus on making it as delicious as possible for your guests!).

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Of course, you could always go down the cupcake route. Cupcakes are a great choice when there are lots of guests attending – they might not all get a slice of cake otherwise. Cupcakes are also really easy to make, and instead of extensive sculpturing or decorating, you can simply adorn them with basic cake toppers like these personalized ones from Etsy.

How To Make a Teen Titans Go Raven Cake

Teen Titans Go Birthday Party Food and Ideas

If you found your stomach grumbling thinking about all the cake options, never fear! We’re onto the food and drink section now – and here are our top suggestions for delicious snacks and beverages at your Teen Titan birthday party:

  • Superhero Popcorn – collect some small mason jars and fill them up with popcorn. Then, using some spare fabric of any color (you can buy this online or just cut up an old t-shirt or towel that you no longer use) cut out a small cape that you can tie around the lid of the mason jar. Your caped popcorn will be a hit with kids and their parents!
  • Pudding Cups – these awesome Hulk pudding cups would be great if Hulk actually featured in Teen Titans! Luckily, Beast Boy is predominantly green, just like the Hulk, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to adapt the recipe for Beast Boy.
  • Pick Your Power – if you want to make sure your little guests at the party get a healthy serving of fruit or vegetables, set up a ‘Pick Your Power’ station! Tell kids that gulping down their carrots, broccoli, apple and banana will give them a special superpower, whether it’s laser vision, super strength, the ability to read minds or the ability to see in the dark (carrot, anyone?). Your guests will be gobbling down healthy treats in no time!
  • Try to make sure all your food fits in with the color scheme. For example, if you chose Robin as your main character, sort through all the green, red and yellow candies and chocolates and keep them together. This blogger has a great example – her color scheme was blue, red and yellow, and the selection of sweet treats on her buffet table looks fantastic!
  • Keep your drinks station within the boundaries of the theme by giving ordinary drinks superhero-related names! Starfire Squash, Cyborg Cola and Robin Rocket-Fuel are sure to be a massive hit!

Teen Titans Cookies

Teen Titans Go Birthday Party Favors and Ideas

It won’t do for a party host to send their guests home empty-handed – especially when so much effort has been put into the party itself! Give your guests a treat with a Teen Titans birthday party favor.

These awesome party bags each feature one character and a whole host of loot inside! There are stickers, candy, balloons, bubble-blowing kits and more that kids can take away from the party with them.

Sending kids home with their very own Robin mask is also a fantastic way to keep them smiling even after they’ve left the party. These are so simple to make – all you need is some black card, scissors and elasticated string to secure them in place. Hang them up by the door and let kids take one as they depart.

If you’re planning to make your own goodie bag for the little ones, these printable templates for the actual bags are easy to assemble and will hold plenty of snacks and treats to send little ones home with!

Lego Teen Titan minifigures

Lego Teen Titan minifigures

Teen Titans Go Birthday Party Games and Activities

No party would be complete with some fun games and entertainment! Here are our top suggestions:

  • Superhero Assault Course – if you have some outdoor space at your home or party venue, set up an outdoor assault course for little superheroes to complete. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated or dangerous – just something to keep the kids entertained outside while the adults start the clean-up task!
  • Mask Decorating – if you like crafts and have lots of crafty resources lying around, set up a mask-making station for the little ones. You provide the templates, and kids can go crazy adding glitter and colorful patterns to their very own mask, which they can take home after the party.
  • Superhero Statues – play some awesome superhero music (the Superman theme works well, or you could play the opening from Teen Titans itself) and ask the kids to run around doing their very best flying poses. When the music stops, all players have to freeze – if they’re caught moving, they’re out of the game!
  • Fire Breath Bubble Blowing – many superheroes have magical breath, so pit your mini superheroes against each other with this challenge! See who can create the biggest bubble with their superhero breath, or see who can make the bubble that travels the furthest without popping.

So there we have it – a comprehensive list of suggestions and inspiration for anyone hoping to plan their very own Teen Titans birthday party. Have any suggestions for us, or want to share your own Teen Titan party ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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