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Decorating for Halloween: DIY Project Ideas

Black Flowers

Black flowers are perfect for Halloween. You can use them as a centerpiece or table scape on your kitchen table or you could sit them on a table or shelf in your living area along with other Gothic pieces, like a candelabra or some lacy black candles, like those a few projects down from here.

Here are a couple of my favorite Halloween flowers. The first is a bouquet of black roses made from duct tape from Lowes Creative Ideas. I think they are perfect and can't wait to try to make them. In the second photo are some carnations made from crepe paper streamers that I found at Country Living. I love how they sort of hang over the container. Both sites have great tutorials showing how to make these flowers if you are interested. For the Country Living flowers, click on the link and do a search for black crepe paper flowers and it will bring up the tutorial for you.


Banners and Garland

As always there are LOTS of great garlands and banners out there to make and use for Halloween decorations. I found so many it was hard to choose what to feature here. I decided on four different ones. The first is a garland I found over at Buggie and Jellybean and it's super cute and so easy to make. It's basically just strips of fabric in various colors and patterns in Halloween colors tied onto a string of yarn. I really love the look of it plus there's a few other cute and easy Halloween decorations shared there as well. The second one I found at Sweet Something Designs was Pottery Barn inspired and it's got that rustic look to it.. I think it's fabulous and perfect for the fall season. The third one is a simple one made from construction paper in Halloween colors that I found at Please Note. Simple and very cute! The fourth I found at Crafty Sisters and it is a very attractive pennant banner, perfect for Halloween, so cute! The pennants on this one are made from a very thin wood but you could easily substitute chipboard (cereal boxes) or even card stock.


Oh Bats!

What is more perfect for Halloween than some creepy bats flying around on your walls?! What I love about this decoration is it's super easy, doesn't cost a fortune and it's very bold. No one will miss seeing the bats on your wall for sure! It really helps lend a creepy atmosphere to your home during the spooky season. You basically cut the bats out and stick them on your walls. I love the look of the bats in both of these photos. The first I found at Thrifty Décor Chic and I love how she has them coming off the top corner of the mirror and then continuing on up the wall. The second photo I found over at Jane of All Crafts. I love that it's a whole flock of bats (is that what you call it?) is flying across the entire corner of a room on both walls. So bold and spooky! I was thinking that you could make the bats bigger or even multiple sizes if you wanted, though it may not look as realistic. Another idea I had was you could hang several bats from the ceiling using fishing string or you could string them together to make a garland. the possibilities are endless.


Candy Corn Candles

I have been seeing several of these candy corn candles. What could be easier than taking a container, pouring some candy corn in and putting a candle in the middle of it. It's easy and it's perfect for Halloween and the Fall season. I picked two of my faves to show for examples.

The first photo I found over at rosebudinnh's arts and crafts. I love the containers holding these candles!

The second I found over at Poppies at Play and I love that they are in wine glasses. You could get creative and use different types of containers for these.


Gothic Lace Candles

Can you imagine some of these sitting alongside the Halloween flowers above? They have that Gothic look.. and just like so many of these decorations.... so, so easy. Simply wrap some black lace around some clear votive holders. I found these over at Family Chic and I'm really excited about them. I have some black tulle I was going to try and use in place of the ribbon and see how that looks. What I love about these is you can use any lace really so you could use them anytime of the year and change up the looks according to the occasion or holiday. I LOVE these!

Something else I thought about is if you have some of those fishnet stockings, you could wrap those around clear votive holders as well or even a larger clear candle holder or vase.

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Halloween Wreaths

DIY home decorations for Halloween wouldn't be complete without some wreaths, right? I found three that I LOVE. The first over at Living Locurto is made using several spiral cut rosettes out of orange felt. These flowers are easy to make and she even includes a link to a tutorial for them. These flowers are so easy to make it will blow your mind!

The second wreath I found over at the Long Thread with the tutorial included. I really love the look of this one and how it is knotted all around the middle. It's made from grosgrain ribbon but I don't see why you couldn't use another type ribbon or even fabric strips.

The third wreath is made using strips of fabric cut with pinking sheers and she even used some bandanas cut into strips, which turned out really cute. I found it at Huckleberry Prairie complete with an illustrative tutorial.



I found two ghost crafts that I couldn't help but share. The first is a floating ghost I found over at Everyday is a Crafting Day plus the tutorial! What I love about this ghost is it stands up all on it's own and truly looks like it's just floating there.. it's really neat and I'm so happy the tutorial was shared so now we can learn how to do it too! It is so perfect for Halloween.

The other ghosts I found were over at Home Seasons and they are about the cutest things I've ever seen. I can't believe these are actually leaves that have fallen from a tree. They are the perfect shape to make cute little ghosts. Click on the link for the tutorial.


Candy Corn Crafts

There was no shortage of candy corn crafts online.. it was hard to pick out favorites but I finally narrowed it down to these four. The first are some candy corn topiaries that I found over at Under The Table and Dreaming.. these were made using Styrofoam cones wrapped with pretty papers. I LOVE the buttons on top! Click on the link for the tutorial.

The second photo is a candy corn tree I found over at Thriftyfun complete with tutorial. It looks simple to make and what a nice table centerpiece this little Halloween tree would make. I love the small black bows on it.

I had to include these candy corn bottle vases that I found at The Swell Life. I love how the colors each blend into each other and appreciate the illustrative tutorial showing how to do this technique using spray paint. Can you picture some of these with some pretty fall flowers in them? I may give this a try with some large mason jars that I have.

These cute candy corns I found over at P.S. Capture the Details. They are small Styrofoam cones wrapped in yarn and of course, I LOVE the buttons on top!


Spider Webs

Nothing says Halloween better than some spooky cobwebs! Well, these may not be too spooky but they are definitely cute. The first I found at The Crafty Cupboard. It is a long spider web table runner made from black felt. It looks very easy to do. The only thing is it might take a little bit of time to cut out all the spots between the webs but the time put into it will be well worth it, especially since you can use it over and over again each year. She even shares the spider web template she used to make it.

In the second photo are some spider webs I found at Artful Parent that are made out of coffee filters and they are so, so cute! I am so happy she shared the tutorial. I'm thinking about making some and somehow connecting them to make a spider web garland.