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Summer Fun Paint War Party


This is for Those of You Who Fear No Mess

It is warm once again, and time for an annual tradition of great fun! A PAINT PARTY. This is a crazy fun idea for all! Warning: It is extremely messy.


  • Washable Paint of Various colors
  • Twister Mat
  • Cheap Squirt Guns
  • Water Balloons
  • Powdered Paint
  • Pantyhose
  • Plastic Tarp
  • White T-shirts and old shorts (If you find white gym shorts as well then kudos)
  • Tye dye supplies
  • Goggles (optional)

This themed party is designed to make everyone as colorful as possible!


  • Messy Twister
  • Tie-dye T shirts
  • For birthdays, make a rainbow cake (add food coloring to white cake mix)
  • Paint War

For the paint war, lay out a tarp (if you care at all for your grass)

  • Fill pantyhose legs with colored powder paint
  • Fill water balloons with paint
  • Fill squirt guns with paint

Let the chaos ensue!!! Don't forget to take before and after pictures!


Deb Holcmann on March 12, 2018:

Michaels just advertised that you can buy pain pods for a game like this. Like 40 in a package. All colors

Stephanie Toddy on June 11, 2016:

What kind of paint do u use? I don't care if it stains the clothes just need sumthing that's ok for kids!

Julie Katz from Bellmore, New York on June 22, 2012:

This looks like such a blast! Great idea!

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