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Stocking Stuffers That Men Will Love

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Shopping for Men

Shopping for men is always hard! Every year when Christmas comes around, women scramble to try and find something that guys would really enjoy. This list will give you plenty of ideas to stuff his stocking with this year!

Ringtool Emergency Multi-Tool


Ringtool Emergency Multi-Tool is a really neat idea for any man. It is a keychain made with stainless steel and can come in silver or black. It also has many tools that include:

  • Bottle-cap opener
  • 4 mm Hexhead
  • 5 mm Hexhead
  • 6 mm Hexhead
  • 8 mm Hexhead
  • 10 mm Hexhead
  • Flathead Driver
  • Phillips Driver
  • Torxhead T25 Driver
  • Spoke Wrench for 0.130” (3.30 mm)
  • Spoke Wrench for 0.136” (3.45 mm)

It is listed at just $26.

Beard Oil


If your man has a beard, then beard oil might just be the right stocking stuffer. This Magic Beard Balm and Magic Beard Oil conditions damaged hair, moisturizes skin, makes your beard soft and smells great. You can currently get these products in several different scents such as:

  • Original - Lime & Fir Needle with hints of Grapefruit
  • Citrus & Spice - Warm Clove with hints of Orange and Grapefruit
  • Coal - Sage with hints of Peppermint & Patchouli
  • Pine Tar - Strong Scent of Pine Tar (Pine Tar is effective at combatting dry skin and this scent is designed for effect not fragrance)
  • Timber - Mild Scent of Cedar & Fir Needle

For $22, you get the oil and balm. You can't beat that!

Beef Jerky Pack


Beef Jerky is always a safe bet for a stocking stuffer. They come in so many different flavors that there is bound to be one you love. Whether you like spicy, ranch, alligator or just plain teriyaki there is certainly a jerky in that flavor.

Thor Ragnarok Ornament


If your man has a favorite movie or show, why not get him a Christmas ornament with a character he loves? You could even make it a tradition to buy a new ornament each year. To get this Thor Ragnarok Ornament, it will only cost you $7.99!

Touch Screen Compatible Gloves


These warm North Face Gloves are perfect for men or women. Not only do they keep your hands dry and warm, they are touchscreen compatible! Meaning, you can keep your hands warm and not have to take them off when using your phone. I have a pair of my own. Since buying them for me, I have bought several for other members of the family! They aren't too thick but still keep you very warm. I love that when I wear them, I can still take pictures on my phone of the snow, without taking my gloves off! You can buy a pair for around $40 and they come in a variety of colors!

Sports Team Grilling Spatula


If the man in your life likes to grill, why not get him a spatula with designs of his favorite team? This University of Arkansas Sportula is only $19.99 and even has a bottle opener on it. The spatula is laser engraved with whatever your favorite sports team is, making this gift personal and unique.

BBQ Rubs

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This BBQ rubs gift set is a unique mix of spices that come from different parts of the south. This set comes with 5 different rubs. It is listed at just $19.05!



Who doesn't love to smell great? Cologne is always a great gift that can be enjoyed for a long time. There are so many scents to fit your mans personality. Some of the top selling colognes right now are:

  • Calvin Klein Eternity
  • Calvin Klein Obsession
  • Nautica Voyage
  • Cool Water by Davidoff
  • Versace Man
  • Chrome Legend by Azzaro

The Art of War


The Art of War is one of the most beloved books by men. Even though it was written in the 6th century BC by Sun Tzu, it's content is timeless. It not only is a book about how to fight a war, it also teaches you some valuable philosophies in life. I read it in high school but didn't realize it's importance until much later. It wasn't until the past couple of years that I realized that it is a "manual" for everyday life and can help you solve any issues you may have. My favorite quote from the book is “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” You can buy this book for just $3.99. Did you read that? Just $3.99! Go snag a copy now and the man in your life will thank you later.

Skull Shot Glass


This unique Skull Shot Glass is currently listed for under $8! It is heat resistant, so it can be put in the dishwasher. Whether your guy is a shot glass collector or just likes anything unique, this will be a great gift.

Miniature Alcohol


If the guy you are buying for is over 21, miniature bottles of alcohol would be a nice surprise in his stocking. You can buy these online or at pretty much any liquor store. Whether your man likes Whiskey, Vodka or Rum, you should be able to find a miniature bottle of it for under $5!

Beer Me Socks


Beer Me Socks are sure to get a laugh from the beer lover in your life! It would be perfect for the men who are so hard to shop for. It comes in sizes 10 - 13 and is available in different colors. These are sold for under $12!

Fine Cigars


If you have a guy in your life that likes cigars, a sampler pack with different flavors would be a great gift idea so that he can try something new. If he has never smoked a cigar before, it still is a great gift. It's a man thing. Having some cigars on poker night will make them feel extra manly. Remember to buy matches though. You cannot light a cigar with a lighter. You can get this 4-pack sampler for $10.50.

Hot Sauce


If the guy you are buying for likes anything spicy, this Hot Sauce Lover's 3 Pack will surely make him happy. There's so many different types of hot sauce but this pack comes with Mo Hotta Mo Betta Chipotle Adobo, Baron's West Indian and Dave's Insanity Hot Sauce. They have three very distinct flavors. This sales for just $18.95.


If your man is more on the stylish side, why not gift him with some unique cufflinks? They can range in price from $10 to $500 but come in so many different colors and styles that this gift can be truly unique and match his individual personality.

Tactical Flashlight


A flashlight is another great stocking stuffer. There are so many different kinds with different brightness levels, come in different colors, sizes and weight.

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Ashi on November 28, 2017:


Very nicely written. I liked the idea of Beard Oil, Cologne, and Cufflinks.

Bookmarked :)

Sarah Spradlin (author) from Little Rock, Arkansas on November 22, 2017:

Glad you liked it! Thank you for your comment!

Kalux from Canada on November 22, 2017:

Thanks for the ideas. Going to add the book to my bf's stocking.

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