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Star vs the Forces of Evil Birthday Party Ideas and Supplies

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How to Plan a Star vs the Forces of Evil Party

Star vs the Forces of Evil is the latest hit TV show from the experts over at Disney. The show premiered in January 2015 as a special preview, before officially kicking off in March, much to the delight of fans everywhere! The show has already seen such great success it’s been renewed for a second season, which will hit screens next year.

The show features Star Butterfly – an enchanted princess who receives a magical wand for her 14th birthday. But when she accidentally burns her family’s castle down (oops!) she’s sent away to Earth as a safer option. Star and her friends attend Echo Creek Academy and must navigate the trials and tribulations of middle school, all while trying to prevent her wand (a family heirloom) from falling into the wrong hands.

Star vs the Forces of Evil is a relatively new show, but if your little ones have their finger on the pulse of all the latest trends, it’s likely they’ve already discovered how great it is! If you want to stay one step ahead and throw them a Star vs the Forces of Evil party they’ll never forget, check out our top tips…

Star vs the Forces of Evil Birthday Party Invitations and Ideas

The first thing to focus on is the party invitations. Without them, your guests won’t know when or where the party is taking place, so it’s crucial to load them with plenty of information and send them out well in advance of the party!

Since Star vs the Forces of Evil is still a relatively new show, the guys over at Disney haven’t had the chance to churn out bundles of exciting official merchandise yet. But while you wait for those to hit the market, why not get a little creative and put together your own party invitations?

Stars are obviously a big theme in this universe – the main character is named after one! So it makes sense for your invitations to have an awesome star theme. They could even be in the shape of a star, like this glittery effort found on Pinterest! These invitations are so easy to make, and you can choose any color or style you can think of. You could opt for a pink sparkly star, a matte black star with silver writing or a rainbow star with different coloured text… the sky is the limit – literally!

Star vs the Forces of Evil Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas

One great idea for your decorations is to dress your venue like Echo Creek Academy, the school that Star and her pals attend. The color scheme of the school is mostly pink – you could drape pink voile over your walls to create a similar effect, and don’t forget to add a sign!

You could also indulge in some space decorations to fit in with the theme of the show – or if you’re feeling really fancy, you could bulk buy some fairy lights and string them around the whole venue like this example. You might need some help setting the lights up and arranging them to ensure equal distribution, but we think you’ll agree the effects are pretty mesmerising, especially for younger children.

How to Make a Star Shaped Cake

Star vs the Forces of Evil Birthday Cake Decorations and Ideas

The birthday cake is a focal point of the entire party – if you think back to your own birthday parties over time, the part that everyone remembers best is when your parents bring out the cake loaded with lit candles and everyone sings Happy Birthday. So obviously, the cake has to be picture-perfect for this element of the party!

Your first thought might be to bake a cake in the shape of a star. This is a great idea – and we’re one step ahead! Check out these awesome star-shaped cake tins which will help you to bake your own cake for the party, saving money on a professionally-made cake and opting for a more rustic, homemade look.

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You could also simply decorate the cake with lots of fondant or marzipan stars, like this example. This option is easy for any home baker to replicate – simply bake a simple circular cake of any style and flavour, cover with coloured frosting or icing and then add some iced stars for the finishing touch! If you’re on a budget, this option is probably the most suitable for you.

Star’s magical wand plays an integral role in the TV show, so you could shape your cake to look just like it! Here’s an example of what the wand looks look. You’ll need blue, pink and yellow icing, and you could add some white wings if you’re feeling adventurous!

Star vs the Forces of Evil Birthday Party Food and Drink Ideas

If you’re inviting guests to your party, the least you can do is offer them some delicious party food that fits right in with your chosen theme. Here are a few of our suggestions:

  • Get your hands on a few star-shaped cookie cutters and use it to shape everything you serve up! You can make star-shaped cookies, sandwiches, cupcakes and even fruit!
  • The first episode of the show features Marco’s Super Awesome Nachos – so obviously, you’ll need to have some tasty nachos on hand for your guests! Check out this how-to guide from Buzzfeed on how to create delicious cheesy nachos that guests young and old will adore.
  • Flying Princess Pony Head (or just Pony Head to some) is a character from another dimension in the show. She’s a unicorn (naturally), so why not create some delicious dipping unicorn horns? This fantastic tutorial shows you how.
  • In episode ten we see Ludo stuffing his face with oysters – and while oysters might be a little grown-up for a children’s party, you could always make some oyster pearl cookies! These cookies open up just like a pearl shell, and they’re super easy to make.
  • The show also features some modified pups called ‘laser puppies’, which are able to shoot laser beams out of their eyes – yikes! Why not use red liquorice instead of real lasers as a great addition to your food table?

Star vs the Forces of Evil Birthday Party Favors and Ideas

No good party is complete without some favors for guests to take home! Whether you buy in some official merchandise or make your own favors, it’s always nice to say thank you to guests in the form of a little present.

This YouTube tutorial for DIY devil horns could make a fantastic favor for little ones – Star herself has a headband just like this, so it’s sure to be a real hit! You’ll need a few simple art materials and a little time to put them together – you could even set up a craft table for your guests to make these as part of the event!

If you don’t have much time to make your own party favors, you could always buy some of the merchandise online. These Etsy buttons would make a great addition to a school book bag or a favorite jacket – just place a bowl of them by the door and ask your guests to take one or two as they leave.

In the TV show, dimension scissors are used to cut open portals to the many other dimensions. Why not hand out some of these adorable scissor charms when the party comes to an end? These lovely, ornate charms make a great keepsake from the party – though we don’t recommend using them to cut holes into other dimensions!

Star vs the Forces of Evil Birthday Party Games and Activities

Your little guests will need plenty of entertainment to make sure they have a great time at your party. Here are our top tips to ensure your little stars have a whale of a time:

  • Creature Capture – Uh-oh, Star’s creatures have escaped the Tower Dome! Hide stuffed animals around your party venue and ask your guests to retrieve them for you in this fun treasure-hunt style game. The guest that discovers the most stuffed animals wins a prize!
  • Pin the Devil Horns on Star – If you have an artistic friend that can create a life-size cardboard cut-out of Star, this game will definitely be for you! Guests have to take it turns to pin the devil horns onto Star – the guest that gets the horns the closets wins.
  • Star Pinata – Get yourself a star-shaped piñata and a plastic bat, then blindfold your guests one at a time and ask them to take three swings towards the piñata! It’s filled with candy and sweeties, so whoever manages to crack it open gets to raid the loot first! If you’re feeling creative, here’s a tutorial on how to make your very own star-shaped piñata.

So there we have it – all the tips, advice and resources you could need to throw a fantastic Star vs the Forces of Evil birthday party! Think we’ve missed anything? Let us know in the comments section below.

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