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Splatoon Birthday Party Ideas and Themed Supplies

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How to Plan a Splatoon Themed Party

In a world where kids have almost unrestricted access to games with guns, guts and gore, Splatoon is a welcome change. The third-person shooter game developed by Nintendo went on the market in May 2015, and has already been a hit worldwide – and with its child-friendly characters using paintball guns and colored ink to gain points, it’s a game that parents can get on board with too.

The game features characters called Inklings – these creatures have the ability to switch between human form and a new squid form. While they’re in their human form, the Inklings can shoot colored ink that corresponds with their team’s color at the enemies. If players choose to switch to squid form, they can swim through ink of their own color to navigate the map more easily – whether it’s up a wall, through a grate or even to mask themselves from the enemy.

The fun and exciting paintballing game has captured the hearts of kids all over the globe – and has many parents planning Splatoon-themed games that their little ones will love. Here’s how you can plan a Splatoon party for little boys and girls that simply love this family-friendly new game.

Splatoon Birthday Party Invitations and Ideas

First up? The invitations of course – these will notify your guests of the date and time of the party, as well as any extra details they might need to know (whether there’s a dress code, whether they need to bring anything extra to join in the fun, etc). The invitations will also be the first chance your guests have to get an idea about the party – so they need to make a really strong impression!

Here are some great invitations, both home-made and ready-to-order, sourced from around the web:

  • Squids feature very prominently in Splatoon, and if you have plenty of time on your hands, why not make these wonderful origami squid invitations? All you’ll need is some colorful card, some scissors and a lot of patience. These adorable invitations are sure to have a great impact on guests!
  • eBay is great for birthday party supplies, and the Splatoon invitations featured in the pic above are a prime example of the quality that can be found on the auction site. Simply choose how many invitations you want to order, pick a color scheme from the three available, and you’re ready to order!
  • If funds and time are both fairly short and you need a fast and cheap option for your party invitations, these printable digital files could be exactly the solution you’re looking for. Simply pay a small amount to purchase the file, then print out as many as you like on your home printer! Your stack of invitations will be ready in the space of an afternoon.

Splatoon Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas

Splatoon is a messy game, as you may expect with a name like ‘Splatoon’! This means a coordinated and coherent theme for your decorations isn’t exactly high on the priority list – there’s no need to go to extreme lengths to work out your color scheme for this party idea.

One suggestion for your decorations is to basically let your guests decorate as they please! Cover the floors and walls in your venue (or perhaps one special room, if you’re using your home as the party venue) with old sheets and make sure your walls and carpets are totally hidden. Then place bowls of paintballs around the room, or some powder-filled balloons, and have your guests come in and ‘decorate’ the walls for you!

If you’re not up for getting too messy, you could create some artistic splashes for your walls with colored card. Simply draw a ‘splat’ shape as a template on some paper, cut it out and pin it up around your party venue. You can even hang them from the ceiling for a cool 3D effect!

You can also buy Splatoon party supplies that will help you enhance your décor even further. This splat-effect tablecloth is a fantastic way to cover up your food table and ensure it’s protected for the duration of the party, and these splat lanterns can be hung around the space for a fun, colorful effect.

How to make a Splatoon Cake

Splatoon Birthday Cake Decorations and Ideas

The birthday cake plays a crucial role in the party, and there’s always that special moment where all eyes are on the cake! A parent usually brings it out, with everyone singing Happy Birthday, and many photographs are taken – so it’s important to ensure the cake is wonderful, because it’ll be recorded in photograph form forever!

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One of the best things about a Splatoon-themed birthday cake is that sometimes, the messier and more chaotic they are, the better! This prime example features a basic chocolate brownie cakes with some fondant splats and letters on the top – fairly simple for anyone who has experience decorating cakes.

This other superb homemade effort is even better for those who have no experience making or decorating cakes whatsoever. For this cake, you can use a ready-made cake mix, cover it with white frosting and then use colored frosting or fondant splashes for the final decoration.

If full cakes seem a little too out of your comfort zone, why not stick with cupcakes? These easy chocolate cupcakes have a simple ‘splat’ pattern on the top, but it’s really effective – and plenty colorful! They also provide a helpful bite-sized portion to ensure cake-loving guests don’t have too much!

Splatoon Birthday Party Food and Drink Ideas

Paintball-themed food and drink might at first seem like a tricky brief to fulfil – but we’ve got it covered! Here are our top suggestions to ensure guests don’t go hungry at your Splatoon-themed party:

  • Splatoon is all about color, and this colorful popcorn recipe is the perfect addition to your food table! All you need is some food coloring and kids will have a rainbow treat to enjoy whenever they get hungry.
  • This blog has some awesome rainbow food ideas for parties – our favorite is definitely the rainbow jelly, which will go down a treat with excitable little ones! It takes a little time to get it right but the effects are awesome.
  • These ‘Octopus Sausages’ look just like the little squids that are featured in Splatoon! They’re so simple to make – all you do is cut off one end and make six or eight little slits in the bottom of the sausage before you cook them. As they cook, the ends will naturally curl up like a squid’s tentacles! Set out a selection of delicious dips and you can be sure your guests won’t go hungry.

Splatoon Birthday Party Favors and Ideas

What kind of favors do you hand out at a paintball party? Paintballs, of course! You can hand out small packs of paintballs to your guests as favors, and to say thank you to them for attending your event.

This colorful sidewalk chalk paint would be great for an impromptu paint fight outside! Hand it out in small tubs, or include a little pot in goody bags for guests.

These sweet temporary tattoos also make an awesome favor for your guests – they’re safe and non-toxic, and you get 72 in a pack, so you can hand out more than one and make your guests feel very special indeed!

DIY Splatoon Plush Toys

Splatoon Birthday Party Games and Activities

Of course, any child attending a paintball-themed party is going to be expecting some serious paintballing action when it’s time for the party games! Here are our top suggestions for Splatoon-themed party games that you can enjoy at your event:

  • Paintball Target – This blog shows a party where an archery target was set up. Rather than having your guests shoot arrows at the bullseye, have them shoot their paintballs instead! They can throw them or use their own paintball gun. Any guests that get a bullseye automatically get a prize!
  • Squid Pinata – Learn how to make a papier mache octopus here – then fill it with candy, call it a squid and hang it up as a piñata! You could even hang it against a white backdrop and have kids throw paintballs at it blindfolded. Just make sure it’s outside to prevent any stained furniture or flooring!
  • Sunken Scrolls – In the single player version of the Splatoon game, players are always on the lookout for the Sunken Scrolls. Why not host a treasure hunt to find the scrolls? Send your guests on a wild goose chase all over your party venue looking for the secret treasure hidden at the end.
  • Spaghetti Slime – Follow this spaghetti slime tutorial to make this fun and colorful play material! Kids can make bracelets with it, throw it at each other (it doesn’t stain) and generally run riot with this fun alternative to Playdough. This is a better solution for younger kids that might not be able to handle paintballs just yet.

Feeling inspired? We hope so! If you think we’ve missed anything from our Splatoon party rundown, let us know in the comments below!

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