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7 Games to Play on Halloween

Halloween pumpkins

Halloween pumpkins

Getting ready for the fright night

Halloween can be fun for both children and the adults. It is a very specific holiday and it can give inspiration to many contests and other funny activities. On a Halloween party, we can play such games as "Wandering light", "The mummy", "Ghost hunt", "Evil bag", "Save your eye", "Fortune-teller", "Witches' dance".

They are best played in the corresponding décor: curtains down, scary pumpkin faces glaring here and there, spiderwebs hanging in the corners....

Before you start the party, prepare small prizes (sweets, statuettes) and some certificates that you will give to the winners.

Game winner certificates

Such certificates can be given to the winners

Such certificates can be given to the winners

An additional prize (honour, applause) can be given to the best-made mummy

An additional prize (honour, applause) can be given to the best-made mummy

The mummy

To play this game, you will need a lot of toilet paper.

This is a team game. The players split into teams of two people. One of the two players in the team is a mummy while the other one is an Egyptian. On signal, the Egyptian must wrap the mummy as quickly as possible in the toilet paper, head down to feet, leaving only the eyes, the nose and the mouth uncovered. The winners are those who have made their mummy the quickest. Attention: if the paper is torn, the team looses!

Wandering light

For this game, you will need a portable lantern and some music. The lantern can be a usual pocket one, but making it thematic by giving a special design helps bring more of the ambiance. The more music is scary, the better. I suggest the melody from the movie "The Perfume - the story of a murderer", which is called: "The girl with the plums". You can find it easily on YouTube, and if you have access to the high-speed Internet, the thrilling ambiance is guaranteed!

All the participants sit in a circle. The light is turned off. One of the players holds a glaring lantern. The wandering lantern is passed from one player to another till the music stops. Now the player who holds the lantern at this moment leaves the game. The game goes on until there is only one player left. This player is the winner.


Ghost hunt

You will need a scarf or a shawl.

Choose the ghost hunter. Wrap his eyes with the scarf. Other players are now ghosts. They dance around the hunter while the hunter tries to grab them. If he succeeds, then the trapped ghost moans pitifully and wails. If the hunter was able to recognize the ghost's voice, then the ghost becomes the hunter and the game starts over. However, if the hunter failed to guess, then he/she must try luck again with other players.


Evil bag

You will need a small bag, some strange and unpleasant to touch objects (dried plums, a shrunken carrot, the head of a mushroom, humid sponge).

In the beginning, you need to put all the objects in the bag (preferably, before the guests come). The participants sit in a circle. The leader in a horrified manner tells a soul-freezing story about how he/she got it (for example, found it on the cemetery, in a ghost house, got it as a gift from a ghost). The first player takes something from this bag (It is forbidden to look inside or palp the bag!). One cannot take the object out of the bag. After grabbing the thing, the player must invent a spooky story about it. For example, the player found a dried plum. Now he/she has to decide what it is. It can be an eye that was torn out and dried. Then the player tells the story about this eye. At the end of the story, the story-teller takes this thing out of the bag and, as a rule, is surprised to discover how far the fantasy can lead. Then the bag is given to another player who, in his turn, tells his own story.


Save your eye!

You will need: a ball for table tennis, painted like an eye-ball, a tablespoon.

The players must divide into two teams. A small distance is marked (start and finish). Every participant must carefully overcome this distance caring the eye-ball (tennis ball) in the spoon. The eye-ball must not fall! If it falls, the player starts the distance over again. The winner is the team ( and all its players) that comes to the finish the first.

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Fortune-teller is a great game that will impress your guests

Fortune-teller is a great game that will impress your guests

The Fortune-teller

You will need: lemon juice, paper sheets, a thin brush, a lamp.

You can impress your guests immensely with the help of this game! It looks exactly like you could predict their future! The preparation goes first. With the help of a brush dipped in lemon juice write down some words on paper sheets. On some of them, write a number. On others, write words "yes", "no", "maybe". If you don't see the inscriptions, it's normal. Put the paper sheets in piles (the ones with the numbers go in one pile and the ones with the words in the other pile). Remember where the words and numbers are. The lamp will serve as a magic crystal ball.

Now for the game itself. Ask your guests to ask you a question. If the question supposes the answers "yes", "no", or "maybe", take a sheet from the correct pile and bring it up to the lamp. Within some time, the invisible scripture becomes visible, and your guests are thrilled! If the question supposes a number in the answer, take a sheet from the other pile.

Witches' dance

You will need: a broom, some music.

Now the players pretend they are witches and stand in a circle one of them holding the broom. When the music starts, the witches start dancing passing the broom to each other. The witch that holds the broom when the music stops, leaves the circle. The winner is the one who stays alone dancing with the broom.

Enjoy your Halloween!!!


Funny Halloween quiz

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. When is Halloween?
    • On the 31st of October.
    • On the 1st of November.
  2. What is the other name for the Halloween pumpkin?
    • Lantern Jack.
    • Jack-o-lantern.
  3. What game do children traditionally play on Halloween?
    • Egg hunt.
    • Darts.
    • Trick or Treat.
  4. What's the Chinese name for Halloween?
    • Boo-Boo.
    • Teng Chieh.
    • Tai Chi.
  5. What is the other name for Halloween?
    • Weeny the Hallow.
    • Hallows Even.

Answer Key

  1. On the 31st of October.
  2. Jack-o-lantern.
  3. Trick or Treat.
  4. Teng Chieh.
  5. Hallows Even.
  • Some Halloween costumes ideas
    On this day of communication with spirits and any kind of scum, it is a tradition to wear costumes to scare the scum away. Make it fun, easy and cheap!


Anna Sidorova (author) from Russia on September 10, 2011:

Simone Smith, instantlyfamily, thank you very much for your comments and voting up!

instantlyfamily on September 09, 2011:

Awesome! My sons birthday is in October. we are thinking of a costume party. These games will be a great addition to the party. I am voting UP. Thanks

Simone Haruko Smith from San Francisco on September 09, 2011:

Hehee, these sound like so much fun! I TOTALLY want to play the mummy. Toilet paper party games are consistently hilarious :D

Anna Sidorova (author) from Russia on September 08, 2011:

Joe Macho!Thank you for voting up and the feedback!!! FloraBreenRobinson! Thank you for the feedback! Many party games have variations, and it's always interesting to try other versions and play them at other parties, not only on Halloween!

FloraBreenRobison on September 08, 2011:

I've played a game similar to ghost hunt at birthday parties. And there was a similar game to Mummy at a Bridal shower-no head covering and the bride to be was the only mummy, but she was wrapped up good and tight by all of us with toilet paper.

Zach from Colorado on September 08, 2011:

I've never been a fan of Halloween. For some reason, getting all dressed up just makes me feel like a goon, but your games might make it worth while. Thanks for sharing the hub and the great games. Voted up and useful.

Anna Sidorova (author) from Russia on September 08, 2011:

Welcome! Thank you for your comment!

Sarah Carlsley from Minnesota on September 08, 2011:

Fun hub! Thanks for sharing this!

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