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Scotland’s Haunted Pubs, Inns and Taverns: Part 1



Not all pubs and bars have only one type of spirit on offer. These are some of the most haunted hotels, inns, pubs, and taverns in Scotland. If you are visiting the locale, even if you do not meet their ghosts or ghouls, all are well worth a visit to experience their unique atmosphere.


Aberdeen Ardoe House Hotel

Aberdeen Cocket Hat

Aberdeen Ma Cameron’s

Aberdeen Norwood Hall Hotel

Dundee Main’s Castle

Forfar The Osnaburg Bar

Inverurie Burnett Arms Hotel

Inverurie Meldrum House Country Hotel

Inverurie Pittodrie House

Inverurie Thainstone House

Ardoe House Hotel


Location | South Deeside Road, Blairs, Aberdeen, AB12 5YP

History | Built in 1878 for the famous surgeon Alexander Ogston. The house incorporates many design features of the nearby BalmoralCastle.


Thought to be Katherine Ogston (the wife of the original owner who committed suicide), a ‘White Lady’ is often reported ‘walking’ the halls at night.

Cocket Hat


Location | North Anderson Drive, Aberdeen, AB15 6DW

History | No details

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The lounge bar is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former landlord, John Walker and was first seen in 1973, fourteen years after his death.

Ma Cameron’s


Location | 6-8 Little Belmont Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1JG

History | Over 300 years old and the former ‘Cameron’s Inn’ the pub is a former coaching inn and one of the oldest in Aberdeen.


There have been rare sightings of a shadowy figure dressed in Georgian dress.

There has been a lot of poltergeist activity reported with walls being knocked, objects being moved, and beer pumps turning on when no one is present.

The footsteps of ‘Bill’ can often be heard when the pub is closed.

Norwood Hall Hotel


Location | Garthdee Road, Cults, Aberdeen, AB15 9FX

History | Built in 1887 on the site of the 15thCenturyPitfodelsCastle.


Colonel James Ogston (who bought Norwood Hall @1872) had a mistress who he would not leave, which is said to have caused his wife much sadness.

His ghost is said to haunt the dining room, pausing at the log fire.

His wife is reported to haunt ‘The Hall’ and walk through the dining room and kitchen. Her apparition has been seen on the main stairs.

Main’s Castle


Location | Mains Loan, Dundee, DD4 9BX

History | The Castle is built on land which was initially owned by the Stewarts and then passed to the Douglas Earls of Angus in the 14th Century. It became the property of the Graham’s in the 16th Century during which a Castle was built by David Graham. The date ‘1562’ can be found above a doorway.


Disembodied voices have been heard and furniture moved by what was termed a ‘dark presence’. One ghost is said to be of a woman who was killed by her husband.

The Osnaburg Bar


Location | 23 Osnaburg Street, Forfar, DD8 2AA

History | The bar was opened in 1835 prior to that date the premises were used as a weaver’s shop. The name ‘osnaburg’ is derived from a measure of cloth.


Numerous sightings of floating shadows and unexplained noises have been linked to a chimney sweep who died in a flat above the bar.

Burnett Arms Hotel


Location | 1 Bridge Road, Kemnay, Inverurie, AB51 5QT

History | Locally known as ‘the Burnett’ the hotel has origins dating back to the 18th Century when it was in use as a coaching inn on the Aberdeen to Braemar.


Said to be haunted by a former owner in the 1930’s called ‘Maggie’ who has been seen clothed in a pink wedding dress. It is rumoured that her coffin is sealed in a wall vault in the cellar along with another coffin, which contains her money.

Meldrum House Country Hotel


Location | Oldmeldrum, Inverurie, AB51 0AE

History | Built in the 13th Century by Philip de Fedarg who was thought to have been a Knight Templar.


Thought to be Lady Isabella Douglas (who was pushed or jumped from the window of room 3) a ‘White Lady’ appears to comfort children she feels have been left alone in the hotel.

She has also been reported as kissing male guests and seen gliding around various parts of the hotel slowly or fast, depending on how agitated she seems.

Pittodrie House


Location | Chapel of Garioch, Inverurie, AB51 5HS

History | Pittodrie House is a former 17th Century Tower House, set in a large country estate, whose lands were granted to the Erskine Family in the 13th Century by Robert the Bruce.


On Halloween cries are heard on the staircase. They are said to be the screams of a maid who trapped when the building caught fire and fell to her death trying to escape.

A ghostly carriage pulled by a single horse is said to haunt the driveway.

The old nursery room and the library are reported to be haunted.

Thainstone House


Location | Inverurie, AB51 5NT

History | Standing where the home of James Wilson (a signatory to the Declaration of Independence) once stood Thainstone House is a Mansion House dating back to the 18th Century. The house was extended in 1840 by architect Archibald Simpson.


The ghost of a former owner’s daughter, who always wore a green cloak, the ‘Green Lady’, who is reported to have died in Room 406 following a horse riding accident, has been seen many times.


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Brian OldWolf (author) from Troon on February 14, 2020:

Glad you found the article interesting Konagirl. Hopefully Part 2 will grab your attention also. It covers Edinburgh which includes a bar where the landlord had to sign a contract saying that he would never allow the human skull behind the bar to be moved by anyone!!!

KonaGirl from New York on February 13, 2020:

I don't know what's going on with HubPages or Pinterest. I have tried pinning it 3 times and the image is giving me a broken link icon instead of the image. Hopefully, it will correct itself. At least the title is showing up so I will know what it is. LOL.

KonaGirl from New York on February 13, 2020:

I'm planning a trip to Scotland next year. I'd love to stay in a couple of these haunts. The look and the feel of staying in an ancient inn, or an ancient castle, is quite captivating, to say the least. I have pinned it to my Pinterest Travel Dreams ✈✈✈ board at so that I can research the places and book a room in a few while I am there.

Brian OldWolf (author) from Troon on February 13, 2020:

Thanks Alice much appreciated

Alice Njambi from Nairobi, Kenya on February 13, 2020:

Whoa! This article is super spooky

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