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A Veterans Day Salute to my Dad and all those that served. Be Sure To Thank a Veteran for Serving.


Let us not ever forget the importance of Veterans Day. Let's not forget to say thanks to those that served or are serving now and remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice for the USA so we could have the precious freedoms that we have.

Hopefully, you take a moment to say a prayer for those Veterans you may have known that passed who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Early on my father developed into the strong, proud man he became thanks to serving our country for two years in WWII aboard the USS Antietam CV-36. He told my brother and me “Two things can straighten out any man, the military or a good woman.”

He went on to develop some good habits after his military days ended. He was an early riser every day whether he was working or not. Dad worked hard no matter if he was on the clock or working in and around the house. He became the steady Eddie; was married for 57 years, worked for one company for 35, and lived at the same home he owned for 47 years. These are accomplishments I will never match.

When I young teenager, I would wake up smelling hash and eggs. It was a breakfast ritual that stuck with Dad from his Navy days. He didn’t talk often about his war days or ever wore a cap that read WWII Veteran.

He was not an emotional man but did get a bit more emotional on his 75th birthday when I gave him a framed picture of his Honorable Discharge that included an image of the USS Antietam CV-36 and the medals he earned. I am also proud to say my youngest nephew served in the Marines for 4 years. He was in Afghanistan for nearly a year.

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To those men and women who served or who are serving the U.S. now, I salute you all. Aside from being proud of my father who lived to be 84, being a veteran is among his proudest accomplishments.

All the benefits our veterans get are well deserved. I am reminded of this each time I visit Calverton National Cemetery where he’s laid to rest with my mother. It's amazing and sad to see so many more tombstones each time I visit.


Stacey on October 03, 2014:

I'll always appreciate your Dad and all veterans of our country.

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