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Female Rolex Watches

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Women's Rolex Watches

Looking for Women’s Rolex Watches? You are not alone, as more and more people are realizing what a good investment a Rolex watch is; this is becoming a popular item to give or to receive. In fact, many people buy Women’s Rolex watches as a personal gift to themselves, knowing this good investment increases in value through the years.

Real Value

In fact, it is a great idea to give the special woman of your life a woman’s Rolex Watch. This is because you will be offering her some real value. Not only is a Rolex Watch a great investment, it is also a wonderful heirloom. Plus, just like diamonds, a Rolex is made to last forever. Its great craftsmanship is truly unmatched. This is why it has become known as one of the best watches in the world, if not the best. Show your special woman how much you truly love her by giving her something this valuable. She can thus wear your love on her wrist every day of her life. This once in a lifetime gift is truly worth its price.

A Fabulous Gift

As the holidays are approaching fast, there is no time like today to seriously consider picking out a fabulous gift to show the woman in your life how much you love her. This year, make it an unforgettable holiday season by giving her a watch by Rolex which she will truly hold dear decade after decade. Do not limit yourself to shopping for Rolex for women exclusively. These days, it is quite stylish for a woman to wear a watch for men. For starters, here are five gorgeous women’s Rolex watches you might consider. These are ultra-luxurious, sporty or classic. One thing is for sure and that is that the Datejust 2-tone models by Rolex will be sure to bring her extreme joy. In fact, carefully wrap the Rolex watch in gorgeous holiday wrapper in its original case. This way, you can be assured that the watch stays intact throughout the handling process.

An Advantage

The advantages of giving the lady of your life a Rolex are many. For one thing, this expensive gift makes a great heirloom for future generations. It also carries tons of status with it. In other words, if your lady decides to get herself a bank loan and open up a new business, wearing a Rolex can only put things in her favour. After all, who can question the credibility of someone who wears such stylish, expensive accessories? To top it off, a Rolex watch lasts a lifetime and beyond. It makes a great investment mainly because it gains rather than loses value through the years. Not unlike a valuable piece of jewelry, really. In fact, if you want the special someone in your life never to forget how much you value her, then a Rolex watch is the gift to give. Now that the holidays are around the corner, why don’t you make this year one she will never forget? Order a Rolex watch for your special woman early to avoid the holiday rush completely. Aside from that, a woman’s Rolex watch is the perfect gift to give someone for their birthday, graduation, anniversary or as a congratulations to a great achievement. After all, a Rolex in itself is a great achievement. Doesn’t it belong on the wrist of someone who has achieved just as much as you have?



The chronograph queen watch, the Rolex Daytona is famous. It is the perfect choice for women who love wearing everything oversized, including this sports luxury watch. This undeniable icon features more than a few options to select among its chrono legendary collection. It may not be that easy to select just one. From solid gold to stainless steel plus everything else you can think of, there is a Rolex Daytona for every person. The oyster case 40mm of the Daytona features a crown that screws down and double pushers that may look too big for the wrist of a woman. On the other hand, it is a very contemporary trend at the moment to don larger timepieces than usual. Not just for men anymore, it as motor racing looks that inspired this sleek watch. In fact, it may just be the sharpest part of the outfit of that special woman in your life.

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Rolex Daytona


Lady Datejust

The Rolex Lady Datejust collection is the classic quintessential luxury dressing up watch for females. These are elegant and timeless at the same time. With more than enough variations within the feminine time piece family. It may not be that easy to choose. For those who love old fashioned designs, one great pick is the fluted bezel with the two tone variation. Those that love more modern aesthetics will love the simple dial and domed smooth bezel of a stainless steel version. Lade Datejust Oyster cases are available in the sizes of 31mm, 28mm and 26mm. These options for bracelets include the five link Jubilee bracelet, the three-link President bracelet and the three link Oyster bracelet. As suggested by its name, every Datejust piece from the line of collections features the 3 o’clock date window with easier reading for lens magnification.

Lady Datejust


Yacht Master

Supremely luxurious yet sporty at the same time, the woman in your life will love this chic casual watch by Rolex. There are a range of metals this is available in including two tone versions, platinum, gold and stainless steel. Aside to its different sizes between 35-37mm or 40mm or 28mm, there are more than enough options you have when you are looking for a Yacht Master for that special someone in your life. The Rolesium is one type of Yacht Master watch which combines platinum with stainless steel. On the other hand, the combination of stainless steel and gold is referred to as the Rolesor. More modern versions include a black rubber Oysterflex strap, a black ceramic bezel and pink gold. How much more stylish can you get than this?

Rolex Yacht Master


The Pearlmaster

One top choice for the lady in your life is the Rolex Pearlmaster. Both a watch and a piece of jewelry, this is the only watch made from eighteen carat white, pink or yellow gold. It is adorned with precious gems and diamonds including sapphires and rubies. At three o’clock this watch has a date window which a Cyclops lens magnifies attached to the crystal sapphire. Not only is the Pearlmaster practical, it is also beautiful. The characteristic that distinguishes this from all others is its Pearlmaster bracelet which is a feminine five piece solid gold bracelet.

Rolex Pearlmaster


Day Date President

The Rolex Day Date is the ultimate prestigious statements. This luxury dress watch is quintessential. Created straight from the famous watchmaker of Switzerland, this watch is also known as The President. The reason for this nickname is due to the fact that it is the choice of watches for many woman leaders around the world. Plus, it is in the style of a bracelet. Among the collections of Rolex, this is sure to be one of the most prestigious if not the most prestigious of them all. You can get the Rolex Day Date crafted exclusively by the Rolex collection in either platinum or gold. Developed originally as a watch for men, the 36mm President watch is also suited ideally for the wrist of a lady. The line of Rolex Day Dates features a broad range of colors of the dial and is versatile enough to wear every day. It goes with any outfit, really. Each watch has options you can choose for different precious metals, variations of the bezel and styles of the hour marker. Each has the dial windows date of the month and day of the week characteristics. Switch the bracelet to a leather strap for extra style.

Rolex Day Date President



FlourishAnyway from USA on November 03, 2016:

Now this would be a nice Christmas gift. I wouldn't be too picky what exact type of Rolex. Beautiful and so classy.

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