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Real Witch Spells: Easy Love Spells

Sage has been a witch for 25 years. She enjoys writing informative articles to teach others the craft of the wise.

Easy Love Spells that Work

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, it got me thinking about love spells. A lot of Witches or Wiccans will say negative things about love spells, but I fully advocate them. The spell (given here) that I cast more than 2 decades ago is how I met the love of my life: my husband. We've been together ever since, and still happy, still very much in love (in fact, we just recently renewed our vows and took a 2nd honeymoon).

Here are some easy love spells-- remember, easy doesn't mean less powerful. Easy just means without tons of tools and rituals. In fact, sometimes the spells that truly tap into our primal emotions in a simple way can be the most powerful of all.

Try these this Valentine’s Day or for anytime you feel they might be right, that may help you bring love into your life.

Love Spells

Love spells work best when you cast them on yourself.

Love spells work best when you cast them on yourself.

First, the Secret: How to Cast a Love Spell that Really Works

The trick to successful love spells that work is that it should not be used as a tool of manipulation. It should not be to target and entrap someone to make them an emotional slave. Besides being unethical, spells that make someone fall in love with you are impractical in many ways: without the person’s consent the results are unpredictable. There are too many variables when their will is not working in accordance with your magical intent. The person may grow to resent you and his/her feelings because they’re not coming from a natural, pure place, and it can make any break up very messy with tons of baggage.

Love spells should be cast on yourself, and should help open you to bringing love into your life. You’d be amazed at how closed off some of us truly are to love. Negative emotions like fear, pain and too much of a desire to be in control of everything can really put up the psychic shields like brick walls. They prevent you from seeing others, and prevent others from seeing you. Sometimes we’re just so confused about what we want that we miss opportunities. Sometimes your self-esteem can be so low that you feel unworthy of love, and reject it out of hand.

Baths are Great for Purification Magic

Scrub-a-dub-dub, right in the tub; wash that negativity away.

Scrub-a-dub-dub, right in the tub; wash that negativity away.

A Self-Love Spell to Open Yourself to Love

You Will Need:

  • Sea salt
  • Washcloth
  • Jasmine, lavender or olive oil
  • Pink Marker (washable, preferably)
  • You’ll also need to have access to a bathtub and a mirror.
  • Nice but not necessary: ambient lighting (candles, etc.); incense.

To Cast:

1) Draw a tub of warm water. Go into a meditative state and invoke the Goddess you work with most.

2) Disrobe. Get into the tub and begin thinking about why you don’t love yourself. Talk to your Goddess, tell her what it is about yourself that makes it hard to love yourself. Go deep into meditation if you wish to visualize meeting Her and telling Her how you feel. Cry, chant, shout, get mad—let it all out.

3) Once you've let it all out, offer all that pain and negativity to the Goddess to be transformed. Begin chanting in a steady rhythm:

Mother of Life; Mother of Mercy;

Take away the sorrow, Take away the pain

I am your vessel, ready to be emptied

So that you may fill me again

4) Pour some salt onto a washcloth and begin cleansing away your sorrow and negativity while chanting. Let the salt and water wash it away, let it purify you, body and soul. Unplug the tub and let all that water down the drain, and all your negativity with it. Just sit there while it all drains out—feel it all draining away.

5) Get up and dry yourself off. Take a deep breath and center yourself. Take the oils and anoint yourself while saying the following (prayer borrowed from the Wiccan rite of the 5-fold kiss):

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Blessed be my feet, that have brought me in these ways

Blessed be my knees, that kneel at the sacred altar

Blessed be my womb/phallus, without which we would not be

Blessed be my breasts, formed in beauty and strength

Blessed be my lips, that shall utter the Sacred Names

Great Love Song/Chant to Remind You that You are Worthy of Love

Own This Song:

Remind Yourself:

I am a child of the Goddess.

I am from the Goddess.

I am part of the Goddess.

She resides within me.

I am worthy of the love of the Goddess;

I am worthy to be loved like the Goddess.

I open myself to be filled with Her infinite love,

So mote it be.

7) Take the pink marker and begin to sing and chant in praise of the Goddess—reminding yourself that as you do so, you sing and chant your own praises in part. Draw runes, symbols, flowers, hearts, and words of love all over yourself, wherever you like. Cover your body with symbols and affirmations of love. Go to sleep with them on you that night, wrapped in a self-designed cocoon of love and acceptance.

In the morning, clean out the tub, then shower to wash away the markings if you desire.

Forecast for Magical Timing (for those who use it)

February 14, 2015

perfect timing this year for breaking down any obstacles to love. Perform your workings AFTER 5:24 PM Eastern Standard Time, because until then the moon is Void of Course.

Feb. 20, 2015 (after 6:12 pm EST):

great for a boost to help you meet someone special.

May 1, 2015:

Ideal timing for casting the net to find love.

In generalFridays, full moons, first quarter moons, or when the moon is in Taurus, Cancer or Leo.

In general, good timing for love spells.

Tell Us About You!

Good Resource for Magical Timing

Think Love


Beacon of Love Jar Spell:

This spell won’t target any individual, but it will help to draw to you those souls who might make a compatible mate.

You Will Need:

  • A small jar (mayo jar, baby food jar, etc.), well cleaned
  • 9 Rose petals (see notes below for color)
  • 1 teaspoon dried basil
  • 1 teaspoon dried cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon of olive oil
  • 1 small rose quartz
  • 1 small white votive candle

To Cast:

1) Cleanse and consecrate all of your components first.

2) Select the color rose you desire based on what you’re looking for:

  • For innocent love/friendship, use yellow
  • For romantic love, use pink
  • For hot, passionate love, use red
  • For someone who is an intellectually stimulating mate, use orange/peach

3: Charging:

  • Charge the rose petals with the kind of love you’re looking for, and add it to the jar.
  • Charge the basil to find love that is satisfying and fulfilling, and add it to the jar.
  • Charge the cinnamon to give your love relationship some spice, and add it to the jar.
  • Charge the olive oil to help promote fertile love that grows, and add it to the jar.
  • Charge the rose quartz to act as a ‘love magnet’—an attractor of all these things you desire, then add it to the jar. Charge the votive candle to be a beacon to draw love to you wherever you are.

4) Put the votive into the jar and light it. Chant:

With this flame, let the spirit burn,

Beacon, bring me the love that I yearn.

Potential lovers, be drawn to me

Like a moth to a flame, so mote it be!

Let the candle die out. Don’t worry about when the flame goes out; the beacon is not meant to be a physical lamp; it’s magically charged. Don't cover it—put it open on your bedroom windowsill and leave it there day and night.

When you have found what you're looking for, cover it. You can bury it on your property or somewhere deep in your home to allow it to continue to nurture and fan the flames of love, or you can dismantle it and bury the contents. Please note that dismantling it won’t end a relationship; it will just stop the beacon from summoning.

Any Kind of Open Glass Container will Suffice

Jar spells are a quite common form of Witchcraft with a long history. Ancient jar spells for protection or cursing have been unearth.

Jar spells are a quite common form of Witchcraft with a long history. Ancient jar spells for protection or cursing have been unearth.

Good Luck In

May your life be filled with love from many sources.

May your life be filled with love from many sources.

© 2015 Mackenzie Sage Wright


Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on November 07, 2017:

Thanks for sharing your perspective, November wind. It's always good for different opinions to be heard.

Novemberwind1967 on November 04, 2017:

I disagree with most of this, and it’s contradictory to some of your other writings on intent. It is an utter and complete waste of time and energy casting any kind of “drawing” spells without a specific target. Trying to “attract love” to you will not bring you a a devoted and faithful husband. I don’t care if you believe this type of spell brought you your husband, it did not. You got him working the system the old fashioned way. You have to target a specific person who already has the qualities you are looking for. For those arguing free will and trying to say this is “emtional bondage”... well wake up and smell the coffee because that is exactly what love is.... it’s emotional bondage and humans can and do create it without the help of energy manipulation(witchcraft). Using a spell just speeds up the process. If you are not targeting a specific person with a specific task, such as dating, sex or marriage, you are opening yourself up for more disappointment than success. Love is a broad emotion. Just drawing love to can bring anything from the love of a dovoted pet to admiration of friends or family. Once again you must be specific. Just asking for a person with specific attributes isn’t enough either. We all have things we prefer in a mate and we subconsciously gravitate towards people who have them. If you are going to go to the trouble of casting a spell for romantic love, target the specific person you want.

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on October 12, 2017:

Hi Sudipa; Candle magic is a form of magic that can be used for many different kinds of spells. Yes, I have a lot of experience with it, it's one of my preferred methods.

Do they work for everyone? Only those who learn and mentally discipline themselves, and who know what they're doing. ;o) the real magic comes from the caster, the spell is just a method.

Hiya from India on August 31, 2017:

Wow..this is really interesting. I wonder if these spells work for everyone. Lately, I have heard about candle magic it a spell? Do you have any experience with it?

Anna on April 09, 2017:

Humm.. Please help, I do not have a bathtub. I have read other spells that call for one as well. Is there a way I can Bathe but in the shower? Maybe take the herbs or whatever needed for the tub in say cheese cloth and wrap it over the shower head?

Thank you kindly

Kimia on March 31, 2017:

Hello i am just wondering that they work for real or not andalso i wanted to know for the rose petals is that ok if they be fake flowers?

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on February 12, 2015:

Thanks Catherine! And thanks for pointing out the typo-- no, I don't mind, I appreciate it. Have a wonderful day!

Catherine Giordano from Orlando Florida on February 12, 2015:

P.S. In the charging section #3, you have a typo in the spelling of quartz. I hope you don't mind me pointing this out so you can fix it and then delete this comment.

Catherine Giordano from Orlando Florida on February 12, 2015:

I love this. Sharing and voting up and more. I'm not wiccan, but thee is so much wisdom here.

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