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Quality Valentine's Day Chocolates to Enjoy


Niederegger Marzipan a Germanic Delight

Continental chocolate has always been revered, but marzipan is often disregarded as an additional extra ingredient rather than a centrepiece sweet or a standalone product. The Niederegger name stands for quality marzipan with premium almonds from the Mediterranean kissed by the sun and roasted over an open fire. If that sounds too good to be true, it isn't.

Cleverly, this quality is encased in dark chocolate which makes it more enticing. Niederegger marzipan is a natural product with no flavouring or artificial colour. It has a low sugar content but provides an absolutely delicious direction for a romantic night. It will be a perfect alternative to other luxury chocolate because there’s a taste that is very unique and accessible, honed through 200 years of practice from a family business. The chocolate hearts gift tin will provide the recipient with a delectable introduction to the quality of marzipan on a night of indulgence.

Divine Chocolate's Quality and Care for the Community

Divine Chocolate is a Fairtrade Chocolate Company that gives part ownership back to the cocoa farmers. Divine's chocolates are nurtured and hand picked in Ghana, a country that has produced chocolate for over 150 years. The actual trees grow in the shade of the rainforest and this allows Divine to combine the cocoa beans and butter with entirely natural ingredients, allowing the full flavour to come through.

The classic chocolates for Valentine’s are an array of smaller hearts in milk and white boxes, all individually wrapped in silver foil. The white chocolates come with pieces made from real strawberries while the Divine Tasting Set is a an alternative gift that contains a dozen 15g bars of certified chocolate in six flavours, including smooth milks, rich dark and creamy white chocolate flavoured bars. The box opens out like a book, offering tasting notes and the backstory of the company. It's a nice keepsake to animate the chocolate experience.

Rococo Chocolates Rises to the Romance of February 14

Rococo Chocolates has been at the forefront of exquisite artisan chocolate quality for almost four decades now. The company has an exotic Londonesque but globetrotter feel of mystique with its chocolate bars putting a very capital L in luxury. The key is that they are accessible, even though the standard seems from another world. Known for its boutique shops in trendy London, the colour red is in very good order this Valentine’s with a trio of mesmeric Ace, King of Hearts and Queen of Hearts Boxes which offer a combination of the most characterful pralines and truffles, and salt caramels in a royal charter quality mix of milk and dark flavours. Rococo products are lovingly crafted but not too esoteric

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