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Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Guy

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Find the perfect gift!

Christmas time can be a great opportunity to find a gift for your man that he'll enjoy. But purchasing Christmas gifts for your partner isn't always easy task. Men, especially, can be tough to buy for and many women want to find the perfect present for their special guy. So how do you go about finding the right Christmas gift, you ask? Here are a few suggestions to help get you started. These simple ideas should find you a great present that will have your guy smiling from ear to ear on Christmas day.


Make a list of things that includes important details about your guy

Does he enjoy football? Does he love to cook? What hobbies does he like to do with his buddies? Creating a list of things your guy likes can help you choose the perfect gift for him for Christmas. If your man loves baseball, buy him a jersey from his favorite team. If he likes to ski, get him a ski jacket, boots, or warm gloves. When you have a list of things your man enjoys, you’ll have a better idea of what to purchase him for Christmas. You may even realize things about your guy that you hadn’t thought of which can broaden your Christmas gift buying abilities.


Watch for cues from your man to find things he likes

Pay attention to when your guy is browsing a catalog, shopping for others, or having a conversation with his friends. You just may find out something about what he wants for Christmas. Being aware of what your man looks at in a store or gabs about with his buddies may give you an idea of what to purchase for him for Christmas. If you want to find your guy the perfect Christmas present, be sure to subtly listen to what he wants without making him aware of your intentions. Paying good attention to things your man says and does can offer ideas for the perfect Christmas gift for him.


Ask your man's family and friends for Christmas gift ideas

The people closest to your man will know him best and can usually give you ideas on what to buy him for Christmas. Run your gift ideas by them and ask for their opinion. You can get a better variety of ideas if you enlist the help of others who know your man best. For example, maybe his mother knows of a present he wanted when he was younger that you could incorporate into a gift for him now. Or, his friends may share a favorite hobby with him that you hadn't considered. His father could have done things with him such as fishing or hunting that can help you to get ideas for the perfect Christmas present. You may think you know your guy better than anyone, but often times his family and friends can suggest ideas you hadn’t thought about.


Look through your guys personal belongings

Now, this is a tricky one. It does not necessarily mean to violate your man’s privacy, but if you can easily search through his bedroom dresser, bathroom cabinets, or kitchen cupboards, you may discover some great Christmas present ideas. You can discover a lot about your man by browsing through his personal belongings. Maybe you knew he loved to cook, but find out by looking around his home that he has been using old kitchen appliances. Or, you may discover your guy's electric razor is old and rusted and needs replaced. The best way to find these things out is to appropriately snoop through your man’s things. You just may discover a great Christmas present to impress your man.


Consider giving your man a getaway trip for Christmas

Planning a weekend away can be a great gift that’ll surprise your guy on Christmas day. Take him to a sporting event, a concert, or even a comedy club. Find a place that would enjoy that compliments his favorite hobbies. Tickets for any event are available online and you can often find them pretty cheap. Check out places like Ticketmaster (www.ticketmaster.com), Stub Hub (www.stubhub.com), and eBay (www.ebay.com). You can even plan a trip to take your guy away after the holidays to save even more money. To surprise him on Christmas day, wrap the event tickets in a card and put the card in the tree for him to find. He'll have no idea what his Christmas gift is, but when he opens it, he'll be pleasantly surprised! Another great Christmas gift idea is to plan a trip for him and his friends. Your man will be appreciative that you thought of his buddies as well.


Here's a list of 20 of the perfect Christmas gift idea for your man...in case you're still stumped

1. Tickets to see his favorite football team play live

2. Tickets to a music concert or comedian he loves

3. Sports equipment or clothes (hunting, fishing, basketball, baseball, soccer, running, football...what does he love to do?)

4. Stainless steel icecubes (see Amazon below)

5. Gift certificate to his favorite sports bar (include enough for him and his buddies to have some drinks and watch the game)

6. Large tool set that includes every kind of tool possible if he's a handy man

7. Personal computer or laptop

8. Gift certificate to his favorite health store or gym membership (if he's a fitness junkie)

9. Beer brewing kit (if your man loves his beer, he'd love to brew his own)

10. Favorite liquor (Jack Daniels, Captain Morgan, Wild Turkey...whatever it is he drinks)

11. Flat screen TV (so he can watch the big game...include surround sound for the ultimate gift he'll love)

12. Snow blower or snow plow

13. BBQ gas grill

14. Massage chair

15. Gift certificate to get his car/truck cleaned inside and out

16. Marvel Avengers Box Set DVD's (see Amazon below)

17. Fire pit (you can find some very cool ones at http://shop.firepitart.com/thirdrock.aspx)

18. Streaming Media Player (where he can watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, ESPN sports, and more all for a very low monthly fee)

19. Playstation 4 or Xbox One (See eBay below)

20. Cards Against Humanity game (board game for those men with a twisted sense of humor...very amusing!)

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