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Pun Intended Costume Ideas for Halloween Word Play Fun

Can You Figure Out This Pun Costume?

Pun Costumes are fun to wear and usually very easy to they tend to be inexpensive. These costume ideas come from a paronomasia, a pun, a play on words. This kind of play enables us to use one word for another. An example is prophet and profit, these words sound the same but have different meanings. Some people confuse puns with the double entendre, which is one word that can convey two meanings, it's not the same as a pun since it's only one word. Words used in pun have very different meanings and a joke could be made by replacing one with the other.

One of my friends hates puns, so you know we send them to her all the time...and boy, does she groan. Just like some people will when they see some of these pun costume ideas, others will laugh until they cry...these paronomasiac costumes are perfect for anyone who is looking for a hysterical costume idea.

Fannie Mae Costume

Stick a calendar open to the month of May on the back of your pants and you've got a "Fannie Mae" costume. You know who Fannie Mae is, don't you? They are the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA). According to their website, they serve the people who house America.

Bonjour Halloween


Ooh La La - The French Kiss Costume

You must have thought, "What is a French kiss costume"...but then you saw the picture and said, "Oh yeah, I get it." A French kiss costume is you (or your friends) dressed up as a French artist with your face painted like one of the characters in the band Kiss. Choose any of the characters, The Demon, remember those guys, right? It's a clever play on words and it's a funny Halloween costume for one or for a group.

How To Make A Raining Cats & Dogs Halloween Costume

It's raining cats and dogs! That's the costume this paragraph is about and just take a look up to see what you need to make this cute word play costume in the picture. Pants, a shirt, a slicker, some rain boots, and an umbrella covered with stuffed cats and dogs. People are going to wonder what the heck your costume is, and then when they finally get it, a smile will appear on their face. They might even begin to laugh out loud.

Pun Costume Accessories

Pun Costume Ideas For Halloween

Single CostumesCouples CostumesGroup Costumes

Fanny Mae

The Nerds

A French Kiss

Freudian Slip

Hawaiian Punch

Gang Green

It's Raining Cats And Dogs

Taco Belle

Spice Girls

The Mixed Greens Costume

My mixed greens are usually in a salad bowl, but now they can be an easy DIY Halloween costume. Just mix your greens, gather different colored green clothing and wear them. Now you've got different mixed colors on and they are all green. Get it? Corny, easy, and let's see who figures out what you are without you telling them. That's the fun of this costume, you can leave them wondering, and make them groan and laugh when you finally let them in on your mixed clothes secret.

A Tiara And Some Cutouts Make You The Queen of Hearts

Get a tiara and cut out lots and lots of hearts...make the hearts different sizes, colors, and even throw in some pretty patterns. Pin or sew the hearts onto your dress or your shirt and pants (though the pants and shirt aren't all that regal an outfit...who cares, it's Halloween). The crown will let them know you are the queen and the hearts will let them know you are the queen of hearts. Get some groans and laughs from your fellow costume-garbed party goers. Who knows, maybe there will be a costume contest with a creative theme could win.

Hawaiian Punch Costume

Get out your tourist clothing for this easy to make Halloween outfit. You will need a colorful Hawaiian type shirt, a lei, a boxing glove, and a container of Hawaiian Punch to make this funny outfit.

Hawaiian Punch Costume For Couples: This can also be a couple's costume idea. One person should dress up in a Hawaiian outfit...grass skirt, lei, and the second person can wear a Hawaiian print shirt and boxing gloves.

You Are A Pothead?

So you will need a flower pot (preferably a lightweight plastic one), and some fake flowers or plants. The pot will need to have the bottom cut out to fit it over your head...then put the plants in and what have you got? A pothead costume. Put some foam inside the plastic pot so it's comfortable and to help it stay on your head. This dress up idea can help you let your inner stoner out!

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AH - The Dreaded Gang Green Otherwise Known As Gangrene Is Now A Pun Costume

A great pun group costume idea is a bunch of friends dressed up in green. That's gang green...simple, easy, cheap. The perfect Halloween it's one that will make people think a little bit. I wonder how many people will ask if any of the green gang is The Green Lantern? I really like the mask idea shown in the picture, and of course, the green latex gloves.

A Blessing In Disguise

Wear just about anything you want, after all you are in disguise. Give yourself a pin or sticker that says "A Blessing" and there's your funny punny costume. You are a blessing in disguise. Yes, it's another groaner, but I think it's funny. If you do too, perhaps this is the perfect easy to make costume for you.

The Gingerbread Man Costume

Got redhair? Then you are a ginger. Get several loaves of bread, hang it around your neck, and look at that, you are a gingerbreadman. Ha...yep, another funny and groan inducing costume that's fun and easy...and inexpensive. The cost you will incur is the price of the bread.

A Fork In The Road Costume

A black pair of pants and top with some yellow duct tape lines (like a road stripe that runs down the middle of the highway) and a plastic fork taped on. Simply genius, or simply corny, another costume that will get everyone talking and thinking. It had me going for a couple minutes...

The Baby Sitting Costume Plays On Words

Fasten a stuffed baby doll to your butt and then sit on it...yep, that's a babysitting costume. You get to wear your everyday easy is that? I recommend a soft stuffed doll because it is something you will be sitting on all night. Those hard plastic dolls might hurt a bit.

Lots Of Pun Costumes For Halloween

Take a look at the costumes in the picture up above and see how many you can figure out without looking at their names! Count how many make you groan!

Pictured above (right to left) are: Anna Winter; Cereal Killer; Pothead; Pup Fiction; Hawaiian Punch; Radiohead; Blue Ivy; French Kiss; Bun in the Oven: Pig in a Blanket; Spice Girls; Freudian Slip; Deviled Eggs; Nickleback; MackerelMore; Velocirapper; Chip on your Shoulder; Dunkin' Donuts; Ceiling Fan; Play Dough Plato; Dust Bunny; Ironman; Foxfire; Party Animals; One Night Stand; Florence and the Machine; Horn Dog; Bea Arthur.

11 Punny, Last Minute Halloween Costumes

List Of Pun Costume Ideas

  1. 50 Shades of Gray - go to a paint store and get some sample paint color swatches all in the gray family. Tape or glue them onto your shirt for your own 50 shades costume.
  2. Alice in Chains - wear an Alice in wonderland dress and add lots of chain jewelry to it.
  3. Bag of Eminems - wear a garbage bag and tape or glue pictures of Eminem all over it.
  4. Black-eyed Peas - give yourself a black eye with Halloween makeup and wear a shirt with some P's on it.
  5. Broadway Star - a street sign that says Broadway and a star.
  6. Butter-fly - make a box of butter with some paint and a cardboard box. Add fly goggles and a small pair of wings and you become a fly in butter.
  7. Cereal Killer - glue or tape some cereal boxes to your shirt, insert a plastic knife into each one and put some Halloween blood on the boxes and a bit on your shirt.
  8. Chicken Cord on Blue - wear a blue shirt and wrap a rubber chicken up with a telephone cord and wear it around your chest or neck.
  9. Chipmunk - wear a brown monk robe and carry a bag of potato chips.
  10. Green with Envy - couples ... wear a green shirt and your partner wears a sign over his chest that reads Envy.
  11. Han Solo Cup - wear a giant red Solo cup made from a trash can with the bottom cut out - sprayed enamel red - and fasten some straps in so it's wearable. Add a white shirt, a brown vest, and a blaster from Star Wars.
  12. Holy Cow - a shirt with some black or brown circles taped, sewn, or glued onto it to give it a cow pattern and a halo.
  13. Identity Theft - Wear some stickers that introduce yourself to people with other folks names on them.
  14. Iron Chef - get an apron and put the chemical sign for iron on it - Fe.
  15. It's A Piece of Cake - get a picture of a piece of cake and pin it onto your shirt.
  16. Lawsuit - wear a suit and pin some legal papers on it.
  17. News Flash - wrap some newspaper headlines around your clothing and pin or glue them on. Wear a trenchcoat over your outfit and "flash" people as they walk by.
  18. Peace and Quiet - a couples pun costume - a mime costume and a hippie outfit with a big peace sign.
  19. Radiohead - draw a radio on cardboard and wear it on your head.
  20. Rachael Ray - sewing will come in handy with this punny costume. Cut a man's and a woman's shirt in half and sew one half of each together. Do the same thing with a skirt and a pair of pants. On one side you are Rachael and on the other side you are Ray.
  21. Shooting Star - wear a big star on your chest or head and carry a gun.
  22. Smart Cookie - wear some chocolate chip cookie bags on your clothing and add a graduation cap (a mortarboard).
  23. Snakes on a Plane - it;s a Cartesian Plane (remember your math class and complex numbers) and plastic snakes.
  24. Someone You Can Count On - pin or glue lots of numbers to your shirt.
  25. Spice Girls - put pictures of spices on your shirts or write the name of the spice on your shirts...several of you will make it a Spice Girls costume.
  26. Starbucks - fasten fake money onto your clothing and put a star in the middle of each bill.
  27. The Iron Chef - wear an apron, pin the letters Fe onto the front (the chemical symbol for iron) and carry a spoon
  28. Under A Rest - music lovers pun costume
  29. Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve - get one of those gross gag Halloween rubber hearts and tape it onto your shirt sleeve.
  30. When Life Gives You Lemons - wear a shirt that says LIFE and carry some fresh lemons around with you.

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