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Princess Hallloween Costumes Tutorial


Come Halloween every little girl wants to be a princess or a fairy. Make her favorite princess/fairy costume with these easy sewing tutorials.

Mermaid, Fairies, Princess No Sew tutorials


Princess, fairies, Mermaids any costume sewing tutorial

Here is a nice tutorial from Tatertots and Jello showing how to make a no-sew princess, fairy, mermaid costume. Great ideas of Halloween but even better for dress-up box.

Princess Aurora Costume Tutorial


Sew any princess costume

Karla from Scientific Seamstress shows how to sew princess costumes from an easy dress pattern with the dolls modeling her creations. Here's the tutorial for Sleeping beauty, but you will also find tutorials for Belle and Cinderella costumes over there.

Cinderella Costume Tutorial


Cinderella Costume Tutorials

Does your little girl never gets tired of the tale of the princess with glass slippers? Then this is your chance to be the fairy godmother and shower her with a beautiful cinderella costume.

The cinderella costume tutorial from Make It and Love It goes the whole nine yards, glass slippers and all.

Rapunzel Costume DIY


Sewing Rapunzel Costume

Make your little girl the long haired beauty with this Rapunzel Costume tutorial from Googiemama over at The Train To Crazy.

Tinker Bell Costume Sewing Tutorial


Tinker Bell Costume DIY

Sprinkle some pixie dust in the back yard, get the Tinker Bell Costume sewing tutorial from The Modest Homemaker. Here is another pattern and tutorial for Tinker Bell costume on Sew Pretty Sew Free Courtsey Make It and Love It.

Belle Costume Tutorial


Belle Dress Sewing Tutorial

Sew the beautiful Belle Costume (Sans beast) with these Tutorials:

Belle Dress Sewing Tutorial by Crafterhours

Belle Costume sewing by Creating with Cami

Ariel Costume Tutorial


Ariel Costumes Tutorial

Does little girl has her heart set on the beauty from deep under the ocean. Make her happy with a mermaid costume. Here are the Mermaid Costume tutorials:

Mermaid Tails tutorial by Ikat Bag

Sparkly Mermaid Tails by Tootsie Grace

Easy Mermaid Costume by MelleBug

Princess costumes for Adults

Here is another very helpful website to for sewing any princess costume. There are helpful pointers to sew any princess costume and accessories. Here is a tutorial for the Belle Costume.

Snow White Costume Sewing tutorial

Here is the sewing tutorial for the snow white costume from Heavenly Handmades. Here is another tutorial for beautiful Snow White Costume.

Belle and Cinderella Tutorials


Belle and Cinderella Costume Tutorial

Here is another great tutorial to make Belle Costumes or Cinderella Costume from Leisha of Homemade Toast. And Look how cute those two princess look together.


Tammy from North Carolina on February 12, 2013:

Wow! These are gorgeous. My three year is sitting next to me and she was very excited to see all of these dream outfits. These are wonderful!

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