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Premium Chocolates for Father's Day

Rococo Chocolates Father's Day Hamper


Rococo Chocolates Provide Eclectic Excellence

Rococo Chocolates has long been a name that is synonymous with expertise in chocolate-making and its presentation and creative spark often trumps previous efforts. This year is no exception for Father's Day.

The company's chocolates are full of "character" as well as the best ingredients. This is the key to really enjoying the tastes that are sourced from global imaginations. There's a British spirit to the product, especially with the Union Jack Truffle Collection which are decadent treats of fruit, champagne and other delicious recipes, but they are made from the world-class Valrhona brand, even though handcrafted in London.

The real standout of the new Father's Day collection is the hamper that comes in two different sizes. These contain Praline Potatoes, made with thick almond praline and layered with dark and white chocolate, Dark Sea Salt Wafers, and Sea Salt Gourmet Fudge which is incredibly rich and moreish with bittersweet cocoa. The larger-size Hamper includes a bottle of Hayman’s new Exotic Citrus Gin which is bursting with vibrant exotic fruits of kumquat, Persian lime, pomelo and mandarin. That very much matches the kaleidoscope of flavours that Rococo covers.

Even the more "standard" Rococo products are artisan-like in term of taste. The Dark Nutty Chocolate Collection might be more eye-catching for the Father's Day recipients who prefer less flamboyance in the presentation. They contain a collection of dairy-free almond and orange pralines, raspberry pralines and almond, yuzu and date pralines, wrapped in dark vegan chocolate.

Hotel Chocolat Father's Day 'Best Dad' Collection


Hotel Chocolat Brings Colour and Fizz to Father's Day

Hotel Chocolat is a brand that always brought a certain pizzazz to the sometimes stuffy world of gourmet chocolate. For their Father's Day collection, there is a welcome return for the Sleekster box, a truly delicious range that bounces from a Champagne Truffle to Caramel Cheesecake to Classic Peanut Butter.

The Chocolate and Fizz Collection brings together more traditional Father's Day treats like a Dark and Fruit Nut Slab and Salted Caramel Chocolate Puddles together with a bottle of Prosecco to add a bit of sparkle. This all sounds like fun, and it is, but the actual quality of Hotel's products should not be overlooked. The company grows cocoa in their own Estate at Saint Lucia. The actual products go against the traditional grain of what "should" constitute an edible bite-sized piece.

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To round off the theme of Father's Day in a bundle, there's also the "Best Dad" box which contains white, milk and dark chocolates, a couple of milk chocolate Nano Slabs and also some Dark Brazil Nuts that might go well with a beer or a coffee later in the evening.

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