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Poisonous and Venomous Spiders, Snakes and Insects in Algeria

Desert Hawk Wasp & Tarantula

Poisonous and venomous spiders, snakes and other insects in Algiers.

Algeria is situated on the top Northern most tip of Africa on the Mediterranean coast.

The Desert Hawk Wasp or Tarantula Hawk, lays its eggs inside a live tarantula spider after paralyzing the spider with its venom.

It will then drag the spider back to its own lair where it is entombed. The spider is still conscious after the eggs hatch and eat the spider from the inside, until they burst out through the abdomen like a scene from an alien film.

The spider can feel the larvae eating him alive, but is powerless to do anything for nearly three months whilst it dies slowly. Avoid these wasps as much as possible.

Algeria is a beautiful place, but be warned, there are little nasty creatures which can inflict serious pain and even death to the unwary traveller.

Egyptian Cobra

Egyptian Cobra

Muscle Deteriotation Caused By Snake Bite

Muscle Deteriotation Caused By Snake Bite

Egyptian Cobra

This venomous snake can be found throughout Africa. It grows between 1.2 and 1.4 meters in length and mainly brown in color, although the colors do vary and the Algerian Egyptian Cobra is mainly black.

The venom from this monster is neurotoxin, and can cause death within hours, sometimes minutes.

Once the venom is in the bloodstream of a victim, it will begin to stop impulses to the muscles and then the heart. This causes a painful death by suffocation as the heart ceases to pump blood and the lungs fail.

Virtually instantly after the initial bite, swelling and redness will occur. This is followed by headaches, vomiting, involuntary diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, convulsions and paralysis.

This venomous snake feeds on small birds and toads as well as lizards. It is usually a nocturnal snake, but can be seen basking in the early morning sun.

It will strike at anything if it feels threatened. If you are bitten by this snake, get immediate help, very immediate, there are no second chances.

NB: Never run from a snake, calmly back away.

Red Spitting Cobra

As the name suggest, this cobra will spray venom at its victims. The venom causes intense pain and temporary or permanent blindness in the victims. This fast moving snake is a nocturnal creature, although the young are more active during the day. The average size is approximately 2 feet, and the coloration varies from red, pink and orange to light brown.

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The hood on the Red Spitting Cobra is small compared to other Cobra snakes. The bite from this snake may result in pain and a numbness of the tongue. Death can be caused to humans when bitten by this snake, but only if medical attention is not received as soon as possible.


When enjoying a vacation in Algiers, do not attempt to get close up pictures of a snake for the family photograph album. They are mainly solitary creatures, but always remember that they have a partner who me be behind you. Keep away from them, they are dangerous.

Remember, many snakes have been found in hotels rooms, houses and ground floor apartments. Always take a snake spray on holiday and spray around doors and windows.

Other African snakes which can be found in Algeria include the Green Tree Pit Viper which hides in trees and feeds in the early to late evening. The aggressive Green Mamba is one of the worlds deadliest snakes, this will kill, make no mistake with this snake or you will die. The Horned Desert Viper is a small snake which bites when it is stood on as it is usually found buried in soil. There are many other snakes in Africa, avoid them all.


Huntsman Spider

This is a big and hairy venomous spider which can give a heart attack to anyone who is scared of spiders. Also called The Rain Spider and the Giant Crab Spider, this hairy critter has a leg span of almost 12 inches ( 30cm ) This spider is not poisonous and bitten victims will receive a swollen and reddening of the bitten area.

There have been reports of this massive spider killing people whom have an allergic reaction to spider venom, otherwise a relatively harmless spider.

The infamous and rife Black Widow Spider is the one to watch out for. For information on this death dealing monstrosity, please follow the link to our sister site, it costs nothing.


Violin Spider

The Violin Spider, also known as The Brown Recluse spider, injects its cell breaking venom and can cause massive lesions in skin as well as open sores. This picture is of a person who did not have the spider bite treated, possibly because he thought it was nothing and wanted to be a man.

If you or anybody is bitten by anything whilst in another country, get it medically checked out.

Always take one on Vacation


Mosquitoes kill nearly 300,00 people in every year. The mosquito causes billions of bites on a daily basis which cause itchiness and slight swelling. The mosquito in Africa carries Malaria which needs to be medically treated. Without treatment the victim will show symptoms such as hot flushes, sweating, and being delirious.

Follow this lead on Mosquitoes to find out more about the blood sucking flying demon from hell.

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