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Planning the Perfect Theme for your Christmas Party!


Planning a Christmas party can be an amazing yet stressful time. You want to get every detail right and you want to impress all of your guests. So I have come up with some fun Christmas party themes that will make each party merry and bright.

Theme one and this is the theme that I do almost everywhere. Simply because it is by far one of my most favorite Christmas movies. The theme is "The Grinch Stole Christmas!" There are plenty ideas that can go along with this party and I hope you give it a try at least once in your life. Each year for this party I throw a "Who" wore it best contest. Guests show up as their favorite "Who" from the movie and I hand out prizes for the top three best looks! Every guest judges their favorite looks and at the end of the party I announce the winners! For the prizes I just give out green candles or something green for the Grinch. I make green sugar cookies and green popcorn. I also make my own decorations because I love to draw and paint. There are so many ideas online for a Grinch Christmas! However, I suggest you just watch the movie and plan your own Grinch party. You will not regret it!

Theme two and the most common theme in my opinion is "The Ugly Christmas Sweater" party. This theme is pretty self explanatory but I do have a very fun idea for you to change up this theme. Have your members bring an old plain sweater from their closet. Before the guests arrive make a fun table with all sorts of Christmas crafting ideas. Have your guests decorate the sweaters together in a group and then have a judging contest for the best made sweater. Serve hot cocoa and cookies during this event and I am sure your guests will never want to leave!

Theme three is "The Nightmare Before Christmas." I am sadly not a big fan in any of the Tim Burton movies, so I am not sure how one would plan this. However, if you are a big fan of the movie I am sure you have many ideas on how to plan this event and I would absolutely love to see your ideas!

Theme four and one of the most elegant Christmas party in my opinion is "Winter Wonderland." For this theme you could just stick to a glittery white and frosty blue to make it even more breathtaking. You can serve all sorts of beautiful and fun treats, including rock candy, white chocolate truffles and cake pops. I love this theme because you can come up with so many awesome ideas!

Theme five and one that would be perfect for a kids party is "Santa's Workshop." I am not really sure on ideas for this party and for that I am sorry. Maybe have a toy workshop stations and have all the guests make little gifts that they can give away? Like little mugs or ornaments. You could definitely decorate it like the North Pole and have Santa visit!

Theme six is Christmas Movie Bash. This one is just a simple party for you and your closest friends. Before your guests come over wrap each one of you Christmas DVD'S in wrapping paper and set up a snack bar. Have each one of your guests bring over their favorite blanket and pillow. Once you and all your guests are settled hand out one package to everyone. Then have the youngest or the oldest open their gift first and that is the movie that everyone is watching first! So sit back and relax while enjoying the company of your friends and family!

Theme seven is Buddy the Elf. This one would be a fun one to do because you can serve all the fun food that Buddy enjoys in the movie. There are also a ton of decorations ideas online and you could play the movie while the party is going on.I have never personally done this and I do not know if I ever will. However, if you love this movie I think this theme could be turned into something spectacular!

Theme eight is a cookie swap theme. This one is another one of my favorites because lets face it... I love sweets! Send out invitations to all your family and friends and tell them to bring their best Christmas goodies. Have a judging contest and make sure you buy some cheap containers for all your guests to take some of the goodies home! Trust me there will be leftovers and all your guests will be excited. This is a simple party that really does not require much planning.

Theme nine is a simple hot cocoa bar. This one is another simple one and a party that does not require a lot of planning. Have a few different options for hot cocoa, maybe a dark chocolate one and a milk chocolate. Have some fancy fixings on the side like marshmallows, peppermint sticks and whipped cream. There are some amazing ideas on Pinterest and google. Enjoy a Christmas movies and lovely friends.

Theme ten is a gingerbread house making party. My family does this every year and I have another article with all the different ways to make your house so much better! By adding new ingredients, candies and by making your own frosting for the houses you can really step up your construction making game. Have everyone bring their own kit to save money but you can provide the extra candies and frostings and such. Have everyone work together to make their houses and then have a judging contest towards the end of the party. Enjoy hot cocoa and a warm fire while doing this. Your guests will have fun and will remember this simple and fun party for a long time.

Theme eleven is a Pajama and Pancake party. Have all your guests come over in the early afternoon for a pancake brunch. Have your guests bring their favorite breakfast side or drinks for everyone to share and you make all the pancakes. Add fun ingredients to the pancakes and make some plain ones to give all your guests a variety of choices! While everyone eats enjoy a Christmas movies or play board games and listen to Christmas music. I love the simplicity of this theme and I hope you all do as well.

Theme twelve is a heartwarming one and a party that I am sure will be talked about for years and years later. It is a "Fill Santa's Sleigh." Have all your guest bring a wrapped toy or two. Set an age group for the gifts and then have the group go together to a hospital or a homeless area in your town. Hand out all the gifts and maybe some hot cocoa! Enjoy the day and give to others during this wonderful holiday.

Theme thirteen and this is one of my last party ideas. The last one is a Christmas character party. Have all your guests come dressed up like their favorite Christmas movie character. This is a super stellar idea and one I got off of google. I would love to be able to do this next year. I of course would dress up like The Grinch. Now do not get me wrong I love Christmas but the Grinch will always be my favorite character.

I wish you all the best in planning your favorite Christmas party! Feel free to send me some of your own ideas to my email at Merry Christmas you all!

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