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Places to Visit This Valentine’s Day with Your Partner

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If you’re a travel-loving couple, Valentine’s Day is an ideal excuse to plan a getaway. There are so many romantic places across the world to choose from, whether your ideal destination is a quaint Victorian town, a seaside village, or a mountaintop bed-and-breakfast. We have curated a list of some of the best romantic towns to satisfy your wanderlust or, if you happen to live a short drive away, to visit a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway.

These towns and villages hideaways are more than just charming; they’re breathtakingly magical. They truly have a vibe of something plucked out from a Hallmark movie. We bet you didn’t know that Nebraska has “Cupid” and “Valentine” towns. Meanwhile, Louisiana has “Eros” and Illinois has “Fidelity”. There are places called “Darling” in Mississippi, “Venus” in Florida, and “Lovely” in Kentucky. And if that’s not enough to entice you, consider that both Colorado and Idaho boast regions called “Sugar City”.

Love is in the air in some of our favorite Valentine’s Day-ready towns that go well beyond their names. Scroll down for more ideas and find the perfect romantic destinations for the two of you.

Beaufort, NC

There are very few more romantic things than wild horses, and Beaufort can give you a closer look at them. Absorb the views from a stand-up paddleboard, or just take in the amazing Victorian architecture in this cool, quaint town. Beaufort is the place that is a “picture perfect” setting for a bit of romance. No wonder famous author Nicholas Sparks chose Beaufort as the North Carolina coastal town to settle his two novels “The Choice” and “A Walk to Remember”. Beaufort offers you the relaxed elegance of a boutique hotel for your romantic getaway plus with our exclusive Valentine’s Day hotel offers, you can book your stay without paying over the odds.

Bar Harbor, ME

Craving a bit of adventure with your partner? Book your tickets to Bar Harbor! It is home to the absolutely beautiful Acadia National Park! Yes, all the hiking and exploring can make you a bit tired, and you will need to take some time to unwind, but it will all be worth it! You should really schedule your day accordingly, and we’d suggest you to book an afternoon at Bar Harbor Inn Spa; it is the perfect spot to relax, unwind and rejuvenate with your S.O. Browse offers for Valentine’s Day and find various deals on the places you’d like to visit without breaking your bank.

Blue Ridge, CA

If you want to reinvigorate your passion for your partner, there’s no place like Blue Ridge to bring the spark back in the relationship. Whether you want to go all out and live it up or you want to stay cozied up by the fire, you’ll get all the perks at this magnificent place. Blue Ridge welcomes you with stunning views, this mountain town has so much to offer than what meets the eye. An adorable main street with cobbled stones, excellent theater offerings and a bunch of charming bed and breakfasts will keep you occupied all weekend long. Snap up Valentine’s day special offers to save up on all the gorgeous views while saving up some extra money.

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Saugatuck, MI

This is a lover's town! It is situated on the coast of Lake Michigan; this place has a little something to offer its visitors. First and foremost, book your romantic getaway at some cozy place with picturesque views! Next, grab a bite at any famous Chophouse to give your taste buds some extra flavor that you can cherish for a really long time. Make sure to spend some time at the beautiful Fenn Valley Winery to end your trip with perfection.

Telluride, CO

Whether you're planning an intimate weekend or a romantic getaway, the town of Telluride offers no insufficiency of activities that will get the sparks flying. It couldn't get any better than this from a beautiful mountainside via a horse-down carriage and scenic tours to cozy fireside dining! This beautiful town is just eight blocks wide and twelve blocks long, making this Colorado paradise ideal for an intimate trip. Yes, the town is comparatively smaller, but there are still plenty of activities to do with your loved one, including sledding, skiing, snowboarding on the gorgeous mountains. So, if you want to explore something a little more low-key, book a trip to this mind-blowing place by searching for the best Valentine's Day hotel packages and breathe life into your relationship.

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