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Pirates Theme Party


Why Do We Love Pirates So Much?

It's a good question, considering back in the days of real pirates, they were hated and feared. Yet somehow, over the centuries, we have all grown to love them. Beginning as far back as the 1950's, movies, television shows, and books did their best at portraying pirates as deeply misunderstood brutes who just need a little love--and they succeeded.

In modern times, we see pirates as mischievous trouble-makers who are a little rough around the edges but seem to have a heart in there somewhere. Even the villainous pirates we encounter are lovable in one way or another.

My theory is that we all see a little of ourselves in these characters--or a least a little of who we wish we could be from time to time. Free men and women, doing whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want. They are not concerned with what society thinks of them, nor are they concerned with societal laws. They are carefree individuals who we may be ashamed to admit we admire, but I think it's the truth.

In addition, their clothing is fun, all of their accouterments are entertaining, and who doesn't like a good sword fight in order to save a damsel in distress?!

It's because of these attributes (and many more) that we adore pirates and Pirate Themed Parties have become such a hit. Don't jump ship now! Keep reading to learn more about how to throw a fun, entertaining Pirate Themed Party...or else I'll make you walk the plank!


Aaargh, Matey! Time for Invitations!

Invitations are such an important key to any party (in my humble opinion!) Emailing friends to invite them, posting it on Facebook, sending out Evites--those are all acceptable ways to inform friends an family of a party you're throwing--but physical invitations you drop in the mail are so much more fun!

I think it's exciting when I get something in the mail and it's not a bill! Receiving an invitation is fun and it's an easy way for your guests to remember to attend the party because if they stick the invite to their fridge, they're guaranteed to see it on a regular basis.

Whether you decide to create invitations for your party from scratch, or you purchase invitation cards, obviously be sure to go with a Pirate Theme! You can get pretty creative--messages in a bottle, a treasure chest with the invite inside, or even a tattered old map to the party location with the details in the legend!


Decorating for the Party--Pirate Style!

Lucky for us, pirates are a loved and popular party theme. This makes it easy to find decorations for your party. Any party supply store will be loaded with Pirate Party decor, and my thinking is, you can never have enough decorations!

Be sure to have tattered fabrics, treasures chests full of gold and jewelery, creepy dripping candles, skulls and cross bones, pirate flags, parrots, and treasure maps. You can even buy a long, narrow piece of particle board to set in front of your door so that your guests have to "walk the plank" to enter the party. Spice things up by making it a costume party and assign a prize to the best dressed.

Obviously the most popular clan of pirates right now are Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew from the Disney Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. Hanging posters from the movies and placing other Pirates of the Caribbean merchandise all around the party area will add a lot to the ambiance.

This is such a fun theme that decorating for it will be easy and enjoyable! Below are some unique decorations you can purchase from eBay:

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Activities Even a Pirate Will Love:

Besides telling terrible pirate jokes and drinking rum, what can your guest do at your party? Here are some fun ideas:

  • A Sword Fight Competition--Obviously with fake swords, but still a lot of fun. Everyone will have a great time showing off they crazy pirate skills!
  • A Treasure Hunt--Similar to and Easter Egg Hunt. Hide fake coins and jewelery around your home and whoever finds the most wins a real prize!
  • Fake Pirate Tattoos--Every Pirate Themed Party I've ever gone to, there have been fake tattoos available. It's fun to pick one out that's just for you and find a creative (yet PG) place to apply it!
  • A Pirates of the Caribbean Trivia Contest--Test your knowledge and your friends and families knowledge of the movies. Whenever someone answers incorrectly, they have to walk the plank and can no longer play!
  • A Pirate Pinata--Let's face it, parties are one of the few times when it's acceptable to beat the you know what out of an inanimate object for fun, so take advantage of the opportunity!

There are plenty of other fun activities if you just put your mind to it. Keep in mind, however, that as the day or evening progresses, and more and more rum "disappears", your guests attention span may dwindle!


Oh, Pirates and Their Sense of Humor...


Pirate Food Recipes and Ideas

Here are some yummy and creative ideas of foods to serve at your very own Pirate Party!

Remembering that a large majority of pirate activity happened in and around the Caribbean ocean and islands, serving any kind of spicy, Caribbean foods will do the trick. Also be sure to have rum-filled beverages such as punch, daiquiris, and mojitos!

And of course...

What would a Pirate party be without some of the worst pirate jokes you've heard heard (or told?!)  Follow this link to 20 of the best pirate jokes out there...and learn a few yourself to entertain your guests!

Pirate Jokes: Pirate Humor for Scurvy Sea Dogs, Arr Matey!

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