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Peppa Pigspirations for Kio's 3rd Birthday Party


The Search for Pigspirations

My daughter Kio's third birthday is fast approaching, and all I've been doing was search and search Pinterest and Google Images for Pigspirations for her party. I searched for suppliers, even thought of going to Divisoria to check out what stores there have. I found printables, thought not many are free to download and the ones that are free are not really up to my expectations (yes, I'm that picky, even though it's free).

So I thought of making my own printables, from the backdrop to the loot bag tags, to the actual loot bag itself--and of course, the invitations. It was no easy feat, as I see myself to be creatively-challenged most of the time.

First off, the invitations.


Kio's 3rd birthday Invitation

Kio's 3rd birthday Invitation

FYI: All the printables for this Peppa Pig Party is created using MS Publisher. I am not confident with using Photoshop, and my GIMP is acting up. Hahaha. I know.

Here are my pigspirations for the invitation: 1) Sage Green and Pink Queen Peppa; 2) Multicolored Polka and Chevron

I wanted the invitations--and eventually, the whole theme--to focus on Fairy Princess Peppa, with Chevron and Polka backgrounds and lavender ribbon. It was a breeze to put together, although to achieve the size of the dots and the width of the chevron, I have to make the backgrounds smaller and piece them carefully together so the dots and the zigzags line up. Fairy Princess Peppa was downloaded here.

The Peppa Pig font was the bomb! I downloaded it for free here.

This invitation will be sent to friends and family and will be posted to a Facebook Event.

Favor Box

Peppa Pig's House Favor Box Template

Peppa Pig's House Favor Box Template

This Peppa Pig's House Favor Box is patterned after this lovely free template from DesignMom. The pigspiration is the Pig Family's house on the hill.

This is printed on a 8.5x13 card paper. You may want to choose a thicker paper, but since it's only for giveaway, I will be printing it on ordinary white vellum board paper and assemble each one by hand. A ribbon will be laced through the roof once the favor box is filled with treats and glued shut.

I wanted to see how it would look like once I've written the names of the candies/food that we'd be providing during the party (We have not finalized the menu yet!). The main idea, particularly for the candy buffet, was to incorporate into the theme the food item/s that the character likes. Since Grandpa Pig has an orchard, why not add fresh fruits to our menu? Grandma Pig was seen baking cookies, and Miss Rabbit sells wobbly jelly.

I actually have to watch Peppa Pig again so I could pick up food pigspirations.

That's it for today! In a few days, I will be posting more printables (straw flags, banners, loot bag tags) and some of the decorations that we've started creating!


may on April 23, 2019:

hi - I love this Peppa Pig party box - thank you

but can I print it in color?

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