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Party Theme: Create a Super Hero

Batman vs Superman

Super Heroes

It's a bird! It's a plane! Its....Superman!!

Super Heroes are a part of our culture. Their special powers, high moral ground, and amazing costumes feed our imaginations and thrill our hearts as we imagination ourselves in the leading role.

My son has gone through several super hero phases. For almost two years he was Spiderman. I actually bought extra costumes because he would wear them out. After Spiderman, he was Flash Gordon. He would run around the outside of the house and then ask if I could see him. The answer , of course, was "No way Flash, you are much too fast." As he got older, his Heroes would change, (Link from Zelda, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson) but not his intense imagination and creativity. It was for one of his birthday parties that we used this passion of his and had a Super Hero theme.

Supply List for Costumes

  • White t-shirts
  • Fabric scraps cut into 2' by 4' rectangles
  • Safety pins
  • Masks
  • Fabric paint
  • Hot Glue gun
  • White glue
  • glitter, feathers, stickers, etc.


Make Your Own Costume

When the guests arrived, we started a discussion about our favorite Super Heroes. We talked about the Super Powers they had, the costumes they wore, and the sidekicks that worked with them. Then I challenged the guests to think about what kind of Super Hero they would like to be. What powers would they like to have? What would they do with those powers?

Having done all this brainstorming, it was time to create their own personal Super Hero. We started with the costume.

Each guest was given a white t-shirt. A piece of cardboard was inserted into the shirt to prevent the markers from bleeding through to the back of the shirt. Fabric markers were placed on the table and guests were encouraged to create their Super Hero shirt.

Capes were made from fabric scraps that had been cut into rectangles measuring two feet by 4 feet. The capes were attached to the back of the shirt with safety pins.

Masks were created using store bought masks from the party store. The guests then raided the craft bucket and decorated the masks with markers, stickers, gems, feathers. A hot glue gun was handy for items that didn't stick well with white glue.

Name the secret identity

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Superman
    • Clark Kent
    • Bruce Wayne
  2. Spiderman
    • Bruce Banner
    • Peter Parker
  3. Batman
    • Bruce Wayne
    • Bruce Banner
  4. Wonder Woman
    • Diana Prince
    • Barbara Gordon
  5. Iron Man
    • Ben Grimm
    • Tony Stark
  6. Invisible Woman
    • Barbara Gordon
    • Susan Storm
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Answer Key

  1. Clark Kent
  2. Peter Parker
  3. Bruce Wayne
  4. Diana Prince
  5. Tony Stark
  6. Susan Storm

Create a Super Hero Identity

Once the costumes were completed, the guests put them on. Each Super Hero was then asked to be interviewed for the "Weekly Planet." They were asked to state their name, their special power, how they came to have special powers, and what their weakness was. They were then asked to strike a Super Hero pose so that their picture could be taken. These pictures were used later for the thank-you cards.

For the next half-hour the Super Heroes romped through the house and the yard, saving us all from dastardly evil-doers. They were quite heroic!

Blank Super Hero Food Cards

Blank Super Hero Food Cards

The source of my cupcake inspiration.

The source of my cupcake inspiration.

What to Feed a Super Hero?

What do you feed a Super Hero? Why Super Food of course! We set up a snacking buffet, which was perfect as our heroes came flying through the kitchen. Little signs set up by each food item let the guests know the super power that food provided. We made our signs look like comic book actions words. KAPOW!

  • Carrots = super vision
  • Strawberries = super speed
  • Broccoli = super invisibility
  • Grapes = super agility
  • Blueberries = super jumps
  • Cucumbers = super hearing
  • Spinach Dip = super strength

For beverages, we had POP (soda) and PUNCH (fruit punch).

Instead of cake, we had cupcakes frosted with red or white or blue frosting. Super Hero mini figures were placed on the cupcakes as toppers.

Thank You Cards!

We made personalized thank you cards for each guest. Using Microsoft Office, we inserted a picture of the guest in their super hero costume. A large star shape was inserted in the top corner, with the words "Thank You" inside the star.

Inside the card was a picture of the birthday child in his costume. A large thought bubble shape was inserted. The birthday boy wrote his thank you message inside the though bubble. I also include prints of pictures that have the guest in them.

What is the best superpower? by DamarisTV

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