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Party Planning Ideas: Summer Olympics for Children

Olympics Welcome Banner

Greet your guests with a special sign welcoming them to your event.

Greet your guests with a special sign welcoming them to your event.

Preparing to Host Your Kid's Summer Olympics Event

One of the first things that you will want to do when you host your Summer Olympics party for kids is to create an invitation. This is quite easy to do and you can use my template to get you started. After all, first impressions are very important and you want your guests to know that they will be attending a premier event.

Once you have decided on your guest list and your invitations, you will want to start thinking about your sporting events along with the structure of your party. Will you have an opening ceremony? Closing ceremony? What food will you serve? So as you begin to consider these ideas, use the guide below to help make your party a success!

An Invitation to a Summer Olympics Party

Sample invitation for your party needs!

Sample invitation for your party needs!

Olympic Theme Song

Kids' Olympics Opening Ceremony

Start your event off on a grand note. Using the Olympic theme music, have all of your young competitors walk out and line up in the sporting area. This will give you an opportunity to introduce each of your athletes, remind them of good sportsmanship, review the rules and encourage them to do their best. Remind them also to have fun. After all, even though this is a competition, the idea is to have some fun while being active!

A Video of Kids Warming Up!

Additional Tip

Remember to consider the time it will take for each event based on the number of athletes that will be participating. You want to be sure to balance the right amount of events to make it fun but not drag the party out so that your guests end up becoming bored.

Choosing Summer Olympic Game Events for Your Party

The events that you can have at your Summer Olympics party are almost limitless. Do not feel that you need to have events that are exactly the same as the Olympic events that will be held at the actual Summer Olympics. Remember that you are involving children and that their talents will not be as refined as those competing in this year's Olympics. So what kind of events are good choices for your party? Consider some things before making your final choices.

  • What equipment do you already have and what would you need to purchase?
  • What are the ages of my participants? Are they all around the same age or is there a wide range?
  • Do I have enough children to create teams and make team events or should I keep it just as individual events?
  • If there are going to be teams, do I want them to have some sort of "uniform"? Maybe each team can wear the same color shirt. (If you decide to do this, make sure your guests are aware of this ahead of time to prepare unless you plan on providing this for them.)

Photos of Various Kid Summer Olympic Events

Egg race fun!

Egg race fun!

On your mark, get set, go!

On your mark, get set, go!

Cheering each other on builds team spirit and friendship.

Cheering each other on builds team spirit and friendship.

Olympic Event Ideas

Here are some ideas of events that your young athletes can participate in. Remember to consider age and skill as you are matching up competitors. Of course this is just a guide. Almost any sport activity would work for a party such as this, the point is to have fun and stay active.

  • Soccer Kick: This activity can be done a couple of ways. You could have several soccer balls and have the participant try to kick as many goals as possible in a given amount of time. Or you could set up a mini soccer game and have a one on one game to see which team can score the most goals in a given time period.
  • Baseball or Football Throw: Allow participants to each have a turn throwing the ball. Measure the distance from the throwing point to the landing point. The child with the longest distance wins.
  • Dash: Children can dash from a starting point to a finishing point. Time the dash and record the results. The child with the quickest time wins.
  • Relay Race: In a relay race, teams of four work best. Have the children line up in order behind the starting point. Begin with one child racing to an end point (usually marked with a cone) and then return to the starting point. Then pass the baton to the next person in line. Continue this until each team member has had a chance to run. The team that finishes first wins. (I find that it helps if you have the kids sit as they finish their turn. It makes it a little easier to keep track of how each team is progressing.)
  • Egg Race: This is always a hit with the kids. There is just something about the idea of potentially cracking an egg that gets kids really riled up! As with any race, start your contestants at the starting point. With the spoon in hand, place an egg on each spoon. Each competitor must reach the finish line without dropping the egg. You can vary the rules and make it harder or easier depending on the age group. If the egg drops, you can have the child start over at the starting line. Or you can have them just continue from that point. The athlete that reaches the finish line first without breaking the egg wins.
  • Sack Race: The sack race is another one that the kids love. As the children pick up momentum jumping, they tend to lose their balance and fall over. It is quite fun to watch. Set up a starting point and finish line. Get the contestants situated in their sacks and let the race to the finish line!
  • Jump Rope: Time each contestant jumping rope for one minute. You will also need to count the number of complete jumps that the athlete makes. The child with the most jumps in one minute wins!
  • Basketball Shoot Out: If you have access to a basketball net, have your little athletes shoot hoops! Time them for one minute to see how many shots each competitor can make. Don't forget to record the number of baskets!

Organizing Your Olympic Game Events

ActivityEquipment NeededTeam or Individual

Egg Race

spoons, uncooked eggs



baton or stick


Obstacle Course

hula hoops, cones, hurdles (anything that you can think of to create a course


Sack Race

old pillow cases or burlap sacks


Baseball or Football Toss

baseball or football, measuring tape


Jump Rope

jump ropes


Soccer Kick

soccer balls, net

team or individual

Basketball Shoot Out

basketballs, basketball nets


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A happy athlete!

A happy athlete!

Olympic Medal Ceremony and Closing Events

Recognition in any sporting event is important to the athletes. Not only is it important to recognize the winners, but it is important to recognize the efforts that everyone made on this day of international sports.

During your closing event, you can use this opportunity to recognize the participants and the winners. How you will recognize your young athletes is up to you. You can give each participant a ribbon or certificate of participation if you want to be sure that everyone receives some sort of honor. In addition, you will want to recognize the first, second, and third place winners for each event. Remember that if the event is a team sport to have an award for each team member.

Additional Award Ideas

There are some other ways that you can recognize your participants in addition to first, second, and third place winners.

  • Oldest athlete
  • Youngest athlete
  • Best sportsmanship
  • Participation award

International Food Buffet Ideas

Think about your favorite foods and their country of origin. Almost anything would work for an international food buffet!


United States

Hot Dogs or Hamburgers


Kid friendly sushi


tacos or nachos


egg rolls


Gelato (ice cream)


Crepes (You can fill these with jam or gelato and top with chocolate sauce, yum!)

World Wide

fruit and salad

Olympics Food

Of course every great party needs to have food. You can be sure that your little Olympians will be very hungry after the events that they have participated in. Since the Olympics are an international event, why not invite your guests to share in an international buffet? Represent a variety of foods from several countries.

Many of the foods that are found in the table to the right can easily be prepared or purchased. Many stores sell mini egg rolls in the freezer section. You can often find pre-made crepes in the produce section of your grocery store. If you decide to make them you can a step by step recipe guide here. For the kid friendly sushi, you can purchase some cucumber rolls or make your own. Simply spread some cream cheese on a tortilla and place thinly sliced cumbers, peppers, or other vegetable on the tortilla. Roll it up sealing the edge with a little more cream cheese. Slice the long roll into one inch pieces and serve.

Hosting a Summer Olympics Party

Additional Olympic Resources

If you are looking to extend this learning opportunity for your children, there are some great resources out there. Here are some downloadable coloring sheets.

There is also a great link on the official site that shows the Olympic mascots and some interactive activities that you can do. Like designing your own mascot, playing games or watching short films. You can explore more here. There are also some great resources for other Olympic resources to explore including photos, the summer sports, Olympic stadium and more!


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