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Dessert Cake Recipe for How to Make a Panda Cake - Yummy and Cute Panda Bear Birthday Cake

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How To Make a Panda Bear Birthday Cake

Learn how to make a cake that looks like a panda bear!

Learn how to make a cake that looks like a panda bear!

How to make panda bear birthday cake

How to make panda bear birthday cake

HOW TO MAKE A PANDA CAKE: Panda bear birthday cake or panda bear cake for another occasion



  • Panda bear birthday cake is an adorable dessert cake and panda bear birthday cake is a delicious dessert cake treat. Panda bear birthday cake looks cute but the panda cake is also so tasty.
  • Would you like to learn how to make a panda bear birthday cake? This is a recipe for how to make a panda cake.
  • This hub will discuss how to make a panda bear cake for a birthday or other special occasion.
  • Making a cake that looks like a panda bear is a fun and interesting cake baking project.

Panda Cake


What do you get when you google panda cake? Well, you might get a photo of a panda bear in a zoo, eating a birthday cake to mark the occasion of its birthday! Such panda "cakes" are often frozen in ice and made with items that would be nutritious and beneficial for the panda bear to eat. Panda bears eat mainly bamboo so the cake might be made of this and something to supplement it.

Panda bear birthday cakes are among the more unique children's desserts

On other occasions when you google "panda cake", you should find what I was looking for when I was planning to make a panda cake as a children's dessert.

I took to the internet for inspiration on how to make a panda bear birthday cake because I knew that others had surely made such a cake.

  • Do you ever feel like an idea that you came up with is not as creative or unique or brand new as you thought?
  • Perhaps, it has all been done before. The world is so big and the sharing of ideas via internet often leads to others thinking about something in a very similar way to just the way you were thinking about it.

So, the internet offers a wonderful opportunity to inspire and be inspired with countless creative projects and always put your own personal spin on something such as a panda bear birthday cake to make it just your own.

We often come up with ideas and we know that they are far from original ideas when we find the plethora of like minded individuals across the world online.

Panda cake for 1st birthday cake or other childhood birthdays

Despite the many versions of panda cakes that you can find online, making a panda cake for your child is still a fairly unique idea around the world and this might be a fun conversation starter at a party for example.

Cake designs

While researching panda cakes for some ideas about how the panda bear cake that I was about to bake should look, I stumbled upon a lot of interesting pictures. Some people have such a gift for cake design, it is amazing.

Kung Fu Panda cake

Among the many panda cakes, I also saw many Kung Fu Panda cakes, based on the hit animated movie here in the USA. I didn't want to go that route with the panda cake that I was baking for my little one but I thought that the Kung Fu Panda cakes were certainly interesting.

Beautiful cakes

Some of the cakes I found were so cute and beautiful. Some were hilarious and silly. Being the viewer of photos, I was reminded a lot of the importance of trying to achieve neatness with the cake you are attempting to design especially if you are going to post the photos online to share tips about the cake preparation with others.

A work in progress

I'm still a work in progress with baking frosted and designed cakes as I am not a professional baker but I am learning more and more.

"I'm a mom not a professional [baker]"

One of the panda cake photos I found had the caption "I'm a mom not a professional" for the woman to show that she was trying her best to bake panda cake or panda cupcakes for her little ones with the disclaimer that she was not a professional baker or cake designer. I thought it was funny and relatable for that to be said.

Smoothing the frosting on the cake

In trying to be neat with the cake making, I am learning more and more about smoothing the frosting on the cake. I think this one came out a little better than the last cake I baked in that regard. Please look out for my hub on some of the expert's tips I've learned for achieving a more smooth look with your cake frosting. I tried to take some of the advice and I did see a little difference in the result. I think that if I had even more time on my hands for it, I could have done better. Patience and time are key for that.

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Putting your own spin on a panda cake

After looking at the various panda cake photos for inspiration, I was definitely enthusiastic about making the one I wanted to make.

I must admit that I also saw some cakes where I felt "a panda does not look like that" so I even took a look at some real panda bear photos to remind myself of the features.

A few fast facts about panda bears

When I started to look at the actual panda bear photos, I was able to learn a few fast facts about them from Wikipedia for example.

The exotic panda bear

  • For starters, I would say do not take it for granted if you were able to see a panda bear in reality.
  • I've seen panda bears at the San Diego zoo in California, USA and I loved the panda bear exhibit! There are few panda bears remaining in the world.
  • Native to China, panda bears have been considered rare and exotic even to that region and are much loved.
  • There is said to be under 2,000 panda bears remaining in China (in the wild and in wildlife reserves) and there are under 30 in the United States (in zoos). Zoos in the USA must pay thousands of dollars to receive a panda bear on loan from China!

Adorable pandas

There is no doubt that the panda bear is just an absolutely adorable looking creature!

It is no surprise that you might want a panda bear to be the subject for a cake decorating project.

Panda Cake Prep

Preparing the panda bear birthday cake.

Preparing the panda bear birthday cake.


Would you like to make this panda cake?

I was pressed for time but really wanted to make a cake and not buy a cake already fully prepared.

I did take some short cuts while making this panda bear cake though and you can choose to do the same if you like.

Here are the instructions for how to make the panda bear birthday cake:

Instructions for how to make panda cake

  1. To make this panda bear birthday cake (or other occasion cake), choose a boxed cake mix of your liking. For this panda cake, I chose Pillsbury super moist yellow cake mix.
  2. Additionally, for this panda bear birthday cake recipe, choose a store bought cake frosting of your liking. It must be white or cream in color so I recommend vanilla or cream cheese frosting. I used vanilla frosting to make this panda bear cake.
  3. For this how to make panda bear birthday cake recipe, have Hershey's dark chocolate kisses, Oreo or Whonu chocolate sandwich cookies, and Little Debbie's cream filled cupcakes on hand. Set aside. (Alternatively, you can exclude Little Debbie's cupcakes but you will need some kind of cupcake to make this panda bear cake. So, you can choose another brand of prepared cupcake or you can bake some in addition to the larger cake. For this, you can bake from scratch or use a second box of cake mix)
  4. Preheat your oven and prepare the boxed cake mix according to instructions. I used to 9 inch round pans to make a layered cake.
  5. My particular cake box's recipe (Pillsbury) called for 3 eggs, 1/3 cup of oil and 1 cup of water to be added to the mix.
  6. When the cake has been baked and is fully cooled, the pans can be gently flipped over to remove the cake from the pans.
  7. Next, for this how to make panda cake recipe, you will frost the cake, stirring the frosting very well for improved spreading.
  8. The completely frosted cake is your canvas for decorating the cake like a panda bear!
  9. You can play around with how you would like your panda cake to look. Perhaps, sketch a panda bear or look around online at photos on your own. It is a lot of fun but when you are short on time, you might want to choose simplicity like I did.
  10. Try using Oreo or Whonu chocolate sandwich cookies for the eyes of the panda bear cake and put tiny dabs of extra white frosting in the center of each cookie.
  11. Turn a Little Debbie's cupcake over and press down below the cookie eyes to form the nose and mouth area of the panda bear. You must cover the cupcake with white frosting as well, leaving enough uncovered chocolate cupcake to shape a panda bear mouth (see photo).
  12. The Hershey kiss (one is really all you need) goes on top the frosted Little Debbie's cupcake as the nose of the panda (see photo).
  13. You can use two additional Little Debbie's (or other cupcakes) for the ears of the panda bear cake and cover each cupcake with an Oreo or Whonu chocolate sandwich cookie.

Pillsbury super moist yellow cake mix

Betty Crocker vanilla frosting

Please rate this basic recipe/ cake decorating idea of panda bear cake

1. Panda cake from Betty Crocker and Howdini

2. Kung fu panda cupcakes from mycupcakeaddiction at YouTube

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Nyesha Pagnou MPH (author) from USA on November 03, 2013:

Thank you fpherj48! Have fun baking with and/or for your grandchildren. My older son (3 years old) already loves to observe food preparation and "help" in any way he can:).

Suzie from Carson City on October 10, 2013:

journey....Is this the cutest, most adorable Children's cake, or what??!! I just love it. Thank you for this great recipe idea.....with my brood of grandchildren, I'll be creating lots of Pandas!!.....UP+++

Nyesha Pagnou MPH (author) from USA on October 03, 2013:

Thanks rebeccamealey! Yes, panda bears are so cute so making a cake that looks like one is fun. I was glad to share the info.

Rebecca Mealey from Northeastern Georgia, USA on October 02, 2013:

Really cute cake! Everybody loves cute panda bears, and I am sure this cake will be a real hit for kids, especially birthdays. Thanks for sharing!

Nyesha Pagnou MPH (author) from USA on September 03, 2013:

You're welcome MsDora and thanks so much for your kind comments on my hubs. Thanks for sharing this hub too. Take good care and talk to you soon.

- Journey *

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on September 03, 2013:

Journey, you do such creative, fun things. You are indeed a professional mom. Thank you for the instructions on the Panda Cake project. Will share.

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