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Poems for Mother's Day for Kids

Great Selections For Preschoolers

Throughout the years I have worked with many youth groups in different organizations. The youth have ranged in ages from preschool to high school. We have performed countless Mother's Day plays and programs.

There is always a parent that feels her child cannot memorize a small four to six line poem. I must remind you that children as early as age one are singing and reciting lyrics to songs that they hear on the radio and TV. Sometimes the words they are memorizing you don't want them to repeat.

Here are some easy to memorize and easy to read poems for Mothers Day for kids that you will be proud to hear them recite.


The greatest earthly gift of all

That comes from heaven above,

Is just a faithful mother dear

Who blesses with her love.


If I had a gift today

Someone I would not miss;

But Mother sure will understand

If I just give her a kiss!

( Have the child kiss his hand and blow his mother the kiss.)


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I really do not like one bit

To sing or to recite,

But if it is for mother, why,

I'll do my part all right!


Mother Dear

With God's help

You brought me here.

Mother Dear

With God's love

You kiss every tear.

Mother Dear

With God's teachings

I'll always hold you near.

Mother Dear.

Great Selections For First and Second Graders

All children learn at their own pace. Be patience with them. Don't push them too hard to learn something you think they should be able to recite right away. If you do it will usually discourage them and they will not want to memorize the poem. These poems can be easily memorized usually within a week. Or the child can read the poem aloud at any Mother's Day occasion. These are great poems for Mothers Day for kids.

Make this learning experience fun.

Make 10 copies of the poem you want them to recite.

1 - Give them a copy to keep. If they lose it no problem, you have several backup copies.

2 - Put a copy on the bathroom mirror so they can see it and practice memorizing it while brushing their teeth.

3 - Put another copy on the refridgerator so they can see it. Tell them to read it at least twice before they open the refridgerator door to get a snack.

4 - Keep a copy of the poem in the car. Instead of turning on the car radio, use this time to have your child read the poem and recite it in the car. For extra fun, make a rap song out of the poem. When you do this only use the exact words of the poem. Do not add any cute extra words or they will most likely include these in their poem and you don't want that.

5 - Put a copy in your handbag or wallet. You never know when there will be an opportunity to to practice.

6 - Put a copy on the TV. When a commercial comes on during your childs favorite program or yours, have him or her practice reading or reciting their Mothers Day poem.

7 - Use the poem as a bookmark in his or her bible. This way when they are in church service they can view it when they are sitting quietly.

8 - Use the poem as a bookmark in their favorite book.

9 - Keep the extra 2 copies for backup in case any of the other copies get lost or damaged and need replacing.


Daddy said this day to me,

"I've a wish above all other

I hope that you will grow to be

Exactly like your mother!"

I'll try to start this very day

To grow like her in every way.


My mother seems to always know

When I am good or bad,

I see it in her face each hour

By happy look or sad;

I have a new intention now

Which I'll try to keep each day

And then instead of worried brow,

She'll wear a smile always!

My Mother's Not Only A Mother

My mother's not only a mother

But she is a chum as well;

Oh she can think of the finest games

And stories that really are swell!

I'd rather, much rather just be with her,

As a chum she truly is fine;

O she's the very best kind of pal,

The dear little mother of mine!


Mothers' prayers like incense rise

To reach the throne where mercy lies;

A God of love will ever bend

When mothers' prayers in faith ascend.



These are several poems for Mothers Day for kids that will be enjoyed by all. These poems can be easily read by the child as well as memorized.

If the child is going to read the poem, take a copy of the poem and paste or tape it to a lovely greeting card. For an extra special effect use an extra large greeting card (eg. 1 foot by 2 feet in measurement or larger). Have your child hold the card and read it to his or her audience. The audience will love it. Have Fun.

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Happy Mother's Day !

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BIGCSSHOP (author) on April 08, 2011:

kinza, Thanks so much for sharing with us. I am happy that you have memories of having a lovely mother. These are memories you can always cherish and make you feel happy and proud when you think of her. Thanks for visiting.

kinza on April 08, 2011:

my mother is lovely but she don't stay in world b cause she is deadh

BIGCSSHOP (author) on March 03, 2011:

thanks so much for visiting almasi, I'm so glad you enjoyed the poems, i like your pic also. Come back again.

almasi on March 02, 2011:

I love the little poems and your profile picture.

BIGCSSHOP (author) on September 24, 2010:

sudeep13582, Thanks for visiting. I like your Hub. It's awesome!

sudeep13582 from Howrah on September 22, 2010:

nice poems.... here are some more funny mothers day poems

BIGCSSHOP (author) on April 28, 2010:


Thanks so much for visiting. I'm so glad you liked our hub.

ndasika on April 27, 2010:

These are great poems for mother's. Thank you for sharing with us. Poems and songs make great activities for kids on Mother's Day.

BIGCSSHOP (author) on April 19, 2010:

Thanks kailafuh,

Was planning on doing a little face lift here so I added a little color and will be adding a few more poems, in the meantime you can also visit:

kailafuh on April 15, 2010:

this page could use a little color some more pictures and more


so if i don't see that i will never come on here again to get poems

BIGCSSHOP (author) on January 16, 2010:

Thanks so much Melody Lagrimas, arpana and shabeil for visiting my hub and for your kind words. I am so glad you enjoyed the poetry.

shabeil on January 14, 2010:

surperb great work

arpana on May 23, 2009:

the poems are marvellous

Melody Lagrimas from Philippines on May 10, 2009:

Lovely poems for mothers.

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