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Clever Baby Shower Gifts that Make Parenting Easier

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Clever baby shower gifts that will keep the guests talking.

Clever baby shower gifts that will keep the guests talking.

When it comes to baby showers, most people want to be original gift-givers and give the new family something that is not only fun and creative, but also useful. They don’t want the usual run-of-the-mall gifts that everyone else will be purchasing and bringing along to the party. But finding a creative baby shower gift that will keep the guests talking about is becoming increasingly difficult in our highly consumerist world. What can actually be given that you can honestly say that you’ve never seen before? Probably nothing! But here are some pretty original ideas.

Nifty Teething Necklace

A statement necklace that also serves as a teether is a perfect baby shower gift.

A statement necklace that also serves as a teether is a perfect baby shower gift.

The first baby shower gift idea is a teething necklace. This is such a great gift to give to a pregnant women or a new mom, because it is not something they will necessarily think to buy for themselves or register for. It is a statement necklace that also serves a purpose.

Moms know that when babies are teething, they will want to put just about anything and everything into their mouths. Those who are fans of baby wearing also know that the little ones will constantly try to chew on their clothes and jewelry. This necklace is designed for exactly that purpose. It is made from food grade silicone, so it is completely safe for the kid to chew on. The material is actually the same silicone most teethers are made of. It has no BPA, PVC, pthalates, lead, cadmium or other harmful substances. Since it is made from silicone, the necklace is very easy to keep clean. Moms can even throw it in the dishwasher and that is a big time saver.

Another great safety feature is its clasp closure. If the baby pulls the necklace too hard or if it gets caught for some reason, the clasp would unsnap.

Besides for teething, the necklace can be used right from the start as a feeding distraction. Babies tend to want to do things with their hands when they are breastfed, which usually means pinching their moms. The necklace gives them something to play with when nursing and it spares the mom a little bit of pain. The “beads” are flat and large enough, so they can easily grab them with their little hands.

Diaper Bag that Converts into a Portable Bed

This clever diaper bag also doubles as a diaper changing pad and a portable baby bed.

This clever diaper bag also doubles as a diaper changing pad and a portable baby bed.

Traveling with an infant can be a handful for the parents. The sheer amount of stuff they need to pack, even for a short trip to the park, is crazy. There is a car seat, stroller, diaper bag, changing pad, an extra diaper bag in case the first one doesn't have enough stuff... It is just insane! This brings us to the next baby shower gift idea – the Bagy Bed.

The Bagy Bed is a 3 in 1 baby accessory that makes traveling with babies so much easier. It is a diaper bag that converts into a travel bassinet and also doubles as a diaper changing pad. It is a very convenient thing to have, especially for those who have their parents helping them taking care of the baby and are constantly switching from one place to another. It is also a great thing to have for trips to the beach, the park, the restaurant or friend's house.

When folded up, the Bagy Bed is a bit bigger than a laptop case. It is made of durable material that is very easy to clean. This is important, because if a mom finds herself having to change the baby on a not so clean bathroom floor (many restaurants don’t have changing stations), she can easily wipe it down with an antibacterial wipe. While the exterior material feels like heavy duty, the interior is very soft and has a very comfortable padding. The bottom of the bassinet is padded with some kind of foam and the side walls are padded too.

There are plenty of pockets (9 to be precise) for carrying bottles, diapers, wipes and extra clothes. Two of them that are for baby bottles are even lined with a water repellant material. The great thing about the pockets is that when the Bagy Bed is converted into a bassinet or diaper changing pad, the pockets are still easily accessible.

This is a very clever and useful accessory that not only the mom will like as a baby shower gift, but the baby will love it too. The baby won’t feel uncomfortable when taken to unfamiliar place like a friend’s house that doesn’t have a baby crib, for example. The mom can just open up the bag that the baby is already familiar with and he or she will be comfortable.

If you are looking for a baby shower gift that the new mom can start using right away, a clever swaddle bag will do the job. This is a fantastic gift, because swaddling a baby the old-fashioned way at 2 in the morning is not an easy task for a new mom who usually has only couple of hours of unbroken sleep in several days. This will make the whole process a lot less painful.

There is a company called “Love to Dream” that has some ingenious swaddle bags that take a baby from swaddling to more independent sleeping. This means that parents will use your gift for about 3 years.

The first one is called Swaddle Up and it is designed to have two “wings” that keep the baby’s arms up. It is done this way, because a baby’s natural sleep position is with their arms up and they get fussy when they have their arms swaddled down. They also like to soothe themselves by rubbing on their cheeks and sucking on their hands and the bag lets them to do that without scratching their faces. This means that they will sleep better and their parents can get more sleep too. The other useful feature of the Swaddle Up is the zipper on the bottom that allows parents to change the baby’s diaper without unswaddling them.

The second one is a transition swaddle. It has zippers on the “wings” that parents can zip off and release one arm, so the baby can get used to sleep with one arm out. Couple of days later they can release the other arm and this way transition to a sleep bag.

Their third product is the Inventa Sleep Bag, which is very cleverly made to control their body temperature. It has zipped up mesh vents that parents can open when their little one is feeling too hot. This will cool them down without waking them up.

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Gadget that Soothes Fussy Babies

This little gadget makes crying babies calm down and fall asleep.

This little gadget makes crying babies calm down and fall asleep.

Dealing with a fussy baby is quite possibly one of the most stressful times of a new mom's life. The next baby shower gift idea is something that the mom will be really glad you gave her. It is a small sound machine that makes a shush sound and it is called the Shusher. You can control how loud the shushing is by twisting the top of the gadget. It also allows you to set up how long the sound would last – you can set it up for an interval of 15 or 30 minutes.

This gadget may look like a silly idea, but it really works. And the reason is that it makes babies feel like they are in the womb. The womb is a loud place inundated with all kinds of sounds and this is normal to a baby. The baby constantly hears the whooshing of the mother’s blood, the pulsations of her heart and her voice, which sounds louder than it would transmitted through the air, because it echoes through the bones and fluids in her body. When babies are born, the word becomes uncomfortably quiet. That is why they like white noise. And shushing is simply white noise that parents make themselves.

Of course, a mom can shush to calm her screaming baby, but this means she has to be louder than the crying in order to be effective. And sometimes she has to do it until her lips are chapped and she faints. This little gift will definitely save her a lot of headaches and make her baby calmer.

Extra Arm for the Mom

This clip-on holder is the extra hand any mom needs to hold baby bottles, phones, snacks and anything she can think of.

This clip-on holder is the extra hand any mom needs to hold baby bottles, phones, snacks and anything she can think of.

Almost every mom that has a baby can think of countess situations when she could use an extra arm, maybe even a monkey tail, to help her hold baby bottles, cups, toys and what not. An extra arm can also be a life saver when babies get to that age when they start throwing things on the floor and moms become full time picker-uppers. That is why the Bendy Armz gadget makes an awesome baby shower gift that would be highly appreciated.

This gadget is designed to be clipped on strollers, cribs, tables, car seats etc. and hold bottles, phones, toys, books, cups and pretty much anything you can think of. The attachment clamp is very strong, so the gadget always stays in place and babies and toddlers cannot remove it. The holding clamp is smaller, but strong enough to hold things like bottles and small food jars. The Bendy Armz also comes with a strap that people can use to secure things with irregular shapes or larger bottles that don’t fit properly in the holding clamp.

The arm of the gadget is made from metal and can bend and twist, so it can be set up at any angle. It is flexible, yet stiff enough for babies and toddlers not to be able to change the shape of it.

Another awesome thing about this gift is that it can be used not only for babies. Adults can use it in their office, hobby room, garage, car…, everywhere!

Fetal Doppler That Can Be Used at Home

Baby heartbeat monitor is a thoughtful gift that will give any pregnant woman a piece of mind.

Baby heartbeat monitor is a thoughtful gift that will give any pregnant woman a piece of mind.

Most pregnant women who are expecting their first child constantly worry if their baby is ok. The steady rhythm of the baby’s heart is probably one of the most rewarding and reassuring sounds for them, because it is proof that their pregnancy is going well. This means that any would-be mom will be thrilled to get a portable heartrate monitor as a baby shower gift. It is a gif that will give her not only a piece of mind, but also a smile that she won’t be able to wipe off of her face.

One of the best baby heartbeat monitors that can be used at home is the Womb Music by Wusic. This device is as good as the Doppler used by the hospital staff throughout someone’s pregnancy and it works pretty much on the same principal. It uses ultrasound waves to penetrate the mother’s skin and placenta and bounces the sounds back through headphones. And similarly to the professional Doppler, the Womb Music has to be used with conductive gel.

This little device comes with two sets of headphones and a splitter, so both parents can listen to the baby’s heartbeat at the same time. Besides that, the heartbeat can be recorded on a phone or computer, which gives parents the possibility to share it with family and friends.

There is a little bonus that makes this baby shower gift even better – the parents can purchase a free lullaby album, in which the songs are personalized with the baby’s name. This means that the baby’s name is actually mentioned in the songs.

Stylish Labor and Delivery Gown with Smart Design

This cute dress is specially designed to make moms-to-be feel comfortable and not exposed during labor and delivery. Plus, it is also pretty!

This cute dress is specially designed to make moms-to-be feel comfortable and not exposed during labor and delivery. Plus, it is also pretty!

For an expectant mother, the baby’s arrival is a big day in her life and that is why a special gift that will make her feel comfortable and pretty would be highly appreciated. One such gift is an elegant and pretty gown for labor and delivery. The regular hospital gowns are baggy, faded, ugly and make would-be moms feel like patients in the hospital. Not to mention that they often feel exposed in them, because they have to be lifted and moved around for attaching monitors and other medical devices.

A company called Pretty Pushers makes special delivery gowns that are so flattering that will make the mom feel like a star. They are also very cleverly designed to allow easy access for epidurals, monitors and even nursing without exposing everything that does not need to be exposed. The back of the gown is made extra low for epidurals and the front has two slits for monitors. They are the “one fits most” type of dresses, but the tie-up closures allow women to adjust them to fit better around the belly and the chest.

The Pretty Pushers’ gowns are made from 100% cotton stretch jersey, which means that they are breathable, so the mom doesn’t feel uncomfortable even when sweating. They are meant to be used ones and thrown away, but obviously, people can wash them and re-use them if they want to.

These cute labor and delivery gowns also come in variety of colors and with matching headbands, which will definitely look chic on those post-delivery photos. A baby shower gift like this one can help make the frantic insanity of delivery day much more enjoyable for the mom-to-be.

Pregnancy-Friendly Skin Care Products

Pregnancy-friendly skin care set from Mama Mio.

Pregnancy-friendly skin care set from Mama Mio.

Pampering gift sets make wonderful presents for expectant moms, because being healthy and happy is one of the best ways to prepare for motherhood. You can find tons of pampering gifts in the stores, but make sure to pick a gift set that is specially designed for pregnant women. Why? Most pregnant women are very sensitive to strong smells and they may find the traditional products overwhelmingly perfumey. You should also look for organic products, because they do not contain synthetic fragrances, parabens and are safer to use. Instead, they contain small amounts of essential oils that are found to be therapeutic during pregnancy. The pampering gift sets for expectant moms usually include belly butters that improve the skin elasticity and help prevent stretch marks, body toning oils, organic body washes, facial cleansers and moisturizers, special lip balms and many more. A good one worth considering is the Mama Mio’s pregnancy essentials kit.

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