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Opinion: The Center of Celebration

What is the purpose of Celebration?

Celebration is an amazing part of our life. Since our childhood, we are always waiting and counting the days that past for a special occasion to come. Thus, nothing makes us more excited than our Birthdays or any other special events for we are longing to eat delicious and special foods; receive gifts, greetings, and good treatment from people. I believe, having a day of celebration is an extra ordinary feeling for us to experience. For this is the only day that we are felt so much loved and appreciated, because, imagine people will do something nice for you on that particular day that you could not experience in the rest days of the year.

As a Filipina, I can proudly say that in the Philippines fun and feast would never be missed in every celebration. Thus, most of us are so excited when there's a special event in our life whether we say it or not.

We are used to thinking that when there's a special day including Birthdays, Weddings, Graduation, Victory,etc., a party should follow to make the day of celebration way more special and complete.

Hence, we cannot deny the fact that, for most of us, a party comes first in mind when we hear about celebration. Especially when it is a big event in our life or for the people we love.

Cambridge English Dictionary defines a Party as "a social event at which a group of people meet to talk, eat, drink, dance, etc., often in order to celebrate a special occasion." As correspondingly, we are also doing these things, in fact we sometimes feel disappointed when we go to a so-called special occasion and yet don't have a lot of tasty dishes and drinks to serve.

Further, it is already in the practices of the elderly to ask for alcoholic beverages to add more fun and I think many of us has this one member of the family that will really find something to drink that would make them drunk afterward. In this reason, this became our own kind of definition of a party.

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We are having so much fun on a day of celebration and it is not bad to have an enjoyment at a party in a special event.

But can we ponder about the One who blessed us to have such an occasion in our life?

Sometimes, because of the excitement we feel, we forget to acknowledge our God, the one that grants the special days for us.

Acknowledging our Creator should be the focus of every celebration that individuals must practice and possess.

Significantly, celebration is not just for having fun and enjoying the day with food and drinks, but it must be about Thanksgiving to God.


Closing Thoughts

We must make sure to give time praising God for all the goodness He has done in giving us abundant blessings that is worth of celebrating. Let Christ be the first to come in your party and it will surely flows with goodness and blessings

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