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Old Fashioned Easter Chick Images for Cards


Cute Little Easter Chicks in an Old Car

This one might be my favorite!  From an old Russian Postcard from before 1917.

This one might be my favorite! From an old Russian Postcard from before 1917.

Old Fashioned Easter Chicks and Birds Cards

Little chicks have been associated with Easter for some time. In fact, I was kind of surprised to see just how many different old fashioned, or vintage Easter postcards had "chicks" or baby birds as their main subject!

It is no surprise that little chicks and birds are associated with Easter, however as they also represent new life, Spring, and so much more. Many of the images here are from Russia actually, which I also found to be interesting!

Looking at these, is kind of like having a glance back into history, or is kind of an Easter art gallery of sorts. I love looking at them for these reasons, but I also have been known to use them for crafts. For those wondering, I did check that these were no longer under copyright, but I do suggest checking the links below each photo to double check if anything has changed since I put the photos here. As of the time of this writing, they are free to use, and the copyright seems to have expired, and thus is in the public domain.

A Note about these Easter Images

When looking at these photos, note that there are much smaller, or thumbnail photos along the top of each one. If you click on one of those thumbnails, you can make the image larger if it allows for that, and then click it one more time to see if it makes it any larger.

How I use Images like these for Easter Cards, Bags, or Tags

I have used neat, nostalgic or vintage images not too different from these for my own craft making needs on occasion. For instance, I love to make hand made cards. At Easter, if you find an image you like and are allowed to use, you can save the image to your computer, then get it to the point of printing on your home printer, then using.

I cut out the image or part of the image I want, and use minimal amount of adhesive. The thinner the paper, the less adhesive you need, especially if like Elmer's glue or rubber cement. I usually like to use double sided tape, or photo mounts for my own use. No puckering or warping involved.

Sometimes, I will add an embellishment, like a cute little charm, sticker, ribbon, vellum, or any other number of craft making supplies you might use for scrap booking, etc. However, these cute images can be used on their own as well, and make a nice understated statement.

In an increasingly high tech world, it's a joy and a little nostalgic for me to just browse these kinds of Easter images, or others.

Thanks for taking the time to look at the images, some really neat ones are in the thumbnails, and hard to see unless you click on those.

Some of my Favorites

I loved the first one a lot, a little chick that seems to just have hatched out of its egg right onto that cute Easter card! Love that one, and also the one where the little chicks are all rowing along in a boat. That one didn't seem to turn out too large, but I hope you can see it all the same, as it might cause you to smile like it did with me.

There is one with several little birds in their nest, and one little chick in particular seems to be saying, "Alleluia!" I think that is so cute, as is the one where the little chick is climbing out a cracked egg while the others seem to be held inside, by a ribbon.

There is one with what looks to be a husband and wife pair together, and they are all dressed up, as if ready for a night on the town! She has a parasol, he has a cigar, and what makes it so funny is that she still has a part of the egg she hatched out of, still attached to her back side! It is so funny and cute.

I think my absolute favorite however, is the one with all the little chicks in a car together. That is one cute image! Happy Easter to you!


Paula (author) from The Midwest, USA on April 06, 2012:

Hello 2besure, I am like you and love the artwork of that period. It does "take me back" as well. I appreciate you commenting and visiting this hub. Have a great Easter weekend!

Pamela Lipscomb from Charlotte, North Carolina on April 06, 2012:

I love the artwork of that period. I always makes me think back to my childhood. Thanks for sharing!

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