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Interesting Things About the Month of October

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October: The Tenth Month

October is the tenth month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian Calendars. It is one of six months of the year with 31 days. The others are January, March, July, August, and December.

Even though October is autumn in the Northern hemisphere, it is spring in the Southern hemisphere. It is equivalent to our month of April.


How to Tell It Is October

A person can always tell it is October because it is the month when leaves change colors and fall from the trees. The first frost of the year usually comes in October. There are two holidays in October. One is a legal national holiday while the other one is just a fun day for kids and some adults.

Columbus Day comes on the second Monday in October every year. In 2022, it falls on Monday, October 10. Interestingly, that date is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. Halloween always comes on October 31 no matter what day of the week it falls on. In 2022, it is on a Monday.

The day honoring Christopher Columbus is a public holiday in many states, but not in all of them. Government offices and post offices are closed on Columbus Day. However, check to see if schools are closed in your area because they are not required to close. The same goes for banks.

October Birthstones, Zodiac Signs, and Flower

People born in October probably already know that there are two birthstones.

  • Tourmaline
  • Opal

October's zodiac signs:

  • Libra (September 23-October 22)
  • Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

October's birth flower is the Calendula.

Observances in October

Adopt a Shelter Dog Day Month

October 4 is National Taco Day.

Columbus Day is observed on October 11

National Coming Out Day on October 11

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

National Arts & Humanities Month

Halloween is celebrated on October 31

More United States Presidents were born in October than in any other month.

Dates in OctoberPresidents of the United States

October 1, 1924

Jimmy Carter

October 4, 1822

Rutherford Hayes

October 5, 1829

Chester Arthur

October 14, 1890

Dwight Eisenhower

October 27, 1858

Teddy Roosevelt

October 30, 1735

John Adams

Presidents Who Died in October

Only two of the United States Presidents died in October.

  • Franklin Pierce - October 8, 1869
  • Herbert Hoover - October 20, 1964
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Celebrities Born in October

  • October 1: Zach Galifianakis. Julie Andrews, Randy Quaid. ...
  • October 2: Sting, Kelly Ripa
  • October 3: Clive Owen, Gwen Stefani
  • October 4: Dakota Johnson, Susan Sarandon, Alicia Silverstone
  • October 5: Kate Winslet
  • October 6: Leslie Moonves
Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell

  • October 7: Simon Cowell, Joy Behar
  • October 8: Matt Damon, Nick Cannon, Bruno Mars, Sigourney Weaver
  • October 9: Sharon Osbourne, Tony Shalhoub, John O'Hurley
  • October 10: Mario Lopez
  • October 11: Luke Perry
  • October 13: Paul Simon, Kelly Preston
  • October 15: Penny Marshall
  • October 16: Angela Lansbury, Suzanne Somers
  • October 17: Eminem
  • October 18: Zac Efron, Jean-Claude Van Damme
  • October 19: John Lithgow
  • October 20: Snoop Dogg, Tom Petty
Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West

  • October 21: Kim Kardashian West
  • October 23: Ryan Reynolds
  • October 24: Kevin Kline, Drake
  • October 26: Seth MacFarlane, Jaclyn Smith
  • October 27: Kelly Osbourne
  • October 28: Julia Roberts, Annie Potts, Joaquin Phoenix

Things to Buy in October

October is not the best month to buy everything, but it is a great time to buy jeans. Retailers are starting to discount them after the back-to-school season. Some stores offer good deals to give customers incentives to help them clear their shelves so they can stock them with winter items.

The tenth month of the year is a good time to stock up on outdoor items. Take inventory of your camping gear, grills, patio furniture, and outdoor furnishings. Buy them this month if you need them. Next summer, you will be glad you did.

Things Not to Buy in October

You might be tempted to buy certain items in October, but not many items are on sale. If you need a new vacuum cleaner or other floor care appliance, try to wait until November when they will be on sale. Cleaning appliances are not on sale until early spring.

You will pay more if you purchase major electronic appliances in October. Therefore, try to get the most out of your computers and televisions a little while longer. You can get the best deals if you can wait until Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving.

October Trivia

The last week in October is the only time of the entire year when all four major American sports have games at the same time.

  • Major League Baseball (MLB)
  • National Hockey League (NHL)
  • National Football League (NFL)
  • National Basketball Association (NBA)


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