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Nightmare Before Christmas Gifts


A touching yet slightly twisted love story with an evil plot to take over Christmas. Tim Burton's tale has become a classic with fans the world over. These gifts and accessories will enliven your decor from Halloween to Christmas. For all you fans we have pulled together a long list of great gifts & goodies.

Sababa's Nightmare Before Christmas Scrabble® board game combines the ageless game of Scrabble® that everyone loves to play, with the spooky, macabre images of the hit movie Nightmare Before Christmas. It's the ultimate word challenge of Scrabble® with a scary twist. With a special Nightmare Before Christmas themed game board and word challenges, this Scrabble® edition is a must for anyone seeking a spine-tingling word adventure. Find out what happens when the King of Halloween discovers Christmas Town! The game includes 1 Nightmare Before Christmas Glow-in-the-dark Game Board, 100 Glow-in-the-dark Letter Tiles, 1 Letter Bag, 4 Tile Racks, 4 Character Inserts and Instructions. Plus, a 50 word Bonus Dictionary! Hours of fun play for 2 to 4 players.


Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Celebrating Our Love

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Heads Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Head S & P Shakers are made of ceramic & would look great on any holiday table!

Neca Nightmare Before Christmas Pewter "Jack Bite" Door Knocker

Nightmare Before Christmas Tim Burton Movie Jack Bite Pewter Door Knocker. This unique piece of home decor based on the popular Halloween favorite makes a great decoration for the home of any Tim Burton fan. This sturdy pewter doorknocker measures 5.5" X 3.75" and includes mounting hardware. Makes great gift for any fan of the Nightmare Before Christmas movie.


Neca Nightmare Before Christmas "Jack Head" Ornaments

Nightmare Before Christmas "Jack Head" Ornaments is from the mind of Tim Burton. The Christmas ornament is from Halloween to Christmas. This is a great gift for children during Christmas holidays from Neca.

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack O' Lanterns Votive Holder

Nightmare Before Christmas Resin Jack-o-Lanterns Votive Holder from the NECA Nightmare Before Christmas Collection. Wicked 3-votive candle holder featuring three Jack-o-Lanterns on a base that has "Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas." Votive holder measures about 7" wide x 4" deep x 3" tall and comes packaged in a decorative gift box with foam inserts.


This Is Halloween - Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas - 2014 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament

Funko Disney POP Jack Skellington Plush

Add a little Funko to your stylish collection with this super cute 7" tall plush. Jack is all dressed up & ready for the big night in his dapper black and white suit.

Neca Nightmare Before Christmas Diary with Lock

Nightmare Before Christmas Diary with lock is from the mind of Tim Burton. The diary with locket is from halloween to christmas. This is a great gift for children during Christmas holidays from Neca.


Disney the Nightmare Before Christmas Wall Calendar (2015)

The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington White Peruvian Knit Hat

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Shake off the chills with this hauntingly warm fleece lined knit hat with Jack's ghoulish face. Quality embroidery and felt eyes.


Disney PookaLooz Plush Doll Oogie Boogie

Who makes a better cuddle buddy than Oogie Boogie?

Nightmare Before Christmas Revoltech SciFi Super Poseable Action Figure #005 Jack Skellington

Nightmare Before Christmas Revoltech SciFi Super Poseable Action Figure #005 Jack Skellington

Nightmare Before Christmas Revoltech SciFi Super Poseable Action Figure #005 Jack Skellington

Nightmare Before Christmas Revoltech SciFi Super Poseable Action Figure #005 Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington gets the Revoltech treatment! Loaded with accessories and interchangeable parts!

Neca Nightmare Before Christmas Hanging Heads with Wreaths Set of 2


Neca Hanging Heads with Wreaths Set of 2

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tim Burton Set of 2 Wreath Ornaments. This great set of ornaments makes the perfect touch to complete any Christmas tree. A great gift for any occasion!

Westland Giftware 26-Ounce Ceramic Teapot, 7.25-Inch, Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Zero

Jack's got just the place to stash your treats with help from a spider friend on the lid in back. Hand wash only. Wash thoroughly before first use. 9'' H x 9 5/8'' W x 9 7/8'' D.


Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Plush Head Slippers

Very comfy and soft Nightmare Before Christmas Slippers

Slippers have textured sole.

Perfect for wearing around the house.

Sole dimension is approximately 10.25 x 5 Inch

Disney "Nightmare Before Christmas, Thin Jack Suit" Adult Comfy Throw

Cover yourself from head to toe in Jack Skellington heads. Super soft fleece blanket with sleeves gives you the warmth of a throw with the benefit of leaving your hands free. 48 inches x 71 inches.


Nightmare Before Christmas Operation


Well, well, well. What have we here? It's Oogie Boogie with a host of ghoulish ailments. Put on your scrubs and enter Dr. Finkelstein's lab to perform surgery on the Boogie Man in Operation - The Nightmare Before Christmas Collector's Edition! It will take a steady hand to get rid of Oogie's crawling flesh, spider veins, snake eyes and more. Watch out for Oogie's revenge. If you surgery fails, Oogie will let you know. So, let the incision begin before Oogie dies laughing!

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Anything with NMBC stuff on it is great! I have seen products on this lens that I haven't seen anywhere else! Great job!

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My kids are a little young for this, but I like it!

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great to see all the NMBC stuff on one lens and some ideas for Christmas presents too!

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so much cool stuff i want it all

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You've arranged for plenty of Nightmare Before Chrisymas fun here!

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Our daughter is a fan, we gave her the Monopoly game last year

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love it

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I love that NMBC has become so popular, even though it wasn't when it first was released. I love that Tiffany lamp! Lensrolled to my Jack and Sally costumes lens.

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I like the snowman bobble head lol. My sister collects snowmen with a Christmas theme, but I don't think she'd like that one as much as I do. Lots of interesting stuff to choose from.

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i luv th e nightmare befor christmas! it's the best movie ever!! i have all the hoodies!! best Tim Burton Movie yet!!1

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With these items i was able to create a baby room theme it looks awesome.

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oooooooh i love jack

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Cool stuff! After all these years I've still never seen this movie. Shame on me.

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