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Funny Newlywed Game Questions for a Christmas or Valentine's Party

The Newlywed Game can be entertaining for couples of all ages.

The Newlywed Game can be entertaining for couples of all ages.

Scouring the internet for sample newlywed game questions? Are you wanting funny questions to ask while playing the "Not-So-Newlywed" game? Are you hosting a couples party and searching for some fun entertainment and games to play?

The newlywed game is sure to bring laughs, and of course, embarrass the players. It will be a memorable event and a great photo moment.

Newlywed Game Episode Clip

To play the newlywed game, have the wives leave while the husbands are asked questions and vice versa. Whoever answers the most questions correctly, wins!

Be sure to provide them with a nice prize for their willingness to play the game. You should have prizes for all of the contestants. Some prize ideas are date night gift cards (restaurant, coffee shop, etc), romantic gift basket, and home décor.

Below are some sample newlywed game questions for your next party.

Does your wife ever use your razor to shave her legs?

This one is intrusive and personal, but not too raunchy. Ask the guys this question, and then ask the wives if they ever use their husband's razor to shave their legs.

Have you (the wife) ever worn a girdle?

This question is directed at the wives, of course, and then the husbands will be asked, "Has your wife every worn a girdle?" This can be especially funny if older couples are playing the game.

How many tattoos does your wife have?

With this question,guests will definitely learn who has tattoos and who doesn't!

What is your husband's strangest quirk?

This might be a challenging one, but that's the point of the game. The wives might share strange quirks such as always wears two socks, etc.

Does your wife sing in the shower?

This is another personal, but not too sleazy, question. It is also fairly easy and most husbands should get it correct. For a bonus, ask which songs she sings.

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Which of the following Valentine's Gifts would your wife prefer the most?

This one is a multiple choice question. You can ask which gift they would prefer A) A Dozen Roses B) A Full Body Massage C) A Box of Chocolates or D) Dinner and a Movie. Ask he husbands this question, then ask the wives which of these gifts they'd like the most. Hopefully at least one couple will get this question correct.

Has your husband ever been on TV?

Yes, high school sport games count. As the wives this question, then ask the guys if they've been been on TV.

Which would your husband least like to do: go shopping with you or cleaning the toilets?

This is definitely a strange question, but can be somewhat humorous! You might learn who cleans the toilets in the household.

Who is the most patient?

You might learn a little bit more about everyone's personality with this question! You could narrow it down if you want, and ask something such as "Who is the most patient with rush hour traffic?" or "Who is the most patient with telemarketers?"

Who is the most athletic?

You'll learn more about everyone's fitness abilities with this question.

If your spouse were to be an ocean animal, which one would it be?

This is a very odd question, but, it's the Newlywed Game! Perhaps some contestants will say "angelfish" or "dolphin."

Does your spouse floss his/her teeth?

This question is slightly rude and embarrassing, but it could be very entertaining for the guests. You'll learn more about the couple's dental hygiene habits for sure.

What item of clothing would you like your wife to throw away?

This one is sure to get some funny answers. Some husbands might complain about their wives yoga pants, sweats, or oversized t-shirts. You might even hear about who wears pajamas with holes in them.

What childhood pet(s) did your spouse have?

Not all couples will get this one right. Hopefully some wives and husbands will know about the dog/ cat/ fish / tarantula / iguana that his or her spouse owned as a child

This are just ten fun and somewhat intrusive questions for the newlywed game or not-so-newlywed game. If you are still needing some questions, please be sure to read "Clean Newlywed Game Questions for a Valentine's Party."

Have fun! Happy Partying!

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