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New Years Blog

Its not just the things we dream up, but also the crazy things we do just in responding to life and its impromptu situations that define us.


New Years Rez; A great time to reset, to start over. Start working on things I've neglected and stop over-working things I can't change or control: Let the flowers grow that got in the good soil, and let the seeds die that got into bad soil. Change the soil that I can, so that new crops can be planted. Ask forgiveness from the people or things I've abused, and purpose that life and friendship is to be treasured but not hoarded. Give some things, Give up some things; Share more as a person, and give more encouragement and smiles and care more for the feelings of others. Don't stop when you get bad, or get mad, but try to end it up being glad, and that's only gonna result when you soften the sad, redact the bad and eliminate the mad. In the end you gonna smile, and just love it all. Its the workings of life; the ups and the downs, the smiles and the frowns, the joke-sters and the clowns, but also the purposeful and the achievers of life, who add meaning to the otherwise empty-minded and recyclers of refuse. Its making life its best, by giving the evils no place to rest. Chase away the doom and the pain, and bring sweet healing water of change. Let new flowers grow, and become the paradigm of progress in the next 12 months!

© 2021 Oscar Jones

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