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My Review of the Hopebox Subscription Box

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There are so many subscription boxes out there on the market these days. One need just open social media and you are met with a barrage of advertisements. Always the same things though: makeup, snacks, pet items, etc. It just seems that there are no fresh subscription box ideas out there—or so I thought until a friend recently tagged me in a social media post for a subscription box company that was hosting a small giveaway on their Facebook page.

I had never heard of Hopebox before. I found the name alone intriguing and decided to look into it and see what this particular subscription box was all about. If you have been following my articles for long, you know by now that I love artisan, handmade, and good ole products made in the USA.

Hopebox delivered on all of my go-tos when looking for items that support local, and US manufacturing in one single subscription box. So I decided to give it a try, grab my very own subscription box, and share my thoughts with you.


What Is Hopebox?

Hopebox is a unique subscription with 10+ items that are not just a gift, but uplifting as well. We all have friends and family that just need a little something to lift their spirits and give them hope. Hopebox delivers just that, with a personalized message for that person's situation. Hopebox is not just a yearly subscription service, you have the option to choose from a single month, 6 months or even a full year.

I like the options of a single month for the box, since many times our family and friends would benefit from just one box instead of an entire year.

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The Box Contents

I expected a nice box just based on the advertising image on the Hopebox website and social media. Honestly, I was blown away at the quality of what I received and how well it came packaged. I received:

  • A personalized message just for me tailored to my situation losing my Dad to cancer.
  • A hand-crocheted massaging spa soap sack
  • A luxury house tea tin win tea inside.
  • A hand-carved candle holder with scented tea light candle.
  • A primitive sheep plush.
  • 3 pack of bath bombs.
  • A lip balm tin.
  • An inspiring bookmark.
  • A handcrafted "you are loved" card.
  • An inspirational book.

I really did not expect so much to be so carefully tucked in my box. What I really enjoyed was a corresponding card letting me know who made all the items, and where they are located. Since I had the card I was able to track down my favorite items and their artisans for future purchases.

My Impressions of the Hopebox Subscription

My overall impressions of the Hopebox were that it offers not just high-quality items, but also hope. My box arrived shortly after father's day, and the timing was perfect. This was only my second Father's Day since my Dad passed away, and to say I was having a hard time, was an understatement.

When my box arrived, I carefully unwrapped it and cried as I read the message addressed to me. The message was not just some card that someone picked up in the stationary aisle of Walmart or Target. It was a message personalized for me and my situation. I cannot imagine how kind-hearted and thoughtful the person responsible for writing the messages must be in person. I personally think they need raise, the letter is your first greeting when you open your box. It completely set the stage for all the wonderful gifts in the box.

Everything seemed to fit an overall theme of uplifting hope and relaxation. Tea for drinking, a soothing candle with an amazing scent, all the way to bath bombs and a book for reading while you soak away your worries in the tub.

I know exactly where to go now for those moments when friends are going through the loss of a loved one, depressed or even just everyday life getting them down. When you don't know what to say to help someone but want them to know you care, send a Hopebox and let them say it for you.

© 2017 Cynthia Hoover

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