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My Halloween Costume

Why dressing up like your favorite horror movie icon can be so satisfying and a triumph?

Monsters, serial killers, zombies, ghosts and demons are always been a part of Halloween. The time of the years when kids and adults are dressed up like their favorites characters. We all have different kinds of likes when it comes to transformation depending how we feel comfortable while gleefully portraying our favorite character.

Me as Jason Voorhees in a low budget.

Me as Jason Voorhees in a low budget.

Halloween Party.

Our company have been doing Halloween parties for just twice only one during 2019 and this recent week. We could have made it during 2020 and 2021 if it weren’t for the pandemic that cancelled such events and if so, I could have introduced my co-workers how horror-fanatic I am. A month or two it was announced that there will be a Halloween party and we needed to be prepared. I had many choices but as I have ran out of time to prepare and fund to spend I just thought I could do a Jason Voorhees theme; at first it was a Michael Myers “The Shape” costume but the set for the costume was too expensive so I just copied slightly Jason though it roughly resembles him but As long as I have the Creepy hockey mask and the machete with my large physique then I am good to go. But I know for the fact that to create a perfect Jason you need to portray him as good as possible. For me, it was too damn easy, why? Loving a character all these years can make you wanna be in his shoes for once (not literally to become a machete-wielding mass-murderer but just a character.

Jason Voorhees

I dreamed for the Jason character since I was a kid.

I began to watch the Friday the 13th films when I was probably in my elementary days and not jus that movie but every other movie in the Slasher Film genre. I was in such confusion as to who I was going to create, The Shape was pretty badass only that Michael’s for was too fit and not like Jason that was too bulky. I loved them both but I have to go with Jason, he was big and bulky just like how I am being imaged though I had a huge tummy I could just wear it off with black. I bought a cheap replica of a Hockey Mask and weather it off like those of Jason’s past fatalities that lead into the Mask becoming more withered, and lastly I made a machete from a thin wooden plank. Then there I go a cheap rip-off of Jason, anyways wearing the mask and weilding the fake machete was awesome, the vibe was there I never thought that I could now have the time to portray such character. He is an Icon though, as a horror fan it was an amazing feeling to carry and introduce the to the people the things you adore.

The Trio of Terror

October 31, Halloween Party, we are all dressed up and good to go. Meeting my co-workers on their costumes I was in awe they really made an effort to make Halloween much better, as I look for others, I finally found the specific characters I was really looking into, I saw Leatherface and Freddy Krueger, and damn! Halloween party here we go! There are so many characters my co-workers have portrayed, there sre witches, zombies, vampires, ghosts and others but there were just the 3 of us who wore such iconic characters though only one of us won which is Leatherface because he was really in character LF was wild and noisy with his chainsaw with while Jason and Freddy was the stealthly silent type. We may have the cheap rip-off of our costumes but still the eagerness and excitement is there. When I was in that halloween party I was like a kid that wanted to play different characters just to fullfill my desire to portray the horror icons that I once dreamed of doing.

Overall it was a fun night, it was amazing and I cannot wait for next year for me to once again do my favorite characters.

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Leatherface, Freddy Kueger, and Jason Voorhees

Leatherface, Freddy Kueger, and Jason Voorhees

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