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Mother's Day Holiday



We humans always try to keep remembering our good times. Whenever we meet our old friend we talk about our old memories. We say our old jokes and laugh at them. We try to live our old days once again. It delights us to keep the remembrance of our good old days.

Remembrance of a friendship or any other relationship is quite personal and limited. But, when a community or a nation collectively wants to keep the remembrance of an event or a day with which they all are associated. We get national days, cultural festivals, and religious festivals.

Days like these have some event that happened on that day. In this way, the remembrance of the day is actually because of that event. But some days are considered as a holiday and are celebrated in most of the countries but there’s not any event associated with that. They are not in the remembrance of any event rather they are the remembrance of a cause

Mothering Sunday

In the middle ages, it was the custom developed of people coming back to their parental home or churches on the fourth Sunday of the Lent season. At that time, it was common for children of 10 years to leave their parental home or town for work. So, it was considered as an opportunity for family reunions. It was known as “Mothering Sunday” in Britain. People often refer to this as Mother’s Day, but it is not related to the traditional mother’s day.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year. The British mother’s day is something different and is celebrated in the Lent season rather than the second Sunday of May which is associated with the US.

Origin of Mother’s Day

On May 12, 1907, a woman called Anna Jarvis held a small memorial service of her mother, from then this idea started getting popular in most of America. In 1914, the president of the US made it a national holiday, which is the second Sunday of May. There are a lot of countries that celebrate this day on other dates. But American mother’s day is most popular.

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As it came from American culture, they are two types of people, and both with different reasons and beliefs.

Traditions of Mother’s Day

As I said earlier, that these are the days that are celebrated in the remembrance of a cause instead of an event. As we all know that this day is actually to be thankful to our mothers for everything they’ve done for us. This is the day to appreciate them for doing the best they could do for us. There’s also a traditional food item associated with Mothering Sunday is Simnel Cake, which is a type of fruit cake with two layers of almond paste.

Two types of views of people

This is the belief of the first type of people. They say that we should celebrate it. This is an occasion to appreciate our mothers for their efforts.

The second type of people is those who believe that we shouldn’t be there to appreciate them for a day. We shouldn’t be showing love to them for a day. Rather we should always respect them, we should always show love for them.


Whenever someone holds a view about something it solely depends on their mindset which is based on their culture, society, norms, values, and ideologies. In other ways, we can say “perception.” People who are away from their parents, it’s a good opportunity for them to have a good time with family.

And on the other side, people who have the latter view are the people who have observed this behavior that most of the people don’t even try to maintain a good relationship with their parents. But then for a day they go and have some time with their parents. After that one day, they become normal and till the other event of this category never try to maintain a healthy relationship with their parents.

At last, both of the views are reasonable in their place. But at the end of the day, they’re still views and people always have different views about different things.

© 2021 Waqar George Gill

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