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Mother's Day Gift Guide


Mothers' everywhere around the world make countless sacrifices for their children every day. It is important that we all appreciate our mother's every day for taking care of us and nurturing us from day one. This Mother’s Day make sure to truly show how grateful you are for them by getting them the perfect present to brighten up their day.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, if you are still stuck on what to get your mother, specially with the constraints that we are facing due to the current pandemic, here are 5 easy gift ideas that you can get for your mother.

Treat Her to a Spa Day


A spa day is the perfect way to treat your mom who works tirelessly every day to take care of your family. It would have been great to go to a luxurious spa where you could have gotten relaxing massages and facials. However, due to the current situation with the pandemic, it is important that all of us maintain social distance and take care of our health.

Therefore, the next best alternative is to create a care package where your mother can take the day off for herself and treat herself. The care package could include a comfortable robe, fuzzy slippers, some delicious smelling candles, face masks, bath bombs and salts and more that you can simply order from online for the perfect self-care day.

Virtual Yoga or Pilates Classes


While staying at home, it has become increasingly hard to stay active and to make sure that you do not become lethargic. Also, working from home or staying at home for long periods of time can be emotionally draining. The best way to relieve some stress, to make sure you are being active and healthy would be to follow a yoga session, Pilates class or even a dance class online.

There are many classes available online where a professional trainer can help you out and come up with a personalised training session for you. This could be a great way to bond with your mom and to stay fit together!

Customised Digital Illustration

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Rather than getting a normal boring picture frame for your mom, a great way to personalize your gift is by getting a digital illustrator to work on a picture of you and your mom! There are various digital illustrators available online, especially on Instagram who you can get in touch with and commission a piece specially for Mother's Day.

I would recommend doing a thorough research beforehand about ideas and speak to the artist as well. to explore different options depending on your budget and preferences when coming up with an idea for an art piece.

Unforgettable Italian Fine Dining Experience


Take your mom out on this special day for a meal that she will never forget! Dress up and enjoy a fine dining experience at Galle Fort. It’s a great place to explore the rich colonial history and to enjoy a great meal at one of the many restaurants present in Galle Fort.

If your mom is a fan of Italian food and Italian wine, then the best place to take her would be to AQUA Forte. She will be able to enjoy an unforgetting fine dining experience as she tastes delectable Italian dishes paired with some of the finest Italian wines for a true taste of Italy.

The best about dining at AQUA Forte is that you will be able to have a private dining experience without having to worry about avoiding large crowds. Also, the overall experience is like stepping into a modern restaurant in Italy rooted in Galle Fort, which is great, specially if you miss traveling.

Gorgeous Floral Arrangement


Everyone loves a gorgeous floral arrangement, flowers can help cheer anyone up. Get your mom her favourite flowers on this special day.

You could also opt to get a house plant that could be a gorgeous centerpiece, and this would last a lot longer than flowers!

This could even be paired with a box of chocolates for an extra special present. There are delicious truffle boxes or several flavoured chocolate boxes that you can mix and match. These boxes are available on Instagram, where you can easily order and get it delivered to your house hassle free.

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