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Motherhood's Finest Specimen

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It’s the time of the year, when people around the world celebrates and honour their beloved mothers, wives, sisters and grandmothers. It’s the mother’s day, a day dedicated to mark the beauty of motherhood. The unconditional love that we get to see from our mothers is truly worthy and priceless. From giving birth to upbringing their children, the suffering and sacrifices all mothers endure describe their generous nature and faithfulness.

In that sense, a day for recognizing all mothers in their journey of endurance is indeed a necessary action. In appreciation towards mothers, the modern day celebration of mothers might include family gatherings, cards, flowers, chocolates, clothing, jewelry, accessories, hobby supplies, equipment and tools, handmade items, or a day out with mothers and mother figures. While, since the mother’s day celebration has its roots to Christianity, many modern-day Christians of all denominations participate by offering a special mother's day service where children recite a poem or message, gifts are given, mothers are honoured through special acts, sermons and prayers.

Nonetheless, it is also likely that to celebrate motherhood one doesn't necessarily need to be a mother physically, and some women may not have been able to become mothers despite their desire. It has been revealed in many stories that even if they aren't mothers, women are unconditionally loving and generous. Take a look at Mother Teresa for instance; we all know her story and her generosity in helping the poor. In the same vein, there are more examples of women who have exemplified motherhood in their lives. One such example is the story of Lou Xiaoying, the Chinese woman who resembles Mother Teresa.

Lou Xiaoying; The Generous Mother

It is as if Mother's Day would be worthless without paying tribute to the likes of Mother Teresa and Lou Xiaoying. It is perhaps through their generousness, the humanity is still in existence.

Lou Xiaoying, is a Chinese woman from eastern China’s Zhejiang’s province, a scavenger who saved 30 abandoned babies from trash leaps. It was during the period, when the Communist Party of China imposed one child policy in its effort to control the population growth and ease the strain on its resources. Families were prohibited from having more than one child under the penalty of fine. On the other hand, it is also likely known that Chinese culture prioritizes boys, thus many infant girls were thrown away by couples who wanted a son. According to source, about 400 million babies were prevented from birth in China from 1979 to 2015.

Lou's story began in 1972, when she found the first little girl left to die in the garbage in no position to survive; she took the baby home and raised her as her own. Since then, Lou together with her late husband continued her generous work and saved nearly about 30 babies out of which she personally raised four, while others were taken in by families and friends. While, Lou was 82 years old, she rescued the last baby from a trash, a baby boy whom she named Qiling.

Lou Xiaoying

Lou Xiaoying

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“I don’t have many days left, but what I want to see most of all is for…[7-year-old Qiling] to go to school. That way, even after I am gone, there will be no regrets left in my life,” Lou said in her hospital bed while battling for her life in 2012

Lou Xiaoying

Lou Xiaoying


This is one kind of a story that needs to be told again and again, it has the potential to perceive and inspire many. Among us are some heroes, she is one of them. The selfless act that she had shown is the finest example of real motherhood. Despite a life of hardship traversing the streets and sifting through other people's garbage, which is often filthy and stinky, she recycled something important that is human lives.

It is quiet unknown whether she is still alive or dead, but the legacy she has shown us can change the lives of many. This mother’s day, the story of Lou can simply teach and encourage all the mothers or mother figures in their journey of endurance.

They are a rare breed of people who do not need a cape, as they fly with the power of their hearts. Money gets you a long way, but compassion, coupled with a dogged will to act, finds avenues where there are none.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day: its origin

It dates back to the Ancient Greeks to commemorate motherhood on Mother's Day. It was during the spring festival, they celebrated the goddess Rhea considered the mother of gods. In connection with goddess Rhea, the Romans revered Cybele, another mother goddess.

In addition to that as far back as the 16th century, Mothering Sunday has been a part of the Christian calendar in the UK. However, It was originally not a celebration of Motherhood, but an occasion during Lent when people returned to their mother church - the main church - for a special service.

While, the popularity and modern day celebration of Mother's day can be credited to a woman name Anna Jarvis who held a small memorial service for her own mother on 12 May 1907. The day was observed soon after by most of America, and in 1914, the US president made it a national holiday. Today, Mother's Day is celebrated in about 152 countries on different dates depending on where you live.

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