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Halloween Games for Kids


In my previous hub I covered some great party ideas including really fun games for kids of all ages; but there are so many great ideas out there, it was hard to stop! This topic literally begged for another hub. We’ve played these games at our parties as well, and they are just as fun as the ideas I previously shared. Many are non-Halloween games that have been adapted for the season and are every bit as fun. Enjoy the season!

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Musical Chairs

This is a classic kids’ game, but so fun to watch the kids scrambling for their chairs while dressed in crazy costumes. We play a combination of current dance tunes and haunted treasures like Monster Mash! In the unlikely event that you haven’t played musical chairs, it goes like this…

Place enough chairs in a circle, facing outward, for each player, minus one. When the music starts, the kids walk or dance in a circle around the chairs. When the music stops, the kids scramble to sit down. There will be one child that does not get a chair. That child is out. Remove one chair and start again. Repeat this process until you’re down to two kids and only one chair. The last child sitting is the winner.


Bubble Gum Diving Relays

What could be more fun than a pie shell full of whipped cream and bubble gum? This game is played in teams. We play outdoors, but if weather is not cooperative, you’ll want to play on a tile floor or place a tarp under your table. Divide players into equal number teams. Each player is covered in a black plastic garbage bag with a hole cut out for their head to poke through. Each team gets one pie shell full of whipped cream, into which one piece of bubble gum per player is hidden. When the facilitator says “GO” the first person in line sticks their face into the pie shell and roots around until they find a piece of gum. The next player in line does the same and so on, until each player has found their gum. The facilitator may need to add more whipped cream periodically so that each player gets plenty sticky and it is just as hard to find their gum.


Bobbing for Apples

This is a great game to play right after Bubble Gum Diving because it helps the kids wash up! Simply fill tubs with water and float one apple per kid in the tubs. The first kid in line for each team sticks their face in the tub and bites into an apple and pulls it out with their teeth. This continues until each player has retrieved their apple. I got great Halloween tubs at Party City for about $5.00 each.

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Sack Races

I got great sacks for this at Oriental Trading Company. They were sold in bunches of 12 for about $12.00 and had pumpkin designs on them. I place a hay bale for each team about 25 yards from where the teams line up. When the facilitator says “GO” the first person in line, wearing the sack, hops to the hay bale and back. They trade the sack to the second person in line who does the same thing. This continues until the first team has finished. I usually play loud music during the game to keep the kids moving and hyped up.


Pumpkin Bowling

It’s bowling, but with pumpkins! You’ll need at least 10 two liter bottles, each filled with water. They must be filled completely because if they’re only weighted at the bottom, they won’t fall. You’ll also need several small pumpkins that are as round as you can possibly find them. Do not get overripe or slightly rotted pumpkins or they will break too easily. Set the bottles up as you would bowling pins, about 10 yards from the bowlers. You can keep score just like you would with regular bowling. If you have a lot of guests, you may choose to set up 2 to 3 lanes and divide into teams.

Bloody Tag

You’ll need a plain white tee shirt and a red permanent marker for each player. Each player wears a plain white tee shirt. Select a safe house (like your front porch). When the facilitator says “GO” the players run and try to tag each other by swiping their markers on the tee shirts. The safe house is off limits, but players cannot remain at the safe house for more than 10 seconds at a time. The game is played in 10 to 15 minute increments before the facilitator yells, “STOP.” Then the players see who has been tagged the most, by whose tee shirt is “bloodiest.” This isn’t really a game with winners and losers, it’s just good fun and a good way for the kids to burn off energy.

Scream Bloody Murder

This is also a variation on hide and seek and includes a person who is IT. Whomever is “IT” closes their eyes while the others hide and “IT” counts to midnight (i.e. 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00…). Upon reaching midnight, IT calls out, “It’s midnight…Scream Bloody Murder!!) and begins to search for the others. When they find someone the chase is on until they tag them. Whomever is tagged first becomes the next person to be “IT.” This game continues for a specified duration or until the kids decide not to play any longer.

Ghost Stories

Kids love scary stories. You can encourage kids to bring their own favorite ghost stories to tell, or have your own prepared in advance. Turn the lights off. The storyteller uses a flashlight to illuminate their face from beneath the chin, creating an eerie effect. Storytellers should embellish their stories with facial expressions, voice inflections and evil laughter. One variation that always works well is to tell a story about a haunted laboratory or morgue in which body parts of the doomed have been saved. As each body part is described, bowls of “body parts” are passed around. These include cooked and cooled cauliflower for brains, cooked macaroni for guts, peeled grapes for eyeballs, chicken bones for skeletal fingers, a calf liver for liver, etc.

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