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Mole Day: October 23

I love everything weird and colorful in this world and I try to live a life that will make the world a little better once I'm gone.


How to Celebrate Chemistry's Greatest Holiday: Mole Day

October 23 is Mole Day! It is the day we celebrate the mole. No, not mole the animal, and not mole the congenital growth; not mole the sauce, or even mole the spy. Mole Day celebrates the mole that is a SI unit measuring the quantity of a substance. And, scientists (who are known for letting loose and partying) have a great time on Mole Day.

So let loose, you chemistry freaks, and have a day filled with pun.

So, What Is Mole Day?

Explanation of Chemistry's Most Cherished Holiday

Mole Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated scientists, specifically chemists on October 23, between 6:02am and 6:02pm.

The holiday day celebrates the mole, a scientific unit measuring the quantity of a substance which is used in chemistry. The term mole is likely derived from the german word Molekül meaning molecule. The first usage in English dates from 1897, in a work translated from German.Some sources place the date of first usage in English as 1902.

The date and time of Mole Day is a direct result of Avogadro's constant which defines the number of particles (atoms or molecules) in a mole. Avogadro's constant is 6.02 Ã 10^23.

Mole Day is widely celebrated, predominatly in educational institutions, and is quite a tradition in High Schools in the United States and Canada. One of the great traditions of Mole Day is the pun, and the dorkier the better. It is science after all, we embrace dorky.

Last Year's Theme: Molar Eclipse - Happy Mole Day To You!

A Molar Eclipse of the Heart!

Mole Day Recipes - Mole Day Foods

Bringing a snack to the party? Then you need a festive food. These are a few ideas for what to bring:

Stop Moletion Animation - Very Cool Mole Day Project Done in Stop Motion Animation

Featuring a Molar Bear, a Mollet, and a Molestache!

Mole Day Sewing & Knitting - Patterns & Instructions For Making a Mole

This is the classic Mole Day Project: Make a Mole. These are the basic instructions to make a few different varieties. Once you have a mole, you have to give it personality.

Mole Characters

One molement please!

If you are making a mole for Mole Day and need ideas for a theme for it, or if you are making a Mole Day video, consider these ideas for mole characters. If you think of any other great ideas, put them in the guestbook at the bottom of the page.

Nicki Molaj (Nicki Minaj)

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Bruno Moles (Bruno Mars)

Holy Moly (priest, nun, rabbi, ...)

Molechael Jackson (Michael Jackson)

Mole-bama (Obama)

Angelina Molie (Angelina Jolie)

Marilyn Moleroe (Marilyn Monroe) plus she has a mole!

Moledemort (Voldemort)

The Mole-sen Twins (the Olsen Twins)

Cheech Mole-in (Cheech Marin)

Drew Barrymole (Drew Barrymore)

Moley Cyrus / Hanna Moletana (Miley Cyrus / Hanna Montana)

Napoleon Dynamole (Napoleon Dynamite)

Em-mole-em (Eminem)

Moledonna (Madonna)

Beyonce Moles (Beyonce Knowles)

Molan (Mulan)

Molechael Phelps (Michael Phelps)

Moley Ringwald (Molly Ringwald)

Demi Mole (Demi Moore)

Eli Moling (Eli Manning) / Peyton Moling (Peyton Manning)

David Letermole (David Letterman)

Mol'nique (Mo'Nique)

Tim MolGraw (Tim McGraw)

Natalie Portmole (Natalie Portman)

The Little Mermole (The Little Mermaid)

Mole Day Songs

Mole Clipart & Printables

You can find some clipart you can use to decorate your classroom, or to add to a poster or other project here:

Pledge of Allegiance

When saying the pledge of allegiance to the U.S. flag, one faces the flag. If no flag is present, one should face our nation's capitol, Washington D.C. When saying the pledge to the mole, a real mole is usually not present. So, one should bend over and face the earth!

I pledge allegiance to the mole, and to the science from which it comes, one SI unit, extremely divisible, with micromoles and millimoles for all.

(By: R. Thomas Myers - Kent State University, Kent, OH)

I pledge allegiance to the mole, to the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, and to the atomic mass for which it stands, one number, most divisible, with atoms and molecules for all.

(By: Sylvia Cooper - Morgantown High School, Morgantown, WV)


Avogadro's Law

aka: Avogadro's theory, Avogadro's hypothesis

Avogadro's Law is a principle stated in 1811 by the Italian chemist Amedeo Avogadro (1776-1856). (That's the handsome Avogadro to the right.)

"equal volumes of gases at the same temperature and pressure contain the same number of molecules regardless of their chemical nature and physical properties".

This number (Avogadro's number) is 6.023 X 1023.

It is the number of molecules of any gas present in a volume of 22.41 L and is the same for the lightest gas (hydrogen) as for a heavy gas such as carbon dioxide or bromine.

Avogadro's number (conventionally represented by N' in chemical calculations) is now considered to be the number of atoms present in 12 grams of the carbon-12 isotope (one mole of carbon 12) and can be applied to any type of chemical entity.

Why is the mole significant? What can we do with it?

Send A Mole Day Greeting Card

Creative Mole Day Projects

Mole Puppets

Put together a mole puppet show with a stuffed puppet like these, or paper moles on a stick.

Ideas for Creative Mole Day Projects

Be bold and creative with your project

  • Create a Mole Day board game: Mole-opoly, a Chemisty Land (Candy Land), etc.
  • Write an original Mole Day song
  • Make a chemistry mole-bile to hang from the ceiling
  • Scavenger Hunt - Create a list of household items using the chemical compound. Such as: Something that contains NaHCO3
  • Write a Mole Day poem - Ode to the Mole
  • Create a Mole Day comic book
  • Design a Mole Day flag - hold a flag raising at the school's flagpole.
  • Create a fake newspaper with all articles chemistry or mole related. Include some made up articles, ads, obituaries, movie reviews, etc

Mole Day Video Project Ideas

Make a video as your Mole Day Project

  • Mole Day Spoof - spoof a movie or TV show. For instance, Mole Day the movie, as spoof of Groundhog Day.
  • Mole Day Man on the Street - acting like a reporter, as random people Mole Day questions.
  • Mole Day Daily Show Corespondent - do a news report in the style of Comedy Central's The Daily Show (keep it clean)
  • Mole Day Game Show - Wheel of Fortune, Price is Right, Are You Smarter Than a 9th Grade Chemistry Student?
  • Mole Day Reality Show - spoof a reality show (maybe the Mole?) by having scientific characters - Salt, Oxygen, Water, Noble Gas, etc. The challenges could be exposure to heat, electricity, water, acids, etc.
  • Mole Day Youtube Style - do a parody of a famous youtube video like One World, Human Space Invaders, or OK, Here It Goes Again


Mole Day Raps

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anonymous on October 29, 2012:

Fun lens. Thanks for this cool information.

Mary Stephenson from California on October 27, 2012:

Okay who would have know they would have a day for this. Any excuse to celebrate, but some of that sounds really good.

nasph lm on October 27, 2012:

And I didn't even know there was such a thing as mole day. Thanks for all the info and vids.

Gregory Moore from Louisville, KY on October 15, 2012:

I've never heard of Mole Day before. I thought you were going to start talking about those things that keep tearing up my back yard!

theholidayplace on April 15, 2012:

I like moles in my garden

julieannbrady on March 14, 2012:

Oh good! Mole Day is far enough off that I can take my time in nabbing my mole(s) from my backyard. The little rascals have been tunneling all over the place. Cool holiday.

anonymous on March 13, 2012:

You could always make a smurfaticular mole! That's what I'm making for my chem class now!

Terrie_Schultz on December 26, 2011:

My daughters' high school chemistry teacher always celebrated Mole Day. So much fun!

dwnovacek on November 24, 2011:

Informational and fun lens. Angel Blessed!

ouriloilo on October 27, 2011:

Who would have thought the Mole Concept in Chemistry would be this fun? I will be definitely be using this with my Chemistry students:) Keep up the good work.

moonlitta on October 27, 2011:

Brrr. Chemistry has always frightened me!

anonymous on October 23, 2011:

we already did! on friday.

LouisaDembul on October 22, 2011:

Really fun to read about mole day! Wish it had been celebrated when I was at school, sounds like great fun.

pawpaw911 on October 05, 2011:

Wow, do I feel silly. I thought October 23rd was lemming day.

Eva Varga from Oregon on August 16, 2011:

Mole Day! I didn't know!! Added to my calendar! :)

lasertek lm on May 26, 2011:

really informative lens, kudos!

Take a peek at my lens, Homeschooling 101: Guide to Free Curriculum and Other Resources.

Jenn Dixon from PA on April 08, 2011:

I never realized my birthday was Mole Day! Yay!

dwnovacek on February 27, 2011:

Such a fun and educational lens! Blessed by your Science neighborhood Squid Angel!

compgeek123 on October 30, 2010:

Oh dear, I daresay my chemistry tutor Vicky will be reading this for 'fun' ideas... Am NOT looking forward to the february mole day.

That was one interesting chemistry lesson she gave us....

Good lens though xD

surviving-2012 on October 27, 2010:

How Fun! Thanks for this cool information.

jlshernandez on October 26, 2010:

There are a couple of moles in my backyard that I mistook for very large mice and they have been burrowing holes to the sub-floor of my house which is a not a good thing. I am just surprised that there is such a thing as a Mole Day.

SandraRoseDesigns on October 25, 2010:

I never knew there was such a thing! Fascinating!

anonymous on October 14, 2010:

Ok, I'll celebrate it, but it's all greek to me * chuckle *

LabKittyDesign on October 07, 2010:

We knew about Pi day, but this is the first we've heard of mole day. You have forced us to consider that there are actually people on Squidoo nerdier than us. This is at once a comfort and somehow profoundly disturbing. :-)

Oosquid on August 22, 2010:

I'll celebrate Mole Day. I'll celebrate anything (hic.) :-)

anonymous on January 11, 2010:

Hi nice to meet you

Lorelei Cohen from Canada on December 07, 2009:

I just stopped by to wish you, and those who surround you with love, a very merry holiday season. Many blessings in the New Year.


Laraine Sims from Lake Country, B.C. on October 24, 2009:

I was never very good a school chemistry.. Now, social chemistry was more in my line. I enjoyed this lens more than 5*s worth.

HorseAndPony LM on October 23, 2009:

Happy Mole Day! Like Spook, Chemistry is just not my thing. I'm a Physics kinda girl.

anonymous on October 23, 2009:

What did one mole say to the other mole as he followed him down the mole hole....... I smell moleasses.

anonymous on October 22, 2009:

[in reply to ElizabethJeanAllen]

Don't worry, my class does it and our teacher's like 23.

Kerri Bee (author) from Upstate, NY on October 20, 2009:

Rock on West Seneca West Senior High School!

anonymous on October 20, 2009:

West Seneca West Senior High is celebrating Mole day Friday!!!!

hlkljgk from Western Mass on September 07, 2009:

ah, molar equations... memories.

Evelyn Saenz from Royalton on March 31, 2009:

Thank you for joining the Unit Studies: Fun, Creative Hands-On Leaning Group.

Also lensrolled to The Fun and Games of.Pre-Algebra.

tandemonimom lm on March 28, 2009:

Holey Moley! (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Welcome to the Happy Holiday Humor group!

Joan4 on October 23, 2008:

Happy Mole Day! lol I certainly feel my education has been broadened! Fun lens!

Spook LM on October 23, 2008:

Chemistry was never one of my forte's, so will just say, "Anyone for Cricket!" Great lens.

religions7 on October 23, 2008:

I had never heard of this day, and I'm educated to be a chemistry teacher. S0unds like fun though :) as the review on the giant squido community showcase blog shows: perhaps you should explain what an SI unit is?

Robin S from USA on October 23, 2008:

Happy Mole Day to you! This great lens is today's feature at

ElizabethJeanAl on October 16, 2008:

When I taught Chemistry, we always celibrated MOLE day. Nowadays... I don't think the younger teachers have ever even heard of it.

Great tribute


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