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Milestone Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas


Milestone Wedding Anniversaries

Are you going to celebrate your 1stwedding anniversary? Or perhaps the next anniversary will mark the 5th year of being married? Or maybe your dad and mom will soon celebrate their 25th or 50th? These anniversaries are called milestone anniversaries. If you intend to give something that will be suitable for the year of the anniversary the couple is celebrating, there are traditional gifts that you may get.

For 1st wedding anniversary, you may get paper-based gifts, for 5th wedding anniversary, wooden gifts, for 10th, tin and aluminum gifts are suitable, for 25th, silver and for 50th, gold gifts. Here are some wedding anniversary gift ideas that you may consider getting for your partner or for your celebrating friends or family.

1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

  • Personalized Wall Clock

Clocks are the modern theme for 1st year anniversary celebrations. This is a significant reminder that time flies when you spend it together. You have survived the first year of married life. Now, time will tell on the challenges you are going to face for the years to come. These gifts are best accompanied by wedding anniversary cards or notes stating how much you love your partner.

  • Personalized Calendar – His and Hers

Because you are both busy with work, we all know that quality time is sometimes limited. But this doesn’t have to mean that you can’t do some updating and catching up with each other’s schedules. This is a recommended gift idea for a married couple in their first year. After all, you need to be updated with each other’s schedules. The first year is still an adjustment period for the both of you.

  • Personalized Message in a Bottle

Paper is another theme for a 1st anniversary celebration. If you’ve both watched the film, Message in a Bottle, then this idea is something like that. This kind of gift doesn’t take too much time to prepare. It isn’t heavy on the wallet either. But this is a very sweet and romantic idea that will fulfil the cheesiness of the occasion. You may also add your most romantic wedding anniversary messages inside your letter.

5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you would like to go for traditional wedding anniversary gift, wooden gifts are good to go. Here are suggestions:

For Him: Baseball bat (for baseball lovers), wooden art piece, wooden photo frames, furniture, cigar pipe, decorative items.

For Her: Shoes with wooden heels (high heels / wedges) Wooden ring, wooden necklace, planter box, wooden crafts, wooden jewelry box

10th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditional wedding anniversary gifts for 10th year are usually made of tin. Some of you may find it really difficult to find gifts made of or with accents of aluminum or tin. There are some few items you may consider tough. Gift baskets, cans of treats and food supplies, decorative items made of or with tin and aluminum trimmings are great.

25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

  • 25th Wedding Anniversary Ornament

For twenty-five years of love and fidelity, this ornament could hang on any spot in your house. It is a memorabilia that the walls of your house have witnessed twenty-five years of love.

  • Sterling Silver Loving Family Pendant

Sterling silver is the customary gift for the twenty-five anniversary celebration. This pendant is designed to be a family memorabilia, celebrating twenty-five years of family life as well as married life. This is a recommended gift idea for your parents and grandparents to let them know that you are also celebrating their twenty-five years of being a married couple.

  • Engraved Silver Plated Photo Frame (8’’ x 10”)

You can put the latest picture of the couple here to symbolize their image on a making of twenty-five years together. You can also customize the picture by having a “then and now...” or “throughout the years...” theme to make the picture even more significant.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

  • Gold Pocket Watch

The theme for a 50th wedding anniversary is gold. One of the best ideas is a gold pocket watch that will remind the both of you on the passing of time. This is a symbol to cherish the next years to come.

  • Love is Patient Cross

It is a fact that the religion you both share brings you closer together as a couple. If you’re a Christian couple and you know the famous verse on “love is patient...” in the Bible, then this cross can be a perfect display in your house.

  • Oversized Metal Family Tree Sculpture

This is a perfect centrepiece to hang your family pictures on. It will always be a memorabilia on the many years that passed with the family you have built together.

  • 50th Wedding Anniversary Ornament

You can proudly hang this piece outside the front door. The number 50 is a signifier of 50 years of hearth and home that you have spent together.

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